How Can You Make Powerful Decisions?

What can you do to make the best choices?

Be aware that you always have a choice. And, each choice
that you make has power—the power to expand you or limit you.

Sometimes the opportunities for choice are not always obvious.
It’s often these situations, when the choice is not obvious, that
you have a great opportunity to increase your personal power.

Jose Stevens, author of many great books on shamanism, suggests
asking yourself the questions below when you’re at a point where
you’re just not sure what to do.

* Is it serving you or are you doing it to please others and get
their approval?

* Is it moving you to a better situation where you can be more

* Is it coming from a connection to Spirit, a force higher than you
or is it from a calculation of the rational mind that is limited?

* Will it help you experience personal growth? Does it feel
expansive or limiting?

* Is it practical without compromising who you are at the core?

Sometimes the choice you have is simply to change how you react,
judge, accept or take action about something that’s out of your

You’ll be empowered when you consciously choose your attitude and
actions in the direction of expansion. No one can take that power
away from you.

Positive choices are expansive and will connect you with a higher
force. Negative choices are constrictive and will limit you.

You can choose to be happy or to be miserable. You can choose to
be satisfied or dissatisfied with your life. You can choose to be
judgmental or have an open mind and heart.

To Powerful Choices,