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Monthly Commentary July 2009 —A Time For Accelerated Personal Transformation

The following is an excerpt from a very interesting commentary by Jose Stevens, Ph.D and Lena Stevens that I wanted to share with you.  It reveals what opportunities you can take advantage of during the month that will help you …

How To Get What You Deeply Long For

People who experience extraordinary accomplishments in life positively use the power of their minds.  Some achieve success by being fully aware of the power of the mind while others do so unconsciously.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, famous reconstructive and cosmetic facial …

Discover How the Month of June Can Help You Achieve Success

June Forecast 2009

I highly recommend this free monthly commentary (below) written by two amazing life coaches who have a mastery of shamanism.  Fortunate for us they provide it for free every month at  Read on and discover …

How Can You Make Powerful Decisions?

What can you do to make the best choices?

Be aware that you always have a choice. And, each choice
that you make has power—the power to expand you or limit you.

Sometimes the opportunities for choice are not always …

Six Ways to Produce Youth Hormones and Reduce Stress

Meditation and meditative-oriented practices are just one of many tools that you can use to deeply relax and develop your inner power.  The benefits to doing so are many including reducing stress and stress-like symptoms, such insomnia and body aches, …

What’s the best way to fight fear?

Fear is inertia.  It’s a reluctance to change direction or a lack of energy that keeps you stuck.

The way to fight fear is simple.  Each and every time you find yourself at a crossroads, and you know that the …

How We Lose Our Personal Power and What We Can Do About It

It isn’t that a warrior learns powerful knowledge and wisdom as time goes by, but rather what he learns as time goes by is to save energy. This energy, which is ordinarily inaccessible to him, will enable him to create …

Was Remote Viewing Used by Geronimo and Apache Scouts?

Who doesn’t live their life with the hidden sense that we are destined for more? That underneath our ordinary exterior lays an extraordinary being that can live a phenomenal life?

We have all felt that we can be more, that

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