Alternative Finance

Here (and in our blog), you'll find alternative ways to enrich your life and improve your finances such as... investing in a food garden for long-term gains .... to using cryptocurrency to be free of bank fees & gain privacy outside of the banking system.

Featured Products

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The Warrior Spirit–How To Use Hidden Mind Powers and Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and More!

An audio program with companion e-book that teaches how to conquer personal demons (e.g., fears, worry) & empower goals using out-of-the-ordinary practices.  It empowers you at the deepest level to help you achieve goals with power and wisdom.  Learn more.


A financial platform for savings and payments in gold.  BitGold accounts are free and easy to open in just minutes.  You can fund your account via a bank account, Bitcoin or other electronic means.  Get started with a minimum amount and have your savings account backed in the century's best performing currency.  When the banking system crashes, your gold is safe. No bail-in possible. Learn more.

StartJOIN--The first crowdfunding digital currency.

You have a great idea, you’re ready to get started, but you need some money to make it a reality?  StartJOIN allows you to define your funding target, tell your story and gather supporters to start raising money. Or maybe you have an idea that you think could change the world but you want feedback from the community, before you go ask for funding. StartJOIN and its community can help.  Learn more.

Invest In a Food Garden.

20 varieties of 100% heirloom seeds. Whether you want to prepare for survival or just want to grow your own healthy food, you'll want to buy these seeds. No hybrids, No GMOs.  These seeds are rated for 5+ years of storage at 75F, longer at lower temperatures. This investment will enrich you and your family for years to come.  Learn more.

BitGold Prepaid Card

The Only Gold-Backed Prepaid Card in the World.  With this card, you can redeem part of your gold balance from your BitGold account whenever you want to sell your savings gains.  No monthly fees. No interest payments.  Make purchases at retail stores or online. Use for cash withdrawals at ATMs worldwide.  Learn more.

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  • Sovereign Man helps you make more money, keep more of it & take back your freedom from out of control, destructive governments.

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