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Brain Power BookIt's a mini guide that explains both scientific and spiritual findings about how shifting your brain waves can strengthen you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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A Special Offer For  You.

"Tuck yourself into your most comfortable easy chair, take some deep, deep, relaxing breaths and join Mary Rivas on a fascinating journey contemplating how Brain Power boosts our health, happiness and spiritual growth. Most of us spend the majority of our time in the beta brain state and that is NOT where the really powerful brain action occurs. This is the place which houses our monkey mind where we flit from item to item on our to-do list.

Rivas takes us through the fascinating and potentially transcendent journey leading all the way to the mind state that is the closet to the Source of Creation.

Writing in a warm, engaging, compassionate style, she helps us become more acutely aware of our inner world and she explains in clear, direct language how to access it naturally or with an assist from technology.

This is a very readable and very helpful guide to accessing the power of our brain to achieve increased energy, enhanced mental functioning, positive emotions, elimination of stress. Highly recommended."

M. Pokora