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How To Have Balance In the Midst of a Whirlwind

The main theme for October 2015 is Balance.

We are striving to balance our lives in a way that serves us better and brings all the bits and pieces we have been juggling into a new and more balanced configuration and alignment.

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October–Ready To Keep Your Balance?

The main theme for October is“THE THREE-LEGGED STOOL.” October is a balancing act. The image is of watching a circus act from a place of terror and excitement and then feeling both relieved and exhilarated when the act is successfully completed. This month pushes the edge of everything, forcing expansion, new strategies for balance and…

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Are you ready For Focus & Boundaries in August 2014?

If you are not clear about what you want and always take a submissive position to others, someone else’s strong focus will take over and you may find yourself swept up in something that is not yours.

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January 2014 Wisdom + Empowerment Tips–Get Ready! Get Set!

The theme for January 2014 is GET READY, GET SET….This month starts out with a rare New Moon on January 1, the first of two new moons this month. January 2014 is a month of getting all your ducks in a row in preparation for the times to come. It is a good beginning to the year of the Warrior. The Warrior energy bursts forth as a desire for organization, “to do” lists, and focus. There is great satisfaction in clearing, cleaning, setting new intentions and getting things back on track.

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April 2013 Wisdom Tips for Relationships, Finance and Health

Wisdom tips and empowering advice for April 2013 have MOMENTUM as a central theme.

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