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Awareness Is Your Greatest Weapon During These Times

This post will probably not be popular, but it is my most important post to date.  I am not going to write about the magic of life or about love but about the dark side.   I have to share with you what my inner vision has guided me to do. Over the last few weeks,…

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2012 and the Key Lesson From the Gulf Spill Crisis

In this interview, Gerald O’Donnell, the world’s foremost expert in remote viewing and the original inventor of remote influencing, discusses 2012 and provides an amazing spiritual perspective about the Gulf Spill crisis and much more… ….. What’s the lesson for us to learn about the Gulf Spill? How can we heal the planet ? What…

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Expand Your Inner Awareness–Live Stream with Tom Brown Jr.

Awareness enables us to see beyond the façade, to perceive beyond what we believe is reality.  It is the hinge for everything we are and do. People perceive so little because they live their lives in the ordinary state of awareness.  Just beyond the average person’s perception are states of heightened awareness.  It’s in these…

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