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July 2012 Wisdom Tips for Maintaining Balance

July 2012 is a month of growing pains, things going upside down, good surprises and great opportunities, challenging disappointments, and chances at every turn to adjust and readjust just about everything in your life. It is a great month to continue letting go consciously and proactively of anything that longer serves you. Expect the unexpected,…

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April 2012 -A Time To Make Your Bid for Power

This is the opportunity to free yourself from your old beliefs about power and the old paradigm in which those beliefs live. You will be able to look at your self-imposed limitations, hopefully clear them, and make some bids for power this month that will move you into your next level of expansion and evolution.

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April 2010 Monthly Forecast To Help Empower You

The main theme for the month of April is Death and Rebirth. Here is an excerpt from the monthly commentary: We’ll be working with nostalgia, resistance, victimization, fear, denial, artisan deception, surrender, acceptance, power, choices and great change. The main thing to remember this month is that death/re-birth is happening regardless of your desires. So…

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