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“How can I know who I am, when I am all this?”

“How can I know who I am, when I am all this?” he said, sweeping the surroundings with a gesture of his head.
– Don Juan Matus, Journey to Ixtlan.

Early man, and seers like don Juan, conceived of their reality as multi-dimensional. They knew they held within themselves the very same elements as their surroundings. They knew they were connected with the stones, rain, wind, trees, plants, animals, stars and merged their consciousness with nature. They communicated with nature and lived by the wisdom of the Spirit that moves through all things.

The ancients saw their universe as multiple, with consciousness existing in myriad of layers, unseen to the eye of the average man; seen only with the inner eye of the seer.

Contrast this with our dominant belief in a ‘one-dimensional’ world view. We are taught the concept of ‘one’ way of being and ‘one’ reality existing at a time. This gives rise to separation from our surroundings and each other, to narrowing our vast talents into a socially accepted groove, to thinking in limited ways–to perceiving life in linear ways…

We can integrate spiritual truths into our daily life to expand our ways of thinking and empowering ourselves. In my audiobook, The Warrior Spirit, I explain how we tend to limit ourselves with linear ways of thinking when it comes to financial goals.

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2016 and Reset with Wisdom Tips

January 2016–Starting the New Year With a Reset

The main theme for January is RESET.

We have been through a time of transition, change, scatter, chaos, and unexpected challenges as well as powerful opportunities for creativity, improvement and personal growth.

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Time for Amazing Transition

December 2015 – It’s Time To Prepare For New Ground!

This month marks a time that we are all in transition.

What’s a transition?  It is a move, a passage, a transformation, a leap and an evolution.

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November 2013–A Highly Charged Time for Personal Growth

This is a rather ruthless month that does not allow you to feel sorry for yourself for very long. There is a real opportunity for a bid for power and personal growth through your own disciplines should you choose to step up. All martyrdom needs to be eliminated as well as procrastination, self-doubt and the attachment to worry. We must be disciplined against these low frequency behaviors and beliefs as much as being disciplined towards high frequency practices and intentions.

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June 2013–Embracing Changes to Take Us To New Heights

Some of us may be dealing with some hard truths from last month around old beliefs, and some are in deep assimilation of choices and life changes. Most of us are reeling a bit from May’s many lessons around manifesting. We are either exhausted from dealing with huge amounts of energy, or feeling overwhelmed, confused…

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January 2013–Tips for Navigating the Transition

This month is that of transitioning from one experience to another or from one place to another, where the old has been dismantled but the new does not have its right place yet. The feeling is unfocused, a bit scattered, nostalgic for the old, uncertain about the new, and somewhat ungrounded with too many ideas and thoughts to organize successfully into anything solid. Transition often makes people irritable, grumpy and reactive… Energetically everything is different in January 2013, but it will take some time to manifest it physically.

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November 2012–Riding the Wave of Turbulence

How do you manage emotional turbulence? You navigate through it. If you stop and stand still, you will be tossed about like a boat without a rudder. The only way to successfully navigate is to keep moving forward while steering with both hands on the wheel. You cannot afford to get distracted or you will be turned upside down and land in the ditch. So keep your eyes open and on the road, know where you are going and don’t let yourself get distracted by the voices that tempt you towards petty dramas, arguing your point, being right, needing to know, blaming others and not speaking your truth. There is great power in riding the wave of emotional turbulence…

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I’ve never met an ugly witch.

We are facing a most serious threat in the world. The threat is the systematic control of an individual’s energy. There are many strategies being used to weaken us, to eliminate our will and vision. A key strategy is to instill fear in society in order to get people to give up their freedom. Another…

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The Alchemist and the Sacredness of Following Your Dreams

The Warrior Spirit –How To Use Hidden Mind Powers and Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and Much More! It teaches how we can conquer personal demons that keep us from realizing our life’s vision. In doing so, we become the alchemist, transforming our lead into gold, figuratively speaking. The Warrior Spirit takes up where The Alchemist book left off. It provides guidance on how to achieve your inspired dreams, and it empowers you at the core, at the spiritual level.

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Are you holding yourself back?

To the extent that limiting beliefs, heavy emotions and old wounds weigh you down, you’re not free to move to the next level. Heavy emotions, such as worry, jealously and feeling offended, drain your energy. And you absolutely need plenty of energy to successfully create what you long for. That’s why you must free yourself from inner demons.

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