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October 2012-Creating Space for Creativity

What blocks creativity is the encumbrance of all those things and activities that don’t serve you. Once you have cleared the decks and made space for something new, creating is the next natural step. In fact once you feel unencumbered, you are likely to feel more creative. Use your creativity as the inspiration and fuel for what you want to manifest.

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December 2011–Get Ready for Acceleration and Be Prepared to Relieve Stress

The monthly forecasts not only empower you with wisdom, they can help you relieve stress and feel more optimistic. *  *  *  *   *   * In order to shift into the next gear, there needs to be acceleration and an increase of speed. With the increase of speed, and just before you shift, the lower…

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February 2011–A Powerful Time To Manifest Using Unbending Intention

The main theme for February is Commitment. It is time to get off the fence and really commit to your intentions and goals without the need to know how you will accomplish them. There has been a tendency to get bogged down in the need to know and the process of trying to understand whatever…

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