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July 2011 Forecast–Personal Growth and Big Breakthroughs

The main theme for July is Birth. It is OK to feel like a different person, to not know who you are, to sense that something has changed in a big way even though you can’t really say what it is, and to feel somewhat unsettled, ungrounded and anxious. It means you have found yourself…

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How To Get What You Deeply Long For

A mind that is filled with stress—emotional or physical–cannot easily transfer a new positive mental picture to the sub-conscious mind. When you deeply relax and release stress, you can consciously access the power of the mind. In deeper mind states, your vibration is raised and you can more easily manifest.

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How Can You Make Powerful Decisions?

What can you do to make the best choices? Be aware that you always have a choice. And, each choice that you make has power—the power to expand you or limit you. Sometimes the opportunities for choice are not always obvious. It’s often these situations, when the choice is not obvious, that you have a…

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