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What to do to work through your fears?

Working through fear. In this post, you will learn that you have the power to deal effectively with fear and how to work through fears.

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April 2010 Monthly Forecast To Help Empower You

The main theme for the month of April is Death and Rebirth. Here is an excerpt from the monthly commentary: We’ll be working with nostalgia, resistance, victimization, fear, denial, artisan deception, surrender, acceptance, power, choices and great change. The main thing to remember this month is that death/re-birth is happening regardless of your desires. So…

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What’s the best way to fight fear?

Fear is inertia.  It’s a reluctance to change direction or a lack of energy that keeps you stuck. The way to fight fear is simple.  Each and every time you find yourself at a crossroads, and you know that the only thing keeping you from moving forward is fear, then you should head in that…

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