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How Smart People Are Growing Their Savings In New System

It’s no longer just the big guys who have access to investment opportunities. In the old days, investors needed tens of thousands of dollars to invest in IPOs and private equity. Today, anyone can invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with just a little money.

Famous wealth managers, such as Paul Tudor Jones, and companies, such as MicroStrategy and PayPal, have invested hundreds of millions in Bitcoin –and they did so in 2020. So if you’re wondering if it too late to invest, remember what Paul Tudor Jones said in October of 2020 — Bitcoin’s rally is just in the “first inning” and the cryptocurrency is the best inflation hedge we have.

It’s easier than ever for anyone to buy cryptocurrency and participate in the new services being offered such as interest on crypto & loans using crypto as collateral. Financial applications built on decentralized blockchains are now leveling the playing field for us all. In this post, you’ll find out how to start earning interest on cryptocurrency and much more.

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