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to ending money frustration

and daily stress forever.

Dear Friend,

There is a secret to creating the life that you deeply want, and it’s right under your nose.

A lot of people talk about “secrets,” but if you don’t know the REAL SECRET, none of what you have ever learned, including the Law of Attraction, will work for you in the way you’d like.

Have you had the experience of attracting things in your life that you didn’t want? Or have you attracted things in your life that you wanted but ever so slowly and rarely?

My name is Mary Rivas. Like so many others who are stressed in life—financially, emotionally and spiritually, I used to read all the self-help books on manifesting, and didn’t get the results I wanted.

I wrote down my goals and repeated affirmations but they didn’t seem to work. Sometimes, even the opposite of what I affirmed happened! More bills, more stress and more unhappiness…

I knew that there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing.

Deep down inside, I knew I had to transform my life. A little voice kept telling me I could do it. I just had to discover the secrets. I was on a mission to find out what the secrets of creation are. I had to keep digging. I couldn’t stop.

Can you guess what happened? I found the REAL SECRET to creating and it happened when I least expected it. One day, it all just came together. It hit me like a bodily jolt. I discovered the missing part of the formula to creating.

And, I’m not talking about mere positive-thinking, parroting affirmations, visioning or anything else you’ve probably been told.

Going Beyond Positive-Thinking, Affirmations and Even

Your Sub-Conscious Mind

Movies and books can be great at waking us up about the potential that we have within us. Movies like The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know talk about the amazing powers of the mind. Yet, they never explain specifically what you need to do to change your life and transform dreams into reality.

There is far more to manifesting than just imagining what you desire or saying affirmations while you fall asleep.

The secret to creating is in knowing specifically how to access the power that lies within you. When you combine ancient shamanic secrets about personal power with the Law of Attraction and other powerful wisdom, you will notice a huge difference in your life.

You will become empowered when you learn how to grow and use your personal power. You’ll start to make things happen more easily and faster than those who work hard for what they want in life.

Why do so many people work so hard?

Is hard work really the answer?

Many people have been told all their lives that “hard work” is the secret to success.

For those who believe that, it’s true. But it is not true for those who believe success can come easily. There are different realities. AND, you can choose which reality you want to live!

We all know people who have worked hard all their life for little results. Then, there are those who don’t work hard at all and achieve amazing successes easily and quickly. Why the differences?

If hard work was the way to achieve financial freedom and success, most people in the world today would be financially free. Most people work way too hard!

Hard work is not the answer. But, if all you do is mental gymnastics—just thinking and dreaming about your goals in positive ways—that’s not the answer either.

I know this for a fact. I know what it’s like to be the person who is broke, stressed, unhappy and unhealthy. I know what it’s like to be on the side of the fence where the grass is dry and dull.

And, I know what it’s like to feel that “there must be more to life than this.” And I know what it’s like to live life feeling that “life is awesome and miraculous.”

Yes, there is more to life than just going to work, paying the bills and enjoying a nice material life. I greatly enjoy material things, AND I love experiencing the magic of life that adds meaning to it all. That’s why I wrote a book that has an introduction called A Journey from the World of Money Management to Secrets of the Universe.

I’ve compiled secrets of ancient shamanic wisdom with modern understandings of wealth and health into a book called How To Have a Greater Spiritual Connection Using Ancient Shamanic Wisdom: Creating Wealth, Health and Happiness With Personal Power.


Shamanic Wisdom




Some of the secrets I teach you in this book are mental, physical and spiritual. Even though the book was written with a focus on helping you to create a new financial reality, you can use the same techniques and tools for non-financial goals such as reducing anxiety and improving your health.

Here is a summary of some of what you’ll discover in How To Have a Greater Spiritual Connection Using Ancient Shamanic Wisdom: Creating Wealth, Health and Happiness With Personal Power

* Insights on how to free yourself from money limitations.

* How to position your goals—financial or otherwise—beyond your sub-conscious mind to speed up getting desired results.

* Strategies for creating extraordinary personal power. You’ll be amazed at how easy this can be.

*Five ways to connect with Infinite Intelligence and remember why you are here.

* Money myths that keep you stuck in repeated patterns.

* The one thing you’ll want to do as soon as you wake up. The mere act of doing this will empower you and you’ll be astounded at how your day flows.

* Suggestions for protecting yourself against heavy emotions and negativity that drain your energy.

*How to make the Law of Attraction work for you. This is not shared by the self-help experts out there. Get the answer.

* One thing you can do while you walk that will make a huge difference in your ability to get answers and insights about pressing issues in your life.

* Methods to clear yourself of what’s holding you back.

*Five steps to energize your goals and create what you never thought was possible.

*How to use the power of words to find jobs, opportunities and unexpected sources of help such as money.

* Does your memory have anything to do with your ability to create financial freedom or creating what you want out of life? Find out the truth.

*Does financial freedom and health have anything to do with spiritual growth? What they never taught you in school!

*What do feelings have to do with successfully achieving goals? Before I learned this, all the manifesting techniques I tried didn’t work.

*The most important key to creating what you want in life. This wisdom will save you headaches, disappointment and wasted time!

*How to program your mind for success when you are relaxing.

Are you ready for miracles in your life?

As the world is changing before our eyes and we are feeling a stronger desire to connect with something greater than ourselves, I felt compelled to share what has been revealed to me. More and more people everyday are starting to wake up and take back their power. Deep down inside you know that you have the power to live an extraordinary life AND to create a reality that will help others and the world.

Most people don’t know how to grow and use their personal power to transform their life. They don’t know how easy it can be to create what they want in life with happiness, wisdom and speed.

YOU will discover how to tap into your personal power when you read the secrets that I teach in How To Have a Greater Spiritual Connection Using Ancient Shamanic Wisdom: Creating Wealth, Health and Happiness With Personal Power.

If you were to do nothing but read chapter 1 – it would be enough to start changing your life forever. And if you follow the wisdom shared throughout this book, you will start experiencing reality on a different level.

Free Bonuses and Resources

How To Have a Greater Spiritual Connection Using Ancient Shamanic Wisdom: Creating Wealth, Health and Happiness With Personal Power is only $17.00 — a ridiculously low amount for an investment that will pay off for years and years. What you will get out of this purchase will be far more than anything you can buy out there for this price.


As you probably know, most books are 70-80% filler. Not so in this book!   I have extracted and simplified the most powerful knowledge from tons of books and years of training and distilled it into 93 pages.  I get right to the point. You will discover techniques, practices, exercises and tools that you can start using immediately to change your life.

Not only that— in this e-book (Adobe PDF), I also give you FREE bonus gifts and resources that will help you transform your relationship with money and life in general. You will get …

***Two e-books that reveal dozens of way to attract wealth into your life, valuable tips on creating a side business doing what you love and making multiple streams of income.

***Audio recording on how successful people think differently from those who struggle and how to master the game of wealth.

***Special reports that reveal secrets for reprogramming your mind for financial and life success.

***Monthly commentaries filled with wisdom to help you make the most out of each month—smart choices that will benefit you and grow your inner power.



This book is yours risk free!


Take 60 days to apply the many principles, techniques, tools and strategies revealed in this book. That’s right. You have 60 days to put this valuable knowledge to work for you. Once you do, I’m confident you’ll never regret your decision.


But, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, you won’t lose any money! We’ll refund your entire payment. I am doing this because I really want you to take advantage of this very timely and powerful information ASAP.

Are you ready to step over the line?

Order the e-book How To Have a Greater Spiritual Connection Using Ancient Shamanic Wisdom: Creating Wealth, Health and Happiness With Personal Power NOW for only $21.00 and you’ll be able to download the PDF immediately.

Now is the time to draw a line in the sand—how your life used to be and how your life is going to be in 2010 and beyond! It’s a new beginning. Anyone who orders this book is stepping over the line – entering the realm of empowerment, spiritual growth and success in all areas of their life.

To An Extraordinary Life,

Mary Rivas



P.S. Learn the REAL SECRET to creating. It’s not mere positive thinking, affirmations, goal writing or the Law of Attraction or anything else you have heard about out there in common self-help books. If you want to experience life on a different level in the new year, start by taking action now.