Below is a summary of the resources that I refer to throughout the audio program and e-Book called How To Have a Greater Spiritual Connection Using Ancient Shamanic Wisdom: Creating Wealth, Health and Happiness With Personal PowerNote that several resources below are free.


Sources for Wealth Building

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This free e-book provides several great tips and steps for attracting wealth into your life.

This is an audio based on the classic book by the same title.

This classic book is available free at this time on the Internet.

Sources for Personal and Spiritual Growth

  • Awakening Spirits and The Vision by Tom Brown, Jr.

This book provides step-by-step instruction for doing a shamanic journey.  It provides an introduction into the world of shamanism.  His books are available through this website:

This book provides an introduction into the world of shamanism and many practical exercises that anyone can do.

  • This step-by-step audio program by Gerald O’Donnell teaches advanced techniques by which you can influence thoughts and reality by mind-power and high vibratory energy alone.  It enables you to manifest by teaching you how to control your thoughts and increase your energy.

You can download Gerald’s free e-book called Remote Influencing:  Secrets Revealed from the same link given above.

Jose and Lena Stevens are founders of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and indigenous wisdom.  They offer private consultations to help individuals and businesses.

Free monthly commentaries are available on their website.  The commentaries are filled with wisdom, tips and practices to help people enhance their personal and business lives.

In this audio, Gregg Braden teaches you how to choose the quality of your emotions, feelings and thoughts in order for you to make the leap from one future possibility to another. 

This book teaches you how to use ancient shamanic techniques to gain maximum spiritual benefit and extraordinary results through prayer.  You will learn specific prayers for various purposes such as manifesting, life challenges, health and healing and dealing with fears.

A novel that weaves ancient wisdom teachings as taught by Don Juan, a Yaqui Indian enlightened being.  The teachings provide powerful knowledge and have great practical use for everyday living.

This website provides educational resources, many are free, to help people become empowered with life-changing wisdom and inner power.


This school teaches wilderness survival and spiritual teachings passed down by an Apache shaman.  Students get the experience of living in the wilderness and doing shamanic practices in nature.

This school is rare and takes people out on vision quests.  The vision quest has become an almost forgotten sacred practice and there are very few teachers today who can teach it.  The co-founder, Malcolm Ringwalt, studied under Tom Brown Jr. 

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Mary Rivas