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The Journey

In this step-by-step guided audio, you will learn how to access your higher mind powers as you journey deep within to find answers and get guidance on any area of your life that’s important to you.

In this 50 minute audio, you’ll be guided on how to do a shamanic journey.  You will discover that you have the power within to…

* experience deep states of mental and physical relaxation
dramatically reduce stress and anxiety
* release emotional/physical discomfort
* access a higher force beyond your sub-conscious mind
enhance your natural intuitive abilities as you quiet your mind
* access life-changing insights, answers and profound knowledge

Throughout history, shamans and men and women of knowledge have possessed the power to journey deep within to tap the universal source of information and wisdom.

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The Warrior Spirit:  How To Use Hidden Mind Powers & Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and More!

The Warrior Spirit program gives you practices and know-how to help you achieve financial and personal goals faster–and with inner peace.  The audio program with companion e-book and workbook help you to transform your personal demons such as fears, worry, shame…  What happens when our personal demons no longer control us?  We become free to realize our deepest goals and strengthen our connection with that inner voice that guides us!

How Can The Warrior Spirit Help You?

*Have increased optimism and feelings of inner strength.

*Reduce or eliminate self-defeating thoughts and habits.
*Change your assumptions about wealth and improve your finances.
*Release negative thinking and emotions that imprison you.
*Discover how to use your mind powers to realize your deepest goals.
*Find out how to empower your goals.

*Make wiser decisions that are for your highest good.

*Boost your potential manifesting powers.

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Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing

Acadey Of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing

remote influencing

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Remote influencing is an outgrowth of remote viewing.  It refers to influencing thoughts and reality by mind power and inner vibration energy.  When you learn how to quiet your everyday (beta) mind, you can consciously learn how to use deeper mind states such as theta.

Why practice remote influencing and viewing?

*Learn to manifest from theta and delta mind states.
*Increase your intuitive abilities.
*Expand your awareness and avoid danger by sensing intuitive messages.
*Rejuvenate your biology and slow down aging.
*Get rid of harmful addictions and habits.
*Read people’s thoughts and sense probable situations to your benefit.
*Change your probable future for a more positive outcome.

Wisdom tip:  External tools, such as remote influencing and mind machines, are powerful mind training tools.  They can help you quickly learn how to consciously access deeper mind states, such as Theta and Delta, rather than take years trying to learn how.  Ultimately, the goal is to use these tools to train your mind to consciously access subconscious mind states with your will.  Once you train your mind how to reach desired mind states, you can use these tools only occasionally to help reinforce the training rather than be dependent on them.

Mind Machines

Mind machinesMind machines are high-tech mind tools that have been proven to enhance mental functioning, boost brain power, alter your mood, and quickly produce peak performance brain states. They are highly effective tools to help you access deeper mind states, such as Theta, faster.   You can use them to speed up the process of mind training.

Light and sound machines, also called AVS (audio visual stimulation), are the most common mind machines.  Using light and sound pulses at a specified frequency, the mind machine stimulates mental activity in various ways.  They essentially enable you to shift perception from the waking state to a variety of altered states of consciousness.

What Can You Gain From Mind Machines?

Mind machines can serve as a gateway to the unconscious and help you access your hidden mind powers.  Below is a summary of just a few of the benefits that many people have reported:

*Enter theta and delta mind states quickly during profound relaxation

*Increased energy and emotional well being

*Relief of stress-related symptoms, such as headaches

*Increased creativity and visualization

*Stimulation of endorphins and growth hormones

*Enhances mind practices such as lucid dreaming

Studies also indicate that light and sound machines can help reduce chronic pain. Light and sound mind machines are also for anyone who wishes to explore altered states of consciousness, awareness expansion and sensory stimulation.  Experiences vary from person to person.

What Happens During a Session?

With special light-bearing sunglasses over your closed eyes and headphones over your ears, you are immersed in colorful dancing geometric patterns and entrancing sounds. The light and sound pulse rate shifts from state to state as the session progresses; mental activity will follow the pulse rate of the machine. The stunning light creates visual imagery within your mind and stops the monkey mind chatter.

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brain entrainment mind powerThis short e-book is a great introduction to mind powers.  In less than 50 pages, you will learn what most people have not yet discovered about mind powers.

Thanks to breakthroughs in recent brain research and technology, it has never been easier to change your brain waves and reach heightened mind states to improve your overall well being.  Click here to learn more.

Brain research is increasingly confirming what the ancients taught about mind power secrets.

Ancient wisdom teaches that our mind is a gateway to transformation on every level. We can gain life-transforming insights, grow our intuitive powers, help heal ourselves emotionally and physically, delay aging, achieve greater happiness and inner peace as well as spiritual growth when we discover how to use our brain power.

Beta/Gamma Mind Tools

Brain Wave audio recordingsWhile meditative states are enormously valuable, higher frequency states, such as Beta/Gamma, also provide their own benefits, different benefits. If you want to enhance your mind abilities when you’re at the office or working on your computer or doing analytical work that requires use of your logical mind, you can benefit from high-alert states, such as Beta/Gamma.

The most rapid frequency brain waves we know are Gamma (about 40.0 Hz and higher).  Gamma brain waves are associated with bursts of insights, high-level information processing and certain cognitive activities, such as analysis and math.

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Experience how certain audio frequencies can help lift your mood and create positive changes in your creativity, confidence, IQ, concentration abilities and finances.