Meditative Practice In Nature


Experience Your Hidden Power


At Any Time, Any Place


(even if you don’t know the first thing about
meditation or how to use your mind powers

In this step-by-step guided audio, you will be guided to take an inner journey to a power area in nature.  In this guided journey, you enter a deeply relaxed meditative state and learn how to be an active participant.


As an active participant, you learn how to tap your higher mind powers to get insights and guidance on any area of your life that’s important to you.    


You’ll quickly discover how to…

*experience deep states of physical relaxation

dramatically reduce stress and tension


* release emotional and/or physical discomfort

* tap your higher mind powers beyond the sub-conscious

strengthen your spiritual connection and gain sense of inner calm

* gain life-changing insights, answers about your life’s questions

This audio will do far more than help you eliminate stress, it will enable you to connect with your inner wisdom…


Research studies prove that meditative practice

dramatically lowers stress and improves overall well-being

Do you want to feel happier and more peaceful?

People who do regular meditative practices tend to be happier, more peaceful and more optimistic than those who do not. Not only that, they tend to have less fears, anxiety, frustration and sadness. When you eliminate emotions that weigh you down, you can more easily manage the ups and downs of daily life…relationships and work.


Did you know that people who do meditative practices create lots of pleasure brain chemicals—the ones that make you feel happy?


Do you want to boost your mental abilities?


People who regularly practice some form of deep meditative practice also tend to have sharper minds and problem-solving abilities than those who don’t train their minds. They generally benefit from greater mental clarity, concentration abilities and creativity.


Do you want to improve your health and even delay the aging process?


It’s no secret that when you reduce stress at a deep enough level, you change your physiology. People who know how to quiet their minds tend to be healthier and even age differently. Scientists have proven that in profound states of mind and body relaxation, you produce less hormones that speed up aging!

The key is to QUIET YOUR MIND.

So why doesn’t everyone quiet their minds

to get ALL these benefits?

Often it comes down to lack of awareness—simply not knowing the choices that are available to us.  We’re just not taught how to use our mind powers.

Many people have the false belief that the only way to experience the benefits of meditation is to actually “meditate.” A common misconception is that you need to sit in a certain position, repeat a mantra and do this for years before you can experience the positive benefits.

And, many who have tried “meditation” say that it feels like a chore and even frustrating, and they give up.

What if you could gain all the benefits of meditation

AND more without having to try so hard…

and without “meditating”?

Light from JourneyingOver the eons, shamans have passed down an ancient meditative practice that has stood the test of time. It’s called shamanic journeying.  It’s an inner journey that takes place in nature.


Back in the day, shamans would go to nature, such as a cave, to journey.  Today, with technology, you can listen to an audio and be guided to journey in nature as well!


Journeying takes you into a deep meditative state but it is not “meditation.”

It’s different from meditation in two main ways:

1. Unlike typical meditations, journeying is not an end result, but rather a bridge to higher levels of consciousness. Shamans believe it’s not enough to just reach a deep meditative state, we need cross that bridge and be active participants while we’re in deeper mind states. We need to be active not passive while we access our mind powers!

Shamanic journeys fulfill a purpose. Before you start a journey, you focus on a specific question or issue that you want insights on or help with. In other words, you have a purpose when you journey.

2. Journeying is also different from “meditation” because you don’t need to be in a sedentary position or say any mantra. You can learn how to enter a deeper mind state while you walk, run and even in a noisy environment.


And, once you learn how to journey, you can do it on your own–without the audio!  You will learn how to tap your inner wisdom by using your own inner power!

Experience Your Inner Wisdom Today


Shamanic journeying has been passed down over the eons and has stood the test of time. People from all walks of life have journeyed—priests, rabbis, atheists, scientists, experienced meditators as well as newbies.

The Journey guides you step-by-step all the way.

In the first part of the audio, I guide you step-by-step on how to deeply relax your body and mind. This deep relaxation prepares you to get the most out of the actual journey.  After you are in a deeply meditative state, then I guide you how to do the Journey.


Author of The JourneyMy name is Mary Rivas.  I am honored to be able to teach this ancient inner journey practice.  This shamanic journey is unique.  I learned it from the teachings of an Apache shaman from the Southwest.


Though I have a degree in psychology, I discovered that ancient wisdom, specifically shamanism, holds the keys to powerful knowledge about mind powers. For well over ten years, I’ve studied with shamans from the Southwestern United States.  I’m passionate about shamanism and teaching practical ways it can be used to help people enjoy greater happiness and deep fulfillment.

That’s why I’ve written books to help empower people at the core level:  The Warrior Spirit –How To Use Hidden Mind Powers and Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and Much More! and Brain Power: Boost Your Health, Happiness and Spiritual Growth With Practical Tools That Supercharge Your Mind Powers.

I know you might be asking yourself..“Is this going to be a chore where I need to force myself to do it?”


Journeying is not boring or difficult. On the contrary, it’s enjoyable and easy!  You’ll look forward to your journeys once you learn how to do it!



From a physical standpoint, you’ll experience deep relaxation, greater inner peace and more energy.  Beyond that, you’ll strengthen your spiritual connection….but that’s a whole other experience that is beyond description here.


The Journey includes a Bonus Gift that provides wisdom tips to grow your inner wisdom.




About Your Bonus Gift


The Journey audio includes a bonus gift—a 29-page companion E-book filled with powerful wisdom on how to get the most out of inner journeying.  You will learn…


*how your two minds work–what to beware of to avoid self-sabotage!

*how your higher mind communicates with you in non-verbal ways


*how to apply wisdom in your life

*how to interpret messages and insights that you receive during journeying

*the power of asking questions and much more!


*resources on how to grow your inner power and spiritual connection

The wise  say that the problems of modern society have arisen because we have lost contact with our spiritual roots.  This guided meditative practice is a technique that will help you connect with your higher self and strengthen your spiritual connection.


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Now more than ever is the time to journey within and to live our life guided by inner wisdom and transcend self-imposed limitations!  Now is the time to take back our power!


To your powerful journeys,


Mary Rivas


Founder of

Author and Personal Coach


P.S.   It’s no accident that you found this website. Begin now to discover that inner voice within and get insights on your most pressing questions by going beyond meditation.  Your Higher Mind is always there to guide you.