Your Free Audio Gift

    In this 43 minute audio, you'll be guided to...

    ... deeply relax your body and mind

    ... access your subconscious mind

    ... gain an expanded sense of energy fields

    ... explore the creative powers of your inner world

    To get the most out of this audio, I recommend these guidelines:

    ​1.  Get into a very comfortable position.  If the body is uncomfortable, you'll be distracted and won't be able to enter a deeply relaxed state.

    2.  Make the environment free of distractions.  Turn off any phones etc. Avoid any distractions that can pull you out of a deep state of relaxation.

    3.  Cover your eyes to more easily enter a deeply relaxed state.  Use something soft to cover your eyes, like a t-shirt. It will be best to be in darkness as you listen.

    4.  Concentrate on each guided step.  Your ability to concentrate will also help you strengthen your imagination powers.

    About your guide:

    The audio extract is part of a training course that I am giving to you via a partnership with mind-technology expert Gerald O'Donnell. Gerald has incredible knowledge of ancient wisdom that he integrates with remote influencing technologies, and he's dedicated to helping humanity evolve.

    He holds a B.S, in mathematics, a Masters in computer science.  Among other achievements, he was once considered one of the world's 7 best top technical commodities experts.

    WARNING: Do not undertake any of this training while driving a car or performing any other activity that requires for your safety an alert attentive state. The training can easily bring you into an altered state of consciousness.

    We accept no responsibility if this advice is not heeded.



    Technical Notes:

    The audio has been compressed into the MP3 format.  Compression such as MP3 cuts off the low and high audio frequencies, and therefore reduces the effect of the powerful built-in brain entrainment in the full training course, which uses low and high band audio frequencies.  Nevertheless,  you will still be able to gain many benefits from it.

    We recommend that you use Firefox or Chrome. Our subscribers sometimes report problems with Internet Explorer. Give it a moment to download! If you have problems downloading, save the audio to your desktop by right clicking on the link.  Then double click to open it from your desktop, and your computer will choose which program to play it with.

    The two programs used most often for mp3's are Windows Media Player (WMP) and Real Player.  WMP is on every Windows computer.  Real player is also free.

    Apple optimizes computers for playing media.  Quicktime runs on both Windows or Apple.