Expand Your Inner Awareness–Live Stream with Tom Brown Jr.

Awareness enables us to see beyond the façade, to perceive
beyond what we believe is reality.  It is the hinge for
everything we are and do.

People perceive so little because they live their lives in the
ordinary state of awareness.  Just beyond the average person’s
perception are states of heightened awareness.  It’s in these
states of expanded awareness where entire worlds of beauty,
energy, magic, love and power exist.

In heightened awareness, time and beliefs collapse. Expanded
awareness enables you to perceive, not only different realities,
but the deeper, more magnificent self.

If you’re ready to transform and experience the wonder and
mystery of life, you must free up and expand your perception.

Awareness empowers us at every level.  In everyday life,
awareness helps you heal personal wounds, achieve business
success and to protect yourself from danger, for example.
On a grander level, it is the doorway into the world of
Spirit, infinity.

To learn more about “Inner Awareness,” sign up for the live
Internet broadcast this Sunday September 27, 2009 at 6:00 PM EST.

The 2-hour live stream is $35.

The broadcast is being given by Tom Brown Jr.

Tom is America’s most renowned tracker and wilderness
survival expert.  When Tom was only seven, Stalking Wolf (aka
Grandfather),an Apache elder, shaman and scout, began teaching Tom
the skills of tracking, wilderness survival, and awareness. Today,
Tom shares his wisdom and knowledge to those who want to learn these
sacred, almost lost, teachings that Grandfather passed on to him.

To purchase this live broadcast, just go to the tracker school website

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Recommended readings on awareness:  All of Tom Brown’s books
teach awareness.  A great introductory book is Awakening Spirits.

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