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Trust and Faith

Faith & Trust–Two Energies To Carry You Through

Perhaps you’ve been reading or hearing about some intense events that people are saying are going to take place this month…. Perhaps you’re feeling apprehensive about the shifting energies… What do do?

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Ready To Change Your Direction With Your Personal Power?

The main theme for March is POWER…personal power. Power is a HUGE topic with many layers to be explored, redefined, understood and embraced. We have worked with the theme of personal power before, however this is a new time with new influences so some of the lessons will be different. This month you will have the…

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Ready To Use Power To Choose?

The theme for September 2014 is CHANGE…and with that is the opportunity to use power to choose.
This month you can explore how to deal with CHANGE in a positive and proactive way so you can use it to RESET your life in the best way possible.
Here’s your chance to do things in your life very differently.

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