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Time for Amazing Transition

December 2015 – It’s Time To Prepare For New Ground!

This month marks a time that we are all in transition.

What’s a transition?  It is a move, a passage, a transformation, a leap and an evolution.

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Trust and Faith

Faith & Trust–Two Energies To Carry You Through

Perhaps you’ve been reading or hearing about some intense events that people are saying are going to take place this month…. Perhaps you’re feeling apprehensive about the shifting energies… What do do?

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Inner Power Path

May 2015–Aligning Yourself For New Opportunities!

The theme for May is “A NEW ALIGNMENT”.

We have been shaken, rattled, taken apart, and sideswiped by the unexpected. We have had to accept change and embrace the unknown.

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Ready To Use Power To Choose?

The theme for September 2014 is CHANGE…and with that is the opportunity to use power to choose.
This month you can explore how to deal with CHANGE in a positive and proactive way so you can use it to RESET your life in the best way possible.
Here’s your chance to do things in your life very differently.

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January 2014 Wisdom + Empowerment Tips–Get Ready! Get Set!

The theme for January 2014 is GET READY, GET SET….This month starts out with a rare New Moon on January 1, the first of two new moons this month. January 2014 is a month of getting all your ducks in a row in preparation for the times to come. It is a good beginning to the year of the Warrior. The Warrior energy bursts forth as a desire for organization, “to do” lists, and focus. There is great satisfaction in clearing, cleaning, setting new intentions and getting things back on track.

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Why Its Powerful To Celebrate Goals You Achieved & Those You Did Not!

By celebrating and honoring goals you achieved & those you did not achieve, you empower yourself. One goal–regardless if you achieved it or not …can yield many hidden treasures! Review the year with gratitude, compassion, self-love and a desire to learn your deepest, personal lessons. This will help you discover those hidden gifts…

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December 2013–A Time For Adjusting and Creating Optimism for New Year

The theme for December 2013 is Adjustment and Realigning your life in a way that works better for you—a powerful time to make changes and build optimism for the new year.

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