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Shamanic Journeying

In chapter 4 of Brain Power, you learned about shamanic journeying. If you have an interest in journeying, click here to find out about my step-by-step guided shamanic journey audio  called The Journey.

Light & Sound Mind Machines

To get started using “light and sound” mind machines, click on this link and then the “Light and Sound” link to your left.  I have personally used their mind machines and I highly recommend them.

Here’s a short video on mind machines:

Disclaimer:  The use of some mind tools, such as light and sound machines, may be harmful for those who are not in sound mental and physical health.  Anyone taking or withdrawing from drugs, prescription or otherwise, should be aware that drug use may affect perceptions and responses to the stimuli of the mind tools.  Pregnant women, and people who use a pacemaker, and who have had or are prone to seizures or are epileptic, should first consult with a physician before using the mind tools covered herein.