Brain Power Book Launch

Brain Power:

Boost Your Health, Happiness & Spiritual Growth

With Practical Tools That Supercharge Mind Powers


(even if you have no experience or

are an experienced meditator)


Our mind is our greatest gift from God, from Infinite Intelligence.  It is our birthright.  We owe it to ourselves to use this gift.  We owe it to ourselves to quiet our minds and explore the hidden treasures in our inner world.

Most of us live hectic lives that make it challenging to quiet our minds.  Our thoughts race non-stop, day in and day out.  We are constantly thinking about our schedules, dinner plans, money worries, grocery lists, concerns about tomorrow, regrets about yesterday and the list goes on!

Does that sound familiar?

Non-stop mental chatter leaves no space for inner silence.

We simply cannot access our mind powers fully when we indulge in non-stop thoughts and negative self-talk. And, our environment of constant cell phones, music, television and social media interaction does not help us to develop our amazing potential.

Many people want to use their brain power, but don’t know how…

That is why I wrote this mini e-book.  The purpose of Brain Power: Boost Your Health, Happiness and Spiritual Growth With Practical Tools That Supercharge Your Mind Powers is to help you quiet your mind chatter and discover the powers of your inner world.  Brain Power is not about long-term healthy diets, physical exercise or a disciplined attitude.  It is about using easy mind-enhancing tools to access your mind powers quickly.
Brain Power Brain Waves and Mind Power

Now is the perfect time to journey within and explore your mind powers.

Thanks to breakthroughs in brain research and technology, it has never been easier to change your brain waves and reach heightened mind states to improve your overall well being.  Anyone can now use mind powers that have been dormant for years, even decades!

Your mind powers include more than your sub-conscious mind powers! The knowledge I share is not commonly found in mainstream self-help books or in the classic mind power books.  Before you are finished with this short e-book, you’ll be ahead of 90% of the population in knowing about mind powers.

Brain research is increasingly confirming what the ancients taught about brain power. Ancient wisdom teaches that our mind is a gateway to transformation on every level. We can gain life-transforming insights, grow our intuitive powers, heal ourselves emotionally and physically, delay aging, achieve greater happiness and inner peace as well as spiritual growth when we use our inner power.

Now more than ever, we all need to use the power of our minds…

We need to protect ourselves from increasing levels of stress—stress that weakens us physically, emotionally and spiritually—in order to maximize our inner power.

Brain Power: Boost Your Health, Happiness and Spiritual Growth With Practical Tools That Supercharge Your Mind Powers is available on Amazon Kindle.  Click here to get your copy and read what people have said about it!

To discovering the powers of your inner world!


Mary Rivas

Founder of and author of Brain Power