Brain Power Bonus Gift

    I trust that found my short ebook entitled Brain Power: Boost Your Health, Happiness and Spiritual Growth With Practical Tools That Supercharge Your Mind Powers to be helpful and informative.

    Now that you have learned about your potential mind powers, the next step is to use them!

    The use of some mind tools, such as light and sound machines, may be harmful for those who are not in sound mental and physical health.  Anyone taking or withdrawing from drugs, prescription or otherwise, should be aware that drug use may affect perceptions and responses to the stimuli of the mind tools.  Pregnant women, and people who use a pacemaker, and who have had or are prone to seizures or are epileptic, should first consult with a physician before using the mind tools covered herein.
    Alpha, Theta and Delta
    When you subscribe, you will receive a free 45 minute theta audio that will help you to deeply relax your mind and body and enter the deeper mind state of theta.
    This website also sells a step-by-step guided shamanic journey audio.  In chapter 4, you learned about shamanic journeying. The audio includes a companion e-book (which is also downloadable) to help people get the most out of journeying.
    While theta and delta meditative states are enormously valuable, the higher frequency states of beta/gamma also provide their benefits, different benefits. Click this link to find out more. 
    To get started using “light and sound” mind machines, click on this link and then the “Light and Sound” link to your left.  I have personally used their mind machines and I highly recommend them.
    If you would like to watch a short video on mind machines, click on link below.
    Michael Hutchison, author of the Mega Brain and Book of Floating, offers excellent information on brain powers.  His work is based on scientific research.  Michael translates scientific findings into easy and enjoyable reading.  I personally recommend all of his books, which are available on Amazon.
    For advanced spiritual training, I recommend attending live classes at the Tracker School.  Tom Brown Jr., founder of the school, teaches advanced knowledge about the powers of the mind and spirit.  Tom teaches classes in the wilderness, which is extremely conducive to using mind powers.  He dedicates his life to teaching spiritual and physical skills that were taught to him by an Apache shaman.
    I highly recommend Tom's book Awakening Spirits.