Are you using sound to speed up creating changes in your life?

Brain Waves and Mind Body FrequenciesIn this post, I share some fascinating facts about sound and how frequencies can help you change your brain waves and create changes in your life.

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Everything is energy.  Everything has its unique vibration—a unique tone or frequency.  Sound, light and electricity are waves of energy. These waves can be measured to determine the exact frequency of the energy.  (Frequency, measured in Hertz “Hz” units, measures the number of waves that pass by per second).  An “A” note on a violin string, for example, vibrates at about 440 Hz (440 vibrations per second).

Everything emits sound.  The cells in your body, every organ, your thoughts, emotions, the earth, rocks & the planets all have their unique frequency or tone.

Scientists have discovered, for example, that there are “cancer cells” which emit distinct sounds from healthy cells.  Research is being done to explore the effects of playing frequencies of healthy cells to cancer cells to transform sick cells into healthy ones.  Scientists have also researched sounds that are emitted from the planets. Jupiter, for example, emits the loudest music.  It’s interesting that Jupiter, which has a frequency of 183.6 Hz, is associated with growth, success and creative power, according to the Zodiac and other ancient knowledge.

You might be wondering, “How can this type of knowledge help me?”  We can use sounds, or frequencies, to entrain our minds–to alter our brain waves– and boost our mind powers.

Modern science now understands that rhythmic sounds and frequencies affect brain-wave activity.  In the last two decades, there’s been tons of research on mind enhancement tools, such as mind machines and audio recordings, that help us change our brain waves with the push of a button.

In past posts, I have written about the benefits of consciously slowing down brain wave activity and entering deeper meditative states, such as Theta.  Slower brain wave states are highly effective for releasing negative emotions, healing, manifesting, developing intuitive abilities and tapping levels of extraordinary awareness.  While slower brain waves are enormously valuable, higher frequency states, such as Beta/Gamma, also provide their own benefits.

If you want to enhance your mind abilities when you’re at the office or working on your computer or doing analytical work that requires use of your logical mind, you can greatly benefit from high-alert states, such as Beta/Gamma.

In a nutshell, there are four recognized brain wave ranges: Beta (14-30 Hz) is present in normal waking consciousness; Alpha (7-14 Hz) in states of relaxation; Theta (4-7 Hz) in meditative states; and the slowest, Delta (0.5-4 Hz) in deep sleep and profound meditative states.

The most recently discovered brain frequency is Gamma, which is the fastest in frequency at above  30 Hz.  Many researchers don’t distinguish Beta from Gamma waves, and refer to it as Super Beta.  Gamma  is associated with bursts of insights,  high-level information processing such as math and data analysis.`

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