An Easy Bitcoin Buying Strategy Anyone Can Do

Since there are so many new people interested in cryptocurrency, it’s a good time to share this simple investment strategy.  It’s based off of the traditional stock buying strategy called “dollar-cost averaging.”  In this video, you will learn about an easy to apply investment strategy  This concept is explained starting at 2.20 minutes.

Refer to my earlier post,, to find how to open an account to start buying Bitcoin (BTC).

As I wrote in my earlier Bitcoin 101 post, I recommend that people take some time to learn about the fundamentals of Bitcoin before investing.  I also suggest that if you decide to buy crypto, invest for the long-term —several years.

Personally, I am a long-term investor (HODLR).  Long-term investors in Bitcoin (“HODLRS”) don’t worry about the ups and downs of its price because they understand the fundamentals of Bitcoin. Understanding the fundamentals will help you avoid stress and panic selling during volatile price swings because you understanding the big picture.  Bitcoin will continue to be volatile until it matures into its next phase of a unit of account.

Dollar-cost averaging is a good strategy that can help you avoid stress as you regularly invest a fixed dollar amount at regular time intervals. You can choose any amount that feels comfortable to you.

Remember, the rule of thumb is to invest only what you can afford to lose.  That could be just 5% of your savings or more.

Why set aside savings for your future? 

Read on to learn about the possible rewards for starting a bitcoin (BTC) savings plan.

$1 Million Bitcoin Price Predictions

Wences Casares, Xapo CEO and PayPal Board of Director, is one of many cyrptocurrency luminaries that has predicted a bitcoin $1 million valuation. His timeframe seems reasonable. While Wences acknowledges that Bitcoin is still an experiment, he believes that if it succeeds, Bitcoin can skyrocket.  He believes “One bitcoin may be worth more than $1 million in seven-to-10 years.”

His price forecast is based on sound facts such as that bitcoin has had ten years of uninterrupted progress, 1 million new holders each month and global transactions have grown to over $1 billion per day.

Welcome to the Bitcoin (BTC) world.


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