Gold Bullion is the world's oldest asset class and the century's best performing currency.

"A New Way To Buy Gold"– And Get Started  Online With Little Money.

 If you want to discover how to buy gold easily, quickly and safely, and how to use gold for your personal and business needs, then this letter may be exactly what can help you.

Dear friend,

New innovative technology is changing the financial world in revolutionary ways. It has changed the way we can buy and use gold.

BitGold, a new generation financial platform, enables you to buy gold online and have a gold-based savings account that you can use for making payments or purchases.

     Savings & Payments In Gold

  • Store gold bullion for free in over 10 physical Brick locations across 7 countires..
  • Fully redeemable gold bullion as 10g gold cubes or 1kg bars,
  • Fully insured physical gold. Insured by the Brinks company against theft or loss.
  • Spend your gold globally. Your first BitGold prepaid card is free.
  • Send & receive gold for free.
  • Create an account in 3 easy steps. Mobile app allows you to buy, send & receive payments in gold.
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Gold can be useful to anyone’s overall savings. Gold has maintained purchasing power better than any other savings option throughout history.

BitGold enables you to open a gold account online with minimal funds. You can start an account with as little as .01 grams of gold.  Their innovative financial system enables you to buy increasing increments of gold as your savings account value increases.  And BitGold has no monthly fees.


BitGold enables you to not only save but you can also make payments using gold. They provide you with a way to pay others in gold for good/services.  Businesses can earn gold through the platform by invoicing in gold.  Given the economic instability we're facing in 2016 and beyond, it’s important to know we don’t need to rely only on paper money or traditional banks.

image from BG PrepaidCard_300x250Easily Spend Gold Globally

Learn more about BitGold and about BitGold’s prepaid card that can be used in ATMs globally.

When you visit their website, you’ll find out the details of owning an account and getting a free prepaid gold card.

Your first card is free.  Available in USD, GBP or Euro.

No monthly fees or interest payments.  No hidden fees!  No credit checks.

Why buy real assets such as gold?

First, commodities, such as gold and silver, provide protection against economic instability and over the long-term rise during economic downturns. Also, they provide protection against financial market declines. For example, unlike stock prices that can go to zero, the value of commodities cannot. Commodities are tangible, real assets, and they offer no credit risk. There are no questionable financial statements to figure out, no convoluted accounting, like in buying stocks.

Unlike paper currency, gold will hold its value because it is a real asset.

image Gold_Bars2Why is this a good window of opportunity to buy gold now?

Gold has been rising because the economy and financial markets are becoming increasingly unstable.  The unprecedented debt that has skyrocketed since the last 2008 financial market meltdown is threatening another financial meltdown, which could be bigger than the one we had in 2008.

We see the symptoms of a broken economy all around us. Unemployment and the decline of the middle class, are just two examples. Reckless governments that created the debt bubble that’s bringing down the economy have neither the means nor the desire to fix the economy.

The value of our paper money, which is not backed by real assets, is losing its value.

So the price of gold–a “real asset” is rising. People want assets that have real value. The point of gold is that it’s not somebody’s else paper currency. It’s yours.

In the case of an economic meltdown and decline in the value of paper currency, you could use gold in exchange for food or other needed supplies. Either way, it's always wise to diversify and have a percentage of assets in real assets.

One thing seems certain, while the price of gold may experience some dips in the short-term, over the long-term it is likely to rise beyond most people’s predictions.

How does gold differ from stocks or bonds?

Many people compare the price and performance of gold with investments such as stocks.  But gold should only be compared to currencies because fiat currencies (a currency that is not backed by a physical commodity) were introduced by governments in 1971 to replace gold.

An investment in the stock market or the purchase of a house carries the risk of total loss.  Share prices of companies can fall to zero due to poor corporate management, fraudulent accounting scandals or bankruptcy.  Lehman Brothers is one example.

Gold does not carry the risk of total loss like share prices of companies. 

Gold is a store of value for long-term savings.

To prosperous investing,

Mary Rivas

Founder of UnlimitedInnerPower


Note:  Selling your ownership of gold can be a taxable event for jurisdictions that have capital gains taxes on fine bullion. Consult with your tax expert about possible capital gains taxes.
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