2012 and the Key Lesson From the Gulf Spill Crisis

In this interview, Gerald O’Donnell, the world’s foremost
expert in remote viewing and the original inventor of remote
influencing, discusses 2012 and provides an amazing spiritual
perspective about the Gulf Spill crisis and much more…


What’s the lesson for us to learn about the Gulf Spill?
How can we heal the planet ?
What are the implications for the planet?
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The probable future, as it stands today, is bleak but there
is a way to reverse what appears to be likely to unfold.

The probable future, Gerald tells us, indicates that we
should have about a year, to maybe a year and a half, at
the most, before things might really get harsh.

“Much devastation to nature’s bounty and the economic
stability of our planet is likely to unfold.

Soon, all this dark toxic oil being released near the mouth
of the Gulf stream will be sucked into it, and start
spreading its tentacles of death world-wide. Large
populations will commensurately begin to choke on polluted
volatile and potentially flammable gases and find themselves
de-energized due to greatly reduced levels of our primary
source of life: oxygen, as large amounts of methane gas
escaping from the crust fissure circulate in the ocean
choking the oxygen levels, and much oxygen-producing
phytoplankton and algae dies causing vast oceanic areas to
likely turn into gigantic dead zones void of life.

Our oceans produce between 71 to 80 percent of all oxygen on
earth. They are literally our life-source. Our food chain
will thence also be drastically affected and reduced.
Do not think for a moment that what has and is being done to
Mother Nature will not affect us all in return. As She gets
drained of life energy, so are we, and so shall we. We are
but One with Her.”

If you want to go further after listening to Gerald’s
interview, I highly recommend getting started on his
audio courses on remote mind technology courses.  On this

website, he also provides more commentary on the Gulf Spill crisis.

(The above is an excerpt from his commentary).

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