Mind & Spirit

When you grow your inner power, you'll quiet your mind, feel more optimistic and calmer.  As you feel better, your vibration rises.  From that place of a higher vibrational state, you're more empowered to focus on your goals and make decisions.


It's a known fact that people who do regular meditative-type practices tend to be more peaceful and optimistic than those who do not. Developing inner calmness positively helps us in ALL areas of life --health, financial endeavors and relationships.

Those who regularly practice some form of deep meditative practice tend to benefit from increased creativity, problem-solving abilities, expanded perception, greater mental clarity, stronger immune systems and enhanced health. And they age differently.  Scientists have proven that in profound states of mind and body relaxation, we produce less hormones that speed up aging.

When you regularly practice quieting your mind, you can much more easily let go of negative thoughts, which trigger low vibration states such as anxiety, worry and fear.  Bottom line:  Your mood will improve and you will just feel better. There's tremendous power in your mood!

Above all, by quieting the mind and releasing tension, you will be in alignment with your Spiritual source.

There is nothing of greater advantage to you then to strengthen your link with the Source from which you have come.  Our minds are our link to Spirit.

Featured Audio Products


The Journey MP3 & Companion E-Book

The shamanic journey takes you into a deep meditative state where you experience predominant slower brain wave states such as theta. But journeying is not  “meditation.” Journeying is different from meditation in two ways... Find out more

The Warrior Spirit: How To Use Mind Powers & Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth & More!


Abraham Hicks Guided Meditations

Audios for improving general well being, finances, health & relationships.  The Abraham Hicks teachings take the universal Law of Attraction to depths that no one else does.  Side note: Her YouTube videos explain how to feel better & improve one's mood.  One who is in alignment with one's inner being is a million times more powerful than one who is not.

Recommended Resources

  • Tom Brown Jr, Americas most renowned tracker & wilderness survival expert teaches spiritual empowerment to wilderness survival. Discover the power of entering the sacred silence, vision quests, immersing in nature.  Tom was seven when he learned from Stalking Wolf, ani Apache shaman & scout.  Learn more.

  • Visit YouTube and search Abraham Hicks + the subject matter that interests you like money, economics or health.  Listen and your whole being will let you know how it resonates with the teachings.  It’s AMAZING that such profound wisdom is available for FREE online 24/7!.  She also offers fun workshops. Learn more.