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I have a Big Announcement

Special AnnouncementI have BIG news to share. has changed and evolved into a whole new platform! I’ve decided to EXPAND its purpose.

Going forward, I will help expand your awareness about alternative finance & alternative health solutions. The mind & spirit will continue to be the core of UIP.

Why am I making these changes?

I am following my inner guidance that has inspired me to help wake more people up.

As you might know, we are living in extraordinary times of change and transformation. All facets of life are speeding up…

The economy and financial markets have been sending warning signals for some time, and the momentum is increasing. Companies downsizing. Looming bank failures. Geopolitical turmoil. Society unrest. Unfortunately, main stream media feeds us half-truths. And, when we believe in fake news, that dis-empowers us because we allow ourselves to be misled and to make uninformed decisions.  We make decisions in the dark, so to speak.

Our health care system also has red flags. Like the financial system, it’s also controlled by corporate interests. This system is driven by the intention to keep us in the dark about how we can truly heal and enhance our health. It’s based on the belief that we need to rely on the “experts” because we are powerless. But we need to wake up to our power and take charge of our health.

From a spiritual perspective, unprecedented changes are also happening. The veils that separate the physical and spiritual realms are becoming thinner. This means we have more opportunities to evolve faster and to manifest more easily. If you’ve been reading the monthly commentaries that I post every month on my blog, your awareness has likely expanded as Lena Stevens has been very helpful in explaining these changes for some time–and for free.

These three areas are all interconnected…they give us the opportunity to empower ourselves. We can choose freedom or to be enslaved in our thinking and choices.

Bottom line: We all need to expand our awareness. Given these extraordinary times of change, the need to be better prepared for the future is becoming greater. While there will be chaos, the OPPORTUNITIES ARE HUGE for those who can perceive them. And, I want to help you expand your awareness so that you make more-informed decisions that will empower you.

What can you expect from the new, expanded Unlimited Inner Power?

You will continue to get commentaries about huge opportunities for spiritual growth.

You will start getting info. about cutting-edge opportunities in the areas of finance. New ways to spend and manage your money outside of the banking industry. New ways to buy real assets, such as silver and gold, using cryptocurrency platforms to help your savings grow…

And, you’ll start finding out about ways to take charge of your health. There’s a whole world out there for you to discover about natural ways of healing. From healing foods to physical practices to strengthen your immune system.

I invite you to visit the new website If you’re already subscribed to my email list, you don’t need to do anything.  If you have not subscribed to get my emails, you can sign up on the homepage.

Remember this: The most important preparation you can make for your future is to strengthen your inner core–your mind & spirit.

We are powerful beings. We can choose to make decisions that give us personal freedom and strengthen us in every way.

To personal freedom,

Mary Rivas

P.S. Watch out for my next post where I tell you how you can enter a contest to win 1 ounce of gold!