March 2014—A Time for Commitments, Not for “Wait and See”

commitments and warrior waysThis is a month of putting yourself 100% behind your choices and commitments.

The author of this commentary, Lena Stevens, is the co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  …

February–A Time to Release the Over Full Mind & Emotional Baggage

emotional baggage releaseWe are entering February fully charged, very ripe, a bit impatient, and with lots of psychological inventory and emotional baggage that we have been digesting, filing and restocking our inner shelves with.

We have set our intentions, organized ourselves as …

The Power of Forgiveness To Boost Your Happiness and Energy Quickly

forgiveness of self and othersThe act of forgiveness is a strategy to become neutral, to reset the game, to start fresh.

Forgiveness is a decision, an intention to get out of guilt, to clear all the debt and baggage that keeps us stuck …

January 2014 Wisdom + Empowerment Tips–Get Ready! Get Set!

The theme for January 2014 is GET READY, GET SET….

This month starts out with a rare New Moon on January 1, the first of two new moons this month. January 2014 is a month of getting all your ducks …

The 3 Step Ultimate Guide to Resolutions & Goal Setting

Happy new year to you and your loved ones and happy goal setting!

I want to tell you about an audio that I feel can really serve you.  It’s about going beyond the usual goal setting and resolutions exercises.  It …

Why Its Powerful To Celebrate Goals You Achieved & Those You Did Not!

As the year comes  to a close, many of us take time to reflect back on the year… on the goals and dreams we set for ourselves.

This time of reflection can feel good and…. for some, it can also

December 2013–A Time For Adjusting and Creating Optimism for New Year

creating optimismThe theme for December 2013 is Adjustment and Realigning your life in a way that works better for you—a powerful time to make changes and build optimism for the new year.

It is about modifying, correcting, removing, adding, clarifying, accommodating,

November 2013–A Highly Charged Time for Personal Growth

personal growthThe theme for November is DISCIPLINE; a time for amplified personal growth.

Many of you are still in the throws of October’s letting go and reset themes. But what follows is the need for discipline in order to continue …

October 2013–Time To Dissolve Old Patterns

The theme for October is RESET, which involves letting go of old patterns to attract the new and better.

There are two faces to this month’s theme. The first one is the deconstruction, dissolving, taking offline, shutting down, turning off, …

The journey of SmartMan to save the world

I want to share a story that’s entertaining AND filled with empowering and inspiring messages about the Void, mind powers and freedom.

Those of you who’ve read/heard my audio book, The Warrior Spirit, will be familiar with the concepts …