Trust and Faith

Faith & Trust–Two Energies To Carry You Through

Trust and FaithPerhaps you’ve been reading or hearing about some intense events that people are saying are going to take place this month….  Perhaps you’re feeling apprehensive about the shifting energies…  What do do?

Make a daily practice of focusing your intention …


August 2015–Ready To Get Rid Of Excess?

The themes for August are “CONSOLIDATION and PRIORITIES” .

This month is about getting grounded, organized and practical. It is about choosing wisely how and when to gather support and where and into what to put your energy.

We slide …

negative into positive

Will You Choose Positive or Negative Pole in July?

negative into positive The theme for July is “GROWING PAINS”.

Positive Pole: Breakthrough, transformation, maturity, power, freedom, more access to higher centers.

Negative Pole: Martyrdom, impatience, resistance, breakdown, negative drama, entrapment in lower vibrations.

This month we have reached the time of …


June 2015–A Time for Inspired Action & Breakthroughs!

The theme for June is “CREATIVE ACTION”.

Here is the best analogy and description of the month.

Let’s say you had a room in your home that you were inspired to change, to remodel, and to upgrade. Let’s say it …

Inner Power Path

May 2015–Aligning Yourself For New Opportunities!

Inner Power Path The theme for May is “A NEW ALIGNMENT”.

We have been shaken, rattled, taken apart, and sideswiped by the unexpected. We have had to accept change and embrace the unknown. The eclipses of March and April affected us on a …

April – Get Ready To Expect the Unexpected!

Personal BreakthroughsThe theme for April is “UP, DOWN, SIDEWAYS: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED”.

This is truly an eccentric month that will test us at every turn. There will be highs and lows, higher than you have experienced before and lower than you …

Ready To Change Your Direction With Your Personal Power?

fire from withinThe main theme for March is POWER…personal power.

Power is a HUGE topic with many layers to be explored, redefined, understood and embraced. We have worked with the theme of personal power before, however this is a new time with …

Ready For a New Path–Improvements In Your Life?

Personal Improvement BridgeThe theme for February is personal improvement.

This month supports us to look closely at what needs improvement in our lives and take steps in that direction!

Since Mercury is still retrograde for the first part of the month …

January 2015–Step Into Your Power

January Wisdom Tips for Personal Power The theme for January is ACTIVATION.

The year starts off with an intense period of release and initiation and a push from spirit to get all your ducks in a row. As we move from the more organized influences of …

Do This To Be Fit To Receive

Sphere of Giving & ReceivingDuring holidays, we tend to focus on giving to others and that’s great… Actually, giving is necessary. The essence of life—breathing—is both a giving (exhaling) and a receiving (inhaling).

The truth is you must give to receive.  This is the …

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