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Lessons About Love

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

I wanted to share a story by Jose L. Stevens that  I read today about the hard lessons of love.  Below is an excerpt from the article that can be found on his website http://thepowerpath.com

I bolded a few sentences that really struck me.  This story made me ask myself  deeper questions about a personal challenge I am dealing with.  It made me understand at a deeper level why this challenge has come up for me over and over.  Jose’s story helped me realize that I have been forced to confront an aspect of myself that I have not fully forgiven and embraced.  I know I need to make  peace with the situation or else it will continue to haunt me.  Just this realization has  lifted my spirit.  Perhaps Jose’s story below will also inspire you to ask yourself questions about a difficult situation you may be having and to gain insights on how to change it.  Perhaps there  is someone in your life that really pushes your buttons. Or perhaps there is a situation in your life that keeps haunting you.  Why is this person or situation a part of your life?  What lessons do you need to learn?  They are there for a reason.  Our personal demons are there to help us evolve.  Enjoy the story.

* * * *

“When we think of lessons about love, we usually think of romantic themes or the love between a parent and a child, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. The truth is, lessons about love can be extremely difficult and show up in ways that seem to have nothing to do with love at all. The truth is, that unless we learn these tough lessons, we will not make very much progress toward our eventual awakening. These lessons can be true knuckle biters and every great master or teacher this planet has seen has faced enormous personal challenges in the face of love, no exceptions.

Recently I had one hard love lesson of my own. My wife Lena and I own some land near Mora, New Mexico where we have many summer shamanic retreats, trainings, and events. We call it Eagle Bear Ranch and it is reached from the highway via a long windy, rocky, and steep dirt road that crosses land that we do not own but have an easement on. The road has been deteriorating over the years due to the rain, snow, and much use and needed work badly. I called the woman who I knew owned most of the land and talked to her about fixing the road and she agreed it needed attention. I suggested that we could save some money by using a great pile of rocky red earth that had been sitting by the side of the road for years. We could spread it over the rocks and improve the road. She said that was fine.

I have an old dump truck and a skidsteer and after a couple of months I had our Huichol friends come out and work on the road. They are very good with heavy machinery and began to make a lot of progress. They did a wonderful job and I was delighted with the roadwork. One afternoon they came back to camp upset and said that a “crazy man” had yelled at them and kicked them off the road. It turned out to be the man who owned a short section of the property that the road went through. He had bought the land from the woman’s father I had called. Legally, we had the right to fix a road that we had an easement on if the road became impassable or difficult. Yet in my enthusiasm to fix the road I had neglected to consult with him about that short section of road that he had purchased. That afternoon, when I went to look at the road, it was all trashed. In a rage the man had taken his own tractor and tried to scrape off all the new surface we had put down. When I saw that he had destroyed much of the good work the Huichols had done I was in a rage myself. In my mind’s eye, I saw my hands reaching for his throat to choke him and worse. I found it extremely disturbing that I could not stop these raging thoughts. I knew that this was not good, but I had a hard time controlling my anger. I did not want to confront him until I had better control over my anger.

I went directly to my spiritual practices. I did Ho’oponopono over and over again. This is a Hawaian shamanic practice to reduce conflict. In the short version, one imagines telling the person they have conflict with that they are very sorry this problem has come between them. One takes responsibility for the conflict and apologizes for creating a reality where there is this fight and unpleasantness. It goes something like this: “I am sorry this has come between us. I am sorry that I dreamed this version of reality where you are angry with me and I am angry with you. I forgive you for whatever I have been blaming you for and I forgive myself for whatever I have done to contribute to the problem. I love you and I love myself no matter what has happened, because I am a son of the Great Spirit. You are my brother, a fellow son of the Great Spirit, the same as me. Thank you for helping me to learn this lesson.

Try as I might, I lay in bed awake all night, still angry as hell. I saw clearly that I had created this event to learn something about love, but I was damned in letting go of the anger. Little by little, I made progress. I was able to see that this man, a warrior, represented my older brother (also a warrior) with whom I had a lot of conflict as a child. I was projecting certain things onto him that belonged with my brother, who I thought I had forgiven, but evidently I had not been thorough enough. When I was a child, I feared my older brother. He physically hurt me and one time when I was about four I hit him over the head with hammer with the intention to kill him and get rid of him. Of course I failed and all I did was make him cry and I got in big trouble for it. Now I feared what this man was doing to our work on the road and I was so angry at him for it I had similar murderous fantasies.

My wife Lena and I agreed that she would be the one to talk with him about the road because I might make things worse, given my mood and projections. She was much more neutral about the event and was able to do some healing work about the event long distance. This turned out to be very successful. She took him some cookies and visited him with my daughter Anna who brought my new four month old grandchild. As it turned out, he was contrite about what had occurred and muttered something about it just being a road. She saw that he was quite lonely and not being consulted about his section of road had triggered him to attack. They had a good conversation about how to come to a compromise. The result was that we would agree to bring in some base-course to cover the red earth on his section of road that he objected to. The entire event cost us an extra several thousand dollars but the outcome was what we needed, to be able to fix the road.

By the end, I was able to see that he represented that part of me that has at times, felt ignored and not included in decisions. While he is not my favorite character and I would prefer not to have another run in with him, I no longer feel like choking him and I am not upset anymore about what happened. When I look at the bigger picture, I realize that there are much tougher lessons about love to be dealt with. What if he had killed my family instead? What if he had run me off the road and paralyzed me? Would I be able to forgive him for that? That would be much harder, but that is what I would have to do in the long run.

Lessons of love are not just about romance. They are often about nitty gritty relationships that come up into your face to be dealt with without warning. These may have to come up over and over and over again until there is no fear left, nothing left but love. “Damn! It’s hard”. And it’s not fun, but there is no other way out unless one is willing to repeat these events again and again. I want them done, for good. This is the only way we are going to move forward in this world, to a new world, where hate does not dominate our experience as human beings. ..”

July 2011 Forecast–Personal Growth and Big Breakthroughs

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

The main theme for July is Birth.

It is OK to feel like a different person, to not know who you are, to sense that something has changed in a big way even though you can’t really say what it is, and to feel somewhat unsettled, ungrounded and anxious. It means you have found yourself in a new landscape and are uncertain as to how to navigate and move forward. Learn to let spirit guide you and give up trying to control everything. There is great opportunity this month for personal growth and truly stretching your container of what is possible. You can adopt a whole new belief system and expand your awareness to the degree you never thought possible.

The “birth” theme of the month can also be seen as a re-birth. Re-birth always follows the death of something. It is not too late to give up and let go of attachments that may have been holding you back. What in you still has to die for you to be able to have a re-birth into a new life?

We have been in labor and in the birth canal for a while now. Labor is uncomfortable and being in the birth canal is intense. We leave the safety of the known environment that has gotten too small for our growth. We are launched into a new world that we have no idea yet how to navigate. It is a scary place of stimulus, danger and our focus is instantly on the basic need for survival. We are vulnerable yet strong with a powerful intent to survive and live life. If you have ever watched newborn animals at this critical phase, their ability to propel themselves fully into life in order to survive is amazing.

At this juncture we have been launched into something new. We are all in some process of birth whether we like it or not. Some of us are still in labor as some labors are longer than others. The shorter labors provide more intensity and the longer labors provide for more preparation even though they may leave you somewhat weakened. Some of us are already in the birth canal with the realization that there is no going back. And some of us are actually crowning and ready to explode into a new life.

Just as it is important to have good physical caretakers that await you as you are born, and helpful teachers as you learn to navigate physical life, it is also important at this time to have strong guidance and support from your spiritual practice, your relationship to spirit and nature, your guides and allies, and those who can help you at this time. The support of community is also being called upon to provide a strong container for this new experience.

An infant at birth has no idea how their intentions and life goals will manifest as they mature. An infant at birth is pure potential landing in an environment of vast opportunity, pure innocence, and not yet imprinted with the limited belief systems of others. The imprinting and circumstances of a physical infants birth and first experience of life is usually dictated by karma, agreements and a chosen blueprint. Your birth now into something new carries a freedom with it of choice with regards to intention, imprinting and limitations. Use this time well and decide how you wish to live, how you intend to be supported and what you choose as your new imprinting. You can either limit yourself or go for an expanded sense of freedom and creativity.

An infant spends a great deal of time on the astral plane bringing across the information needed for developing the lifetime. You may find yourself drawn into dreamtime for short catnaps during the day. Do not resist this. It is important time on the astral plane. An infant is curious and trusting and has no way yet of defining the present based on past experiences. Practice living your life like an infant whenever possible. This will keep all your options open and allow you to truly see things in a new way.

We can’t stress enough how truly amazing this time is for breaking through into something new. See every challenge as an opportunity and trust in the big picture when events around you are being defined as negative, destructive or unnecessary. It is a raw and edgy time. Emotions will run high and aggression could be at its worst. Just as a woman in the process of giving birth is not always the nicest to be around, everyone going through their own process will have times of being cranky, overwhelmed, out of sorts, very uncomfortable, and even in major meltdown mode. Have compassion for yourself and for others around you. You have grown beyond the size of the old container and it is time to push through into a new landscape. It is scary leaving the known environment even though you are cramped and squeezed but there is no other option at this time. We are at the point of no return and there is no going back. An infant that refuses to come out of the womb when it is time will become toxic with its own waste. Do not let that happen to you. Let go, let go, let go. Your future security will depend on how well you navigate the birth canal, not whether or not you can hold on to any of your old structures.

An infant needs care. You need care. It is a time to put yourself and your needs first. We are not talking about high maintenance needs of the physical body personality here. We are addressing care in terms of health, spiritual life, time, rest, creativity, love, and allowing yourselves to do the things that you love to do and have wanted to do for a long time. Personal care is nurturing and protecting the new landscape, not taking things personally that others may project onto you, and making sure that you put yourself and your true desires of spirit first. It is a good time to revisit your definitions of responsibility and to differentiate between your true responsibilities and the dependent expectations of others. Being of service is not carrying another’s burden but rather showing them the way through your own example.

This month is crucial for taking some time for self and for setting good boundaries against energy leaks from others, bad habits or behaviors. It is an excellent time to be surrounded by nature whenever possible. Focus on the power of the sun as the representative of fire, one of the elements of the year and a masculine energy. Bless the service of this element and spirit in your life. Focus on the power of water and the other element of the year and a feminine energy. Bless the service of water, its life-giving as well as destructive force. Pay attention to your own water element in your body. Feed it with the spirit of water. Focus on the masculine sky realm as the patriarchal father archetype witnessing and supporting your birth, protecting the infant, imprinting it with the unconditional love of the generous and protective masculine.

Click here to access the full monthly commentary packed with tips to help you strengthen your relationships, health, finances and more.   Print out the full forecast and reference it throughout the month. (The above is an excerpt from the commentary).

The author of the monthly forecast, Lena Stevens, is an author and co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You and The Power Path: The Shaman’s Way To Success in Business and Life.

June 2011 Forecast–A Time To Do a Personal Realignment

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011
When a vehicle gets out of alignment it shakes and shimmies and wants to veer off the road. What causes it to get out of alignment is hitting bumps, potholes and other obstacles. If a vehicle is left in this condition for too long, the tires will wear out. A vehicle will not realign itself. You have to take it in for help.

Many of you have been hitting potholes, bumps and roadblocks in your life experiences, throwing you out of alignment with your expectations and what you perceive to be your physical environment. You feel off center, somewhat ungrounded and unfocused. With the aggression mode of the year this feeling may even be exaggerated. Many of you are still looking for support and wisdom in the wrong places, in an old model or outdated paradigm. You expect that if you do certain things or have certain thoughts or focus your energy in a specific way, you will achieve predictable results. The personality is confused by the potholes and roadblocks and doesn’t quite know what to do next.

This month provides the opportunity for realignment we have all been waiting for but you have to meet the challenge half way. If you do the work, you will be rewarded. If you expect to be handed realignment on a silver plate, you may be waiting a long time and wear your tires out in the process.

What does realignment mean?

Daily life consists primarily of a sequence of events and experiences that are guided and measured by points of reference. Your points of reference are made up of your external physical structures such as your home and everything in it, your physical tools for living, your physical accessories to your person, the greater physical environment such as roads and buildings in your community, and the physical placement of these physical points of reference. You also have points of reference such as time and schedules, your daily habits and rituals including meals, hygiene and practices; your belief systems, your own measures of accomplishment and success, and your own measures of satisfaction, love and acceptance based on the responses of others. This structure you have created for yourself allows you to function in this physical life.

What we have now is a condition of this structure being out of alignment with the higher vibration hitting the planet at this time. Since we all have an underlying desire for change and evolution, that desire supersedes the personality’s attachment to the current structure. Although this change towards a higher vibration has been a gradual process, there are markers along the way that remind us of what we need to do and that anchor the change that has already occurred. This time frame we are in now is one of those markers and provides and opportunity for necessary realignment.

One thing that a higher vibration allows for is a greater conscious access to the quantum field. There is a greater capacity for seeing exactly how your thought forms and your belief systems create your reality, and a greater capacity for opening your intuition and expanding your senses, allowing for a more multidimensional experience of life. This is truly an exciting time. However you must be willing to do the work and meet this challenge half way for there to be results.

If things are not working the way they used to or the way you want them to, there is a reason. If you feel you are coming up against a brick wall in your efforts, either your efforts are focused in the wrong direction or your motivation is out of alignment. What does it mean to do the work and to meet the challenge half way? It means giving up your old dreams. It means being willing to release and let go of anything you know in your heart does not serve you. This may include relationships, habits, inappropriate work, any activity run by the obstacles (stubbornness, impatience, martyrdom, self-deprecation, arrogance, greed, self-destruction), physical environment or location not serving you, and taking on responsibility or karma on that is not yours. It means being willing to trust your intuition and having the courage to act on it. It means paying attention to the points of reference you have and changing your relationship with them from one of dependency to one of cooperation and exchange. It means becoming so flexible that you don’t question when your physical environment changes in ways the mind cannot comprehend.

Contemplate what it would be like to walk out in the morning and find your car parked in an entirely different place than where you parked it the night before. Contemplate what it would feel like to have a part of your physical environment suddenly become foreign and unrecognizable to you. This has occurred on a smaller scale for some of you with keys and other small objects disappearing and appearing in a different location. You may have also come back from a long trip or time away from your known environment and felt like you did not recognize the streets that had been familiar to you in the past. These are all examples of the fluidity of the physical realm manifesting itself as you slide around between parallels. So part of the work is becoming more flexible and releasing your attachment to the placement that has become habitual for most of you. In fact you can help this part along by taking action and moving your physical environment around or even moving into a new physical environment.

Doing the work means changing your points of reference to reflect an inner anchor rather than an external one. Most of the points of reference are external. Visualize your life with you in the center as the hub of a three dimensional wheel and all your reference points revolving around you like the spokes of that wheel. The external crust these spokes have been plugged into has now disintegrated compromising the integrity of the whole structure. There is no longer any stability in the old form and you find yourself reaching for a connection that is no longer there. What is absolutely necessary at this time is to realign where you are connected and where you expect to be connected. Instead of your physical points of reference providing you with structure, there is now a need to align yourself with the non-physical points of reference. Visualize yourself still as the hub but now with a strong channel reaching up into the sky and aligning with the sky realm; the universal masculine and patriarchal energy; the sun, moon and stars, and all the inner wisdom and intuition and comes from that realm. Another strong channel reaches down and deep into the earth connecting and aligning you with the earth and the universal feminine and matriarchal energy, and all the wisdom and creativity embodied in you from that place. Use this new alignment as an axis, moving the power away from the external and into yourself and this new alignment. It is not that you need to eliminate your external points of reference. It is simply that you need to put them secondary so that you become aware of how they are governed by the unseen forces of the quantum field.

This realignment will affect many areas of your life, different for each one of you and too extensive to go into in this forecast. Just be aware of anything that is different and be aware of your attachment to current external physical points of reference. Work proactively with this realignment; ask for help and welcome change. Watch where you resist rather than accept. It is very simple. Resistance closes the energy, shuts the door to change and causes great mis-alignment. Acceptance opens the energy, creates possibilities and moves you towards alignment. Remember that the universe is naturally organized. And the natural order of things is to move towards order and alignment. You throw roadblocks in the way of your own ease when you resist. Any resistance, judgment, blame or denial will only cause you to suffer and feel victimized. Take advantage of this opportunity to move forward, realign with spirit and trust that your greater self knows what it is doing.

Click here to access the full monthly commentary packed with tips to help you strengthen your relationships, health, finances and more.   Print out the full forecast and reference it throughout the month. (The above is an excerpt from the commentary).

The author of the monthly forecast, Lena Stevens, is an author and co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You and The Power Path: The Shaman’s Way To Success in Business and Life.

February 2011–A Powerful Time To Manifest Using Unbending Intention

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

The main theme for February is Commitment.

It is time to get off the fence and really commit to your intentions and goals without the need to know how you will accomplish them. There has been a tendency to get bogged down in the need to know and the process of trying to understand whatever present situation you are in. The mind has entertained itself long enough with the creation of stories to try and get a handle on this understanding. All this processing and storytelling has thrown conditions into the mix and kept true commitment at bay. “I will commit to this if…..”

This is the month where the “ifs” or conditions around your intentions need to be put aside and relegated to a position of less importance. You know on an intuitive level what you truly want and it is only the fear of not getting it that keeps you hesitant to commit. It is the mind that comes up with the reasons that feed the fear and keep you imprisoned in your story. Are you willing to give up your story? Who would you be without your story? This is not an easy opportunity to deal with. It demands trust, courage and intuition. Use the aggression mode of the year wisely to cut through the bullshit of the mind and begin manifesting that which you have fully committed to. Remember that we are also in an emotionally centered time and headed for experiences that don’t necessarily make linear or logical sense.

For more details about the trends for 2011 (link here).

Belief systems are probably the most challenged this month as they create the foundation of our stories. Belief systems are anchored in the past and will continue to affect our future unless they are disconnected. They are instruments of the mind and only geared towards survival. They will continue to feed you false information until you examine them and give another instruction. This is a great time to examine your beliefs and see how absolutely divorced many of them are from what is really going on in the present. It is important to stay out of judgment as you realize how outdated your beliefs are and the enormity of what needs to change.

Everyone has specific beliefs about what will make them happy, healthy, loved, successful, well, tired, sick, sad, strong, stressed, depressed, anxious, relaxed, good, bad, responsible, irresponsible, forgiven, spiritual, productive, unproductive etc.. Take some time to examine each of these categories and ask yourself what your personal and specific belief systems are regarding each one. Sometimes it is easier to write in a stream of consciousness exercise unless you are able to do this with a partner where you simply express the stream of consciousness regarding each belief. This is not about judging anything to be either right or wrong. This is about uncovering what’s there so you can see what has been running the show. Emptying the mind in this way is very powerful and you will get to see where your fears are hidden. Belief systems are very limiting in that they constantly create the reasoning behind why you can or cannot do or be something or someone. There are many examples in history of people who have accomplished extraordinary things because they did not buy into the belief that they could not.

We have talked before about the power of the collective belief system that guides the evolution of all living things on the planet. In order to change the collective belief system, each individual must first change their own. It is the hundredth monkey effect that dictates that when enough individual belief systems have evolved to a less limited function, the whole collective will be free to evolve as well. So all of you out there that wish to be of service to the planet at this time can do so by working on your own belief systems.
Along with beliefs come expectations. Expectations are different from committed intentions as they are usually attached to a specific outcome. They are fed by your beliefs and their success or failure becomes part of your story. A true “don’t know mind” leaves a lot of room for your intentions to manifest in interesting and wonderful ways. When you commit to something one hundred percent, without the need to know how you will get there, the universe will begin to weave it creatively into the physical world.

All information about everything already exists in the quantum field and that information will respond to the instruction it gets that comes from unwavering commitment. The minute you try and control how something is going to happen you diminish the power behind the intention that is necessary for the quantum field to respond. And if you commit with conditions (I will do it “if”) the quantum field is a bit confused as to what you really want and will end up creating chaos from mixed messages. Sometimes you have to make a choice. Here is a good example of that. If you are involved in legal negotiations for damages for health reasons (accident, environmental pollution etc.), there is an attachment to your continuing to be in poor health as part of the argument. All the energy you are putting into the legal process is reinforcing the fact that your health and well-being are compromised. The quantum field takes that as an instruction from your belief system. You need to continue to be compromised in order to receive compensation. Therefore the other intention of actually getting well is clouded by the need to remain ill.

Regardless of the other players involved, you may have to examine your original motivation and intention and commitment. If your primary intention is to end up completely well then that is what you intend even if it comes to you in a different way than winning a legal battle over compensation. Beware of giving the field mixed messages. Committed intentions that are not compromised are indeed powerful and have the ability to become manifest almost overnight. If your intentions are compromised or clouded with doubt, mixed messages or conditions it will be much more difficult to see results.

We can’t stress enough the power of these times and what they afford to everyone in terms of opportunity if you can commit, stay in present time and get out of your mental trap that needs to know and control the how of things. You don’t need to know how, you just need to know what. In fact there is very little information available with regards to “how” these days. And what is available is outdated and doesn’t work. So be a pioneer of your own life and decide what you want. Then commit to it one hundred percent without the need to know how you will get there. The early explorers did not have a map. They followed their intuition and they followed signs. They paid attention and stayed present. Signs are different than conditions. You can always ask for signs to guide you so you know you are on the right track. Signs appear as support and provide synchronicity and magic. Conditions are what you place on your intentions that keep them from being fully committed.

Let’s talk about the aggression mode of the year as it relates to and will be filtered through the obstacles. This is something many of you will have to deal with perhaps on a daily basis and it may not be pretty. It will be important to stay out of judgment and to practice compassion and neutrality instead of reacting. All the obstacles will become more aggressive. For example someone who has martyrdom can become aggressively blaming and complaining and demanding; those in stubbornness, aggressively obstinate, argumentative and defensive; those in impatience, aggressively intolerant, dismissive and inconsiderate; those in self-destruction, aggressively destructive and self-destructive and belligerent; those in greed, aggressively hungry, hoarding and ungrateful; those in arrogance, aggressively going for attention and trying to make themselves special; and last but not least those in self- deprecation aggressively withdrawing, giving up, rejecting support and acknowledgement. Remember that self-deprecation is also one of the obstacles of the year and will be manifest by everyone in varying degrees. All the obstacles are nasty, do not serve spirit and will derail your good intentions and commitments faster than anything. So beware, try not to react to others and watch your own tendencies.

The author of the monthly forecast, Lena Stevens, is an author and co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You and The Power Path: The Shaman’s Way To Success in Business and Life.

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(The above is an excerpt from the commentary).

November –Time For Letting Go & Healing

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

The main theme for November is resolution and healing.

In this month’s forecast, Lena Stevens, author and co-founder
of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to
the study and application of shamanism and wisdom, reveals
influences and opportunities to take advantage of.

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can print and reference!

Below is an excerpt from the November commentary.

The main themes for November are RESOLUTION and HEALING.

You are held in an influence this month that will not let you slide back into unconsciousness about the issues you are dealing with that need to be resolved and healed. The intensity of October has lightened up a bit but you are at the point of no return with some of your personal patterns and wounds that are in front of you for looking at, coming to terms with, resolving and healing at the deepest level. There is no sweeping anything under the rug anymore. This month provides an unparalleled opportunity for being finally done with certain patterns that have plagued you perhaps your whole life. It is truly a time of forgiveness, completion, healing, transformation and moving on.

According to the Mayan calendar, we are moving into a day cycle early this month (November 3). This means that what has been actively seeking healing within you will come to the surface to be dealt with openly, compassionately, creatively and thoroughly. There is no escape from this process but the good news is that the influences are highly supportive to being able to navigate this level of resolution and deep healing. You could say that the timing is right for certain aspects to surface, and for you to have the courage to step up to the plate, to uncover, forgive, heal and move on. This is especially true in the area of relationships and the healing needed around certain relationships both current ones and ones from your past.

In this category of relationships fall the early childhood experiences that have deeply influenced how you navigate your life today. What keeps these influences in place is a basic fear of survival. Your early imprinting was designed to give you the tools for physical survival on the planet. The problem with this is that most of it no longer applies to who you are today. And yet this early childhood imprinting is still driving many of your current reactions, motivations and emotional responses. Many of you have known this and have been actively chipping away at its hold on you. This month you have the opportunity to actually get to the bottom of it and to yank it out by its roots.

What keeps these old patterns calcified in place is your resistance, blame, resentment, shame, stubbornness, martyrdom, disappointment, unwillingness to take responsibility, and lack of faith that anything can ever change. You need to start with completely accepting the concept that you created your grand plan and consciously chose every experience you had in this life. Then with the deepest level of compassion, forgive yourself for all the ways you believe you have not measured up to the task of your life. Then with the deepest level of compassion, forgive everyone else that became tangled in the great web of your grand plan for this life. Keep working towards eliminating the tendencies that keep these patterns stagnant and perpetuating.

What may come as a surprise to many of you is just how easy it is to let go and heal when you finally step off the edge and do it. You may wonder why it took you this long. Timing is everything, and the timing, the influences, the opportunity and the understanding that comes with resolution and completion are all available right now in a clearer more compassionate way than they have ever been before. This is a big boon for relationships of all kinds. In fact there will be a great desire to spend time with family members over the holidays and you may find yourselves feeling a need to heal certain issues within yourselves as a way to bring them to resolution and neutrality. Remember that you can only heal yourself, never another person. However, as older souls you have the ability to set up the stage so to speak, where healing and resolution become possible. You may also find that old relationships surface from your past. They may come into your dreams or you may come across an old correspondence or you may literally hear from them or possibly even run into them unexpectedly. Watch carefully for coincidences and take everything as a sign for further investigation. The completion/resolution theme is a strong one this month and relationships are only one area this will be evident.

Other areas that will seek resolution and completion may be regarding old habits and addictions, body image, coming to terms with aging or an illness or condition, making a choice to let go of an old dream or intention you have been identified with, or finally making a decision about something you have been indecisive about. The areas could include career, finances, investments, job, location, health and well-being, partnerships and all manner of relationships, spiritual life, responsibilities and new intentions. You may finally decide that you are never going to fix the project in the garage that has been sitting there for 10 years and let go of it. You may finally accept and come to terms your weight and body image the way it is and get rid of all those clothes that are the wrong size, or you may decide to take responsibility and do whatever it takes to change it. You may decide you will never finish the college degree or perhaps that you will. Completion is not always about finishing something. It is about finishing whatever process you are in with it. Giving half done sewing projects to Goodwill is definitely a type of completion. The healing that comes from this type of resolution is a deeper acceptance of you without the judgments and the expectations. It is time to take the “someday” out of your vocabulary and give a date and time by when you will intend to resolve or complete those unfinished things, relationships and issues.

The influences this month are more on the feminine side with the intense moving centered activity backing off and giving way to a more feeling environment. Being around water and anything that feeds and nurtures will be very helpful. Comfort foods, staying warm, being protected and part of a community are all elements that will serve you well. This is not the month to push yourself out onto a new ledge of challenge but rather to stay with what is already on your plate and to go as deeply into it as possible for the maximum resolution and healing. This in itself will take a tremendous amount of courage but the reward will be an incredible sense of freedom, abundance, creativity and personal expression.

One of the main tasks this month is to free the mind of mental worry, anxiety and stress. There is a great opportunity to actually experience how mental worry, anxiety and stress don’t accomplish anything and how eliminating them will lead to higher levels of creativity and joy that will end up actually helping you to create the very things you were worried and anxious you couldn’t have. To get to this point you have to literally give up. Just give it up. Give it to spirit because you can no longer figure it out. There is deep healing in just simply letting go. Life is creating itself now from a level of vibration that the mind has not yet adjusted to but is nevertheless trying to understand and control. The feminine aspect of the month supports moving away from the mind and into the heart, away from the “doings” and more towards “being”. This does not mean you won’t accomplish anything. This is still a very active time. It just means that the platform or foundation that supports your activities should be one of ease and flow and trust and balance.

One of the main themes of our times and one of the main tasks related to this theme is that of healing the relationship between the masculine and the feminine. For centuries in our timetable this experiment of separation has produced a tremendous wounding and imbalance between these two energies. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of this major theme and this month is a good place to start with allowing for the healing of your own wounds related to either one or both. Remember to have compassion, to come from forgiveness no matter how challenging that may be, and to stay out of the obstacles especially martyrdom, arrogance, stubbornness and impatience. Take responsibility for your own karmas, complete and resolve issues whenever possible, and allow yourself to heal at the deepest level possible. This is very much a time that supports serving yourself. Know what is yours to heal and what isn’t yours to heal. Allow others to be where they are in their process. Take care of your own backyard.

How the month shows up:


This is a huge category this month as most unresolved issues or deep wounding have to do with other people. This is where the forgiveness and compassion come into play as well as the approach from the place of total responsibility for creating whatever it is that you experienced in this life. Many unresolved issues that still carry resentment, anger, blame or disappointment have to do with expectations. Expectations are a thing of the mind built on a story or a picture and they are usually not related to anything you are experiencing in the present. To be disappointed you have to have a comparison, a point of reference from the past and a judgment attached to it. In relationships you are always comparing and therefore judging and expecting. This is a good month for relationship recapitulation. You may want to make a mental list of those relationships from your past that still hold some unresolved issues for you; things you cannot let go of that are attached to an old expectation. The sooner you come into acceptance with compassion and forgiveness, you can come into resolution and healing resulting in freedom. Imagine that! Once you are free, you will stop recreating the same old thing.

The other side of this issue is to take responsibility for ways in which you have allegedly disappointed others. Ask yourself if this is their projection onto you or if you feel disappointed in yourself. If you feel disappointed in self, take responsibility and have compassion and forgiveness for yourself. Remember, another cannot heal you just as you cannot provide healing for another. You can only heal yourself. How many of you are still waiting for a father or a mother or a sister or brother or an ex lover or friend to say, “I’m sorry”? Say those words to yourself with compassion and forgiveness for creating whatever experience that caused your wound. And stop waiting for affirmation from the outside that you were right. Being “right” is really overvalued and there is no such thing anyway. Be neutral. That is the best position and the one affording the greatest power, presence and freedom. Especially practice neutrality around another’s projections. Beware of being captured by any projection or judgment or label that someone else wants to put on you, positive or negative.

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December 2009 and What You Can Do To End the Year Strong

Friday, December 4th, 2009

The major themes and influences for this month of
December include activation, acceleration, change and

In this month’s forecast, Lena and Jose Stevens,Ph.D,
founders of an international school and consulting firm
dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and
wisdom, reveal influences and opportunities to take
advantage of.  Discover wisdom that can help you
tremendously in these changing times.

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The universe is moving forward on your intentions in a
very accelerated way this month so you better know exactly
what you want or you could get something that you don’t

It’s a good idea to revisit your goals this month as they
could easily become activated and move ahead in surprising

The challenges this month include feeling completely
overwhelmed with the fast level of movement that is being
activated.  You need to prioritize, but be aware that the
priorities may not always be what you think they should be.

You have the opportunity to realize the reality of many
ideas that have been stewing for a while and are ready to
burst into manifestation.  It’s a powerful time to release
old stuff that keeps you stuck.

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How To Manifest More Quickly–Tips and Guidelines For September

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Below is an excerpt from a monthly commentary by Lena and Jose Stevens, Ph.D, founders of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and indigenous wisdom to business and  everyday life. It reveals opportunities you can take advantage of this month to eliminate stress and improve your personal life, relationships, work and health. For the full commentary, refer to their website listed at the bottom of this commentary.

September 2009

There is an action quality to this month that really gets things moving and one of the qualities of the new vibration is how immediately you can make things happen if your intentions and actions are aligned. The quantum field is more accessible than ever and the opportunity to raise the quality of life on every level is immense. It will however take discipline and hard work.

Think of discipline as an energy rather than as a negative restriction on your freedom. Making friends with discipline this month will be key to your ability to manifest your dreams into physical reality. The Big Picture theme of August has made a new frequency available.

How we make use of it will be up to each one of us. Because it is a NEW frequency there is no manual or neat little guidebook that will tell you exactly what to do however using the themes and influences of the month as guidelines will help.

This month is all about your physical environment and paying attention to everything that is physical in your life: your home and other environments, your body, your stuff, anything you own or interact with, and all of your routines around your physical possessions and manifestations.

In order for the physical environment to keep up with the changes in energy and vibrational upgrades, it will need attention. To the degree that you are being disciplined about how you manage your environment and your routines and practices, the messages you put forth to spirit about what you wish to manifest will be clearer. If you have chaos, too many things on your plate, ambivalence, too many energy leaks, weak boundaries, old food in your fridge, a messy house, a dirty car, poor hygiene and poor personal body care, the universe will take that as a sign to feed you more of the same. This month it is really time to “clean up your act”. If you cannot do it yourself, ask for help. The way you manage your physical environment will translate to how you will manifest new things in your life.

September is about hard work and working hard. Not in a negative way but in a self -directed, disciplined and positive way in which you end up feeling greatly rewarded. Little actions can manifest into big results.

All the negatively imprinted constructs around discipline and hard work need to change and become a delightful responsibility instead of a dreaded imprisonment. Make your discipline a game, make your hard work play. Enlist the help of others and help others when you can. Watch the impatience especially when you look and the very LONG list of what needs to be done to bring balance into the management of your physical environment. There is plenty of time. The discipline here will be to believe that statement and not to become irritated at your own conditions.

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