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How To Get All the Benefits of Meditating–Without Meditating.

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

meditatingDo you know that you can easily get all the benefits of meditating without meditating?

So what kind of benefits am I talking about?

*Increased mental abilities, learning abilities and concentration…

*Greater creativity, Ah-ha! experiences and intuitive powers…

*Release of emotional blockages that sap your energy…

*Elimination of stress and stress-related symptoms such as sleeping problems, anxiety and frustration…

*Delay or reverse the aging process…

In deep meditative states, you experience profound levels of relaxation and your brain wave patterns slow down. As your mind quiets down, you enter deep mind states that have amazing powers.   You increase your mind powers and accelerate physical and emotional healing in ways that will absolutely amaze you.

You can experience all the benefits of meditation—and more– by doing easy meditative-type practices —and without spending years learning how.

Many people have the false belief that the only way to experience the benefits of meditation is to actually “meditate.”  A common misconception is that you need to sit in a certain position or repeat specific sounds AND do this for years before you get noticeable results.


Do you know that people who do meditative-type practices tend to have stronger problem-solving abilities than those who don’t?  They also tend to have increased creativity, concentration abilities and greater mental clarity.  Many scientists believe that in deeper mind states, we have the potential to use far more of our minds than the 10% that we commonly use.


Not only that, people who regularly experience deeper mind states, also tend to have less fears, anxiety, frustration and sadness.

So what happens when you feel better emotionally?  You benefit from more satisfying personal and work relationships and an overall greater sense of well-being.


Do you know that each time you experience deep meditative states, your physical body undergoes amazing transformation?

Medical researchers have found that slower brain wave patterns, triggered by states of deep relaxation, dramatically affect the production of three important hormones related to both increased longevity and physical well-being: Cortisol, DHEA, and melatonin.

1. Cortisol is the major age-accelerating hormone within the brain, and has received a lot of attention recently due to Dr. Perricone’s anti-aging research. In deep states of relaxation, your cortisol level goes way down, which is good.

2. DHEA levels affect aging.  When DHEA levels are low, you age faster and are more susceptible to disease. You want higher DHEA levels to slow down again. Deeper mind states produce greater levels of DHEA.

3.  Melatonin is a hormone that helps to create deep, restful sleep.  It contributes to rejuvenation and slows down the aging process.  Melatonin increases in states of deep relaxation.

In slower brainwave patterns, the brain also produces increased levels of many beneficial brain chemicals, such as pleasure-causing endorphins that melt stress away.  So you can have greater happiness in your life when you learn how to quiet your mind!

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You can even manifest faster when you consciously use deeper mind states.  Why does manifesting speed up when using deeper mind states?

In slower brain wave patterns, your typical mind filters are bypassed and your affirmations and envisioning go directly to your sub-conscious mind. When an idea takes root in deeper mind states, you create changes at a deep level.

The more you quiet your mind and access deeper levels of consciousness, the more you can access infinite knowledge…the more you can access that inner voice that’s always there to guide you in your life.

P.S.  Please share this post with friends and anyone you think can benefit from this information.

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August 2011–A Time To Do More Than You Think Is Possible

Monday, August 1st, 2011

The main theme for August is Wake Up and Pay Attention.

This does not mean becoming more hyper-vigilant or controlling but rather becoming more present and taking notice from a place of expanded awareness. Most of us have narrowed our experience of life and ability to respond down to a very narrow band, being asleep or unconscious about the greater part of it. If we didn’t, we would be overwhelmed at what we have put up with and continue putting up with.

In the development of the mind and the mental ability to problem solve, we have traded in the awareness of our instinctual and emotional responses for the illusion of security in trusting that the mind can solve everything. We are quickly seeing that in these accelerated times not only can the mind not keep up, but that it limits our ability to respond in other ways so crucial to our survival at this time. The mind is almost never present. It is almost always either in the past; reviewing, judging, trying to understand, categorizing, filing and organizing; or in the future; planning, worrying, tracking, organizing and trying to get a handle on linear time. Notice that when you are doing a task that requires complete presence, the mind becomes quiet and inactive, taking a back seat.

Animals in the wild and other aspects of nature react to their environment with efficiency in their knowing, timing and action. This does not come from a place of mental planning but rather from being aware and responding to the present circumstances. Nature is very flexible. Because of our attachments, expectations and constant mental micromanaging, we have lost both the ability to be flexible and the ability to be instantly responsive. We have diminished our experience of life, we have fallen asleep, and we forgotten how to trust and be present.

We are still in an emotionally centered year. The emotional center is there to teach us a different way of reacting. The emotional center is not about emoting or being emotional. It is about relying on a different level of intuition that takes in way more information than the intellectual realm of the mind can ever process. We need to remember how to use this center more effectively so that we can trust our non-mental process and begin to give it more credit. The mind is a very useful tool and it is important to use it to set intentions, goals and direction, but we cannot expect the mind to get us there. The mind on its own is not capable of driving enough energy to accomplish anything. It is too limited and yet we have given it this impossible task. No wonder we feel helpless, powerless, fatigued and confused.

It will take time to turn this pattern around and you can start by waking up your senses and paying attention to your surroundings by being more present and aware. If you spend a little bit of time every day in non-mental awareness practicing being present, you will exercise this part of yourself and eventually it will become automatic. This is what is required in order to move into a higher state of consciousness at this time. Anything you can do this month that raises your consciousness is an excellent use of the influences. Any practices that help connect you to spirit and get you out of your mind will also be very helpful.

There will be many lessons and opportunities to see just how effective you can be without your mind trying to control everything. The discipline will be to keep yourself present and out of the past and the future. This is the time to step up to the plate, show up fully and take responsibility for yourself, your actions and your truth. It is time to get out of denial, to open your eyes and all your senses, to truly look at what you have been putting up with and to do something about it. This requires courage and action and you may not always get positive responses from others, as misery loves company. When you decide to take the high road you may need to set some boundaries against certain energies that are no longer compatible. Remember that negative reactions from others are usually projections and it is important not to take things personally especially when you know you are on the right track.

By the same token, if you are having a strong negative reaction to someone or their actions, you may need to look at how you may be projecting on them or how their actions may have threatened your own complacency and denial. See each of them, as a teacher and a mirror, stay neutral, present and awake.

This is an incredibly accelerated time where incredible things are possible. You need to watch for the aggression mode of the year showing up in negative ways both in yourself and in others. Since the mind is being quickly surpassed by the speed of things these days, you also may experience anything from feeling like you are losing your mind, panic attacks, anxiety and amnesia. This is much about the dissolving of linear time and thus the tracking method of the mind. Watch also for bleed-through from the astral plane at inconvenient times, throwing you momentarily off the course of linear thought. You are being called upon to trust all the other senses, to trust your intuition and to learn to process information in a different way. The acceleration of the times makes it possible to accomplish way more than your mind would “think” possible. At the same time, if something is destructing, it will take much less time than “usual” for it to completely destruct. Any process is aggressively accelerated in these times so if something seems stagnant or not moving, all it needs is a spark of intention to set it on course.

Click here to access the full monthly commentary packed with tips to help you strengthen your relationships, health, finances and more.   Print out the full forecast and reference it throughout the month. (The above is an excerpt from the commentary).

The author of the monthly forecast, Lena Stevens, is an author and co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You and The Power Path: The Shaman’s Way To Success in Business and Life.

July 2011 Forecast–Personal Growth and Big Breakthroughs

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

The main theme for July is Birth.

It is OK to feel like a different person, to not know who you are, to sense that something has changed in a big way even though you can’t really say what it is, and to feel somewhat unsettled, ungrounded and anxious. It means you have found yourself in a new landscape and are uncertain as to how to navigate and move forward. Learn to let spirit guide you and give up trying to control everything. There is great opportunity this month for personal growth and truly stretching your container of what is possible. You can adopt a whole new belief system and expand your awareness to the degree you never thought possible.

The “birth” theme of the month can also be seen as a re-birth. Re-birth always follows the death of something. It is not too late to give up and let go of attachments that may have been holding you back. What in you still has to die for you to be able to have a re-birth into a new life?

We have been in labor and in the birth canal for a while now. Labor is uncomfortable and being in the birth canal is intense. We leave the safety of the known environment that has gotten too small for our growth. We are launched into a new world that we have no idea yet how to navigate. It is a scary place of stimulus, danger and our focus is instantly on the basic need for survival. We are vulnerable yet strong with a powerful intent to survive and live life. If you have ever watched newborn animals at this critical phase, their ability to propel themselves fully into life in order to survive is amazing.

At this juncture we have been launched into something new. We are all in some process of birth whether we like it or not. Some of us are still in labor as some labors are longer than others. The shorter labors provide more intensity and the longer labors provide for more preparation even though they may leave you somewhat weakened. Some of us are already in the birth canal with the realization that there is no going back. And some of us are actually crowning and ready to explode into a new life.

Just as it is important to have good physical caretakers that await you as you are born, and helpful teachers as you learn to navigate physical life, it is also important at this time to have strong guidance and support from your spiritual practice, your relationship to spirit and nature, your guides and allies, and those who can help you at this time. The support of community is also being called upon to provide a strong container for this new experience.

An infant at birth has no idea how their intentions and life goals will manifest as they mature. An infant at birth is pure potential landing in an environment of vast opportunity, pure innocence, and not yet imprinted with the limited belief systems of others. The imprinting and circumstances of a physical infants birth and first experience of life is usually dictated by karma, agreements and a chosen blueprint. Your birth now into something new carries a freedom with it of choice with regards to intention, imprinting and limitations. Use this time well and decide how you wish to live, how you intend to be supported and what you choose as your new imprinting. You can either limit yourself or go for an expanded sense of freedom and creativity.

An infant spends a great deal of time on the astral plane bringing across the information needed for developing the lifetime. You may find yourself drawn into dreamtime for short catnaps during the day. Do not resist this. It is important time on the astral plane. An infant is curious and trusting and has no way yet of defining the present based on past experiences. Practice living your life like an infant whenever possible. This will keep all your options open and allow you to truly see things in a new way.

We can’t stress enough how truly amazing this time is for breaking through into something new. See every challenge as an opportunity and trust in the big picture when events around you are being defined as negative, destructive or unnecessary. It is a raw and edgy time. Emotions will run high and aggression could be at its worst. Just as a woman in the process of giving birth is not always the nicest to be around, everyone going through their own process will have times of being cranky, overwhelmed, out of sorts, very uncomfortable, and even in major meltdown mode. Have compassion for yourself and for others around you. You have grown beyond the size of the old container and it is time to push through into a new landscape. It is scary leaving the known environment even though you are cramped and squeezed but there is no other option at this time. We are at the point of no return and there is no going back. An infant that refuses to come out of the womb when it is time will become toxic with its own waste. Do not let that happen to you. Let go, let go, let go. Your future security will depend on how well you navigate the birth canal, not whether or not you can hold on to any of your old structures.

An infant needs care. You need care. It is a time to put yourself and your needs first. We are not talking about high maintenance needs of the physical body personality here. We are addressing care in terms of health, spiritual life, time, rest, creativity, love, and allowing yourselves to do the things that you love to do and have wanted to do for a long time. Personal care is nurturing and protecting the new landscape, not taking things personally that others may project onto you, and making sure that you put yourself and your true desires of spirit first. It is a good time to revisit your definitions of responsibility and to differentiate between your true responsibilities and the dependent expectations of others. Being of service is not carrying another’s burden but rather showing them the way through your own example.

This month is crucial for taking some time for self and for setting good boundaries against energy leaks from others, bad habits or behaviors. It is an excellent time to be surrounded by nature whenever possible. Focus on the power of the sun as the representative of fire, one of the elements of the year and a masculine energy. Bless the service of this element and spirit in your life. Focus on the power of water and the other element of the year and a feminine energy. Bless the service of water, its life-giving as well as destructive force. Pay attention to your own water element in your body. Feed it with the spirit of water. Focus on the masculine sky realm as the patriarchal father archetype witnessing and supporting your birth, protecting the infant, imprinting it with the unconditional love of the generous and protective masculine.

Click here to access the full monthly commentary packed with tips to help you strengthen your relationships, health, finances and more.   Print out the full forecast and reference it throughout the month. (The above is an excerpt from the commentary).

The author of the monthly forecast, Lena Stevens, is an author and co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You and The Power Path: The Shaman’s Way To Success in Business and Life.

October 2010–Intensity: Breakthroughs or Breakdowns

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

The main theme for October is intensity.

In this month’s forecast, Lena Stevens, author and co-founder
of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to
the study and application of shamanism and wisdom, reveals
influences and opportunities to take advantage of.

Click here to access the full monthly commentary that you
can print at no cost!

Below is an excerpt from the October commentary.

Everything this month is amplified, paving the way for
stronger reactions and increased sensitivity. It’s as if the
100 watt light you are used to operating under just got
turned up to 1000 watts. The resulting light intensity would
take some getting used to. This intensity has been with us
to some degree all summer through various themes and the
veil that has kept us asleep and in the dark has been slowly
coming off. But now that veil is completely coming off
exposing us fully to the intensity.

Some of us will instinctively try to turn away and retreat
even deeper into a dark shell. But there is no escape. As
in childbirth there is now full dilation and a need to stay
focused in order to push through our own birth.

This birth is a birth of higher consciousness bringing with
it many gifts for those who choose to be awake and proactive
instead of staying asleep. There is potential to increase
our understanding of the different planes of existence, the
quantum field, and how the universe works. There is
potential for greatly increasing telepathy, seeing,
channeling, healing and other practices using altered

There is finally an opportunity for beginning the
necessary integration of the higher centers (higher
intellectual, higher emotional, higher moving) with the
intellectual, emotional and moving centers, in order to
achieve greater and more regular access to levels of higher
consciousness. The higher centers are the gateways to higher
consciousness and those of you who have been doing practices
to increase your consciousness will be greatly rewarded this
month. You may experience sudden breakthroughs or
opportunities that were not available before. Take advantage
of what is showing up.

The sun is a barometer for intensity. The sun itself as a
being is going through its own changes and increases in
intensity. Since our evolution is being guided in part by
the sun, we are affected by the changes the sun is going
through. There is an energetic radiation that is designed to
help eliminate the cancers of lower vibration material,
forcing us to look at our attachments to old patterns and
non-serving behaviors. In a way, the parental energies of
the sun (father) and the earth (mother) are holding the
container for our rebirth at this time. As the influences
this year have been more masculine or yang, the solar theme
has been more prominent. In the near future we will shift to
a more feminine set of themes for balance.

What if you could see more, taste more, smell more, feel
more sensations, be more emotionally empathetic, experience
stronger telepathic communication, and feel generally
enhanced in your awareness of everything? What if every
moment of your day unpacked itself into a whole experience?
This is what is available to you should you choose to be
awake. Waking up requires a 100% commitment and turning your
back on everything that is not of spirit. It requires a
willingness to embrace the intensity of the moment
regardless of what it is bringing or feels like at the time.
Staying awake takes focus, responsibility, acceptance and

What is necessary to move into intensity in a positive way
is the elimination of any imprinting based on past
experiences or learned behavior that has “intensity” meaning
something negative, harmful, hard to deal with, painful,
victimizing, hurtful or devastating. This is a tall order
but if you set your intention to begin the process and if
you catch yourself when reacting fearfully or negatively to
an intense situation, you can shift your perceptions and
stay present, focused and neutral. If you can begin by not
judging anything intense as good or bad but simply and
neutrally intense, that is a start. Remember that in this
illusionary game of life, we are entering the place of
higher stakes, a time of initiation into a higher
consciousness, if we choose to play.

On the other hand, if fear has you by the throat, you could
experience an intensity that drives you even further into
negative states of depression, anxiety, pain, anger and
resentment. If you find yourself martyred and complaining,
you will feel your victimization with increased intensity.
Everything is enhanced and magnified. So if you are angry,
you will be hugely angry; if you are worried, those worries
will seem overwhelming; if you are dissatisfied or find
fault with something, that fault will seem magnified and out
of proportion. This pertains also to finding fault with or
judging the self. So if you are in a funk, the funk will be
intense. However if you are in gratitude and appreciation
and trusting in spirit, you may very well find access to
those higher centers and be astonished at how well your life
unfolds. What if the intensity were channeled into joy,
love, connectivity, creativity, satisfaction and well-
being? The choice is always yours so choose well.

Since this month supports completions you may wish to review
your responsibilities and see if they still hold true.
Eliminate anything you don’t want magnified or intensified
and let spirit do the rest. You make the rules, so as long
as they are in alignment with spirit, it is time to put them
up on the board.

This month is marked by high drama. Intensity always brings
out the drama in events, relationships and experiences. You
are likely to see high drama unfolding around you as others
process various forms of intensity. Have compassion rather
than judgment and be neutral in your involvement. The more
reactive you are to drama, the more you feed it. Focus
rather on the positive aspects of opening the senses and
living a fuller daily life. Drama usually means a reaction
out of proportion. Don’t go there. Don’t play. Save your
energy. Remember that drama is an energy leak and this month
it is highly important to track your energy leaks and
eliminate those you can. You want to be able to channel your
energy into positive thoughts, feelings, intentions and
actions. So stay away from drama whenever you can.

There is great wisdom available to all of us at this time
should we choose to act our age. It is tough to shake off
the cultural and planetary imprint of greed, competition,
unworthiness and struggle. But it is time to transition from
that paradigm to something a bit user-friendlier. Since this
is a time of transition there is support for completions,
new choices and putting old tired ways behind us. What have
you created over and over and over again that does not serve
you? Be done with it. Give it over to the WEST and to
spirit; mourn its death and move on.

Most of us have been trapped in the prison of our own
limitations and the illusion that we have no choice.
We rely on our mind’s definition of time and space, what
is possible and what isn’t. Now we are being challenged to
set the security of the illusion aside and trust something
we have not yet experienced. How do you know everything will
be OK? You don’t “know” but you can imagine, intend, trust and
surrender. In a way you have no choice. Evolution only goes
in one direction.

Always beware of how and where you focus energy during intense
times. Every thought, word and action has its repercussions, so
take responsibility for your attitude and what you put out
there. Stay away from conflict and always come from love and
compassion. If you keep the practice of perceiving everyone
as spirit, you are much closer to those higher centers and
the gifts they offer.

Being present and paying attention with your eyes and ears
open will keep you from getting sideswiped by something
unpredictable. We are still in the influence of sudden
unpredictable events and if you are not paying attention
they can throw you off balance. To be proactive with the
intensity of the times always turn around so you are facing
what is coming. Never turn your back to the ocean as a
sleeper wave can come and take you out to sea. Never turn
your back on a challenge, responsibility or opportunity
especially if you wish to have some say in the outcome.
Being present is being awake. Start tracking your habits of
going to sleep. Are you on autopilot when you are driving a
familiar route? Are you on automatic when you are walking a
familiar path? Do you go to sleep when you are in familiar
physical surroundings? The mind tends to rob one of being
present by grabbing the attention with its worries and
constant planning. Try staying present for periods of time
during the day so you are attentive and focused only on the
task you are doing. Notice every detail of your
surroundings, and engage all of your senses. Whether you are
cooking, shopping, walking, driving, relaxing, cleaning,
working or playing, spend some time every day being present
in a way that you encourage and channel the intensity into a
higher centered experience. Put into a daily practice some
form of focus on opening the senses and heightening your
awareness. You will be rewarded.

How the month shows up:


This is a month of personal transformation, healing,
completion and breakthrough. Using the intensity proactively
and wisely will produce certain results. Whatever needs to
be healed in your life will come up intensely. You may be
highly emotional one minute, quick to anger the next, and
then suddenly feel such a heart opening and gratitude that
you don’t know how to hold it all. What may come up for
healing are any issues around the masculine or feminine
wounds you may still have. This month is supportive in
beginning the process of healing these two energies. It is a
planetary theme. You may also feel you need to take some
time for yourself this month. Quiet, silence, meditation,
contemplation are necessary for aligning yourself with the
positive aspects of the month. Don’t get lazy. Get present.

All the areas of your life are affected by intensity; your
health and physical body, your emotional life, all your
relationships, your perceptions, your work and pretty much
everything you do. You may have choices to make and
challenges to face. Always ask for help. If you are a
control freak that always needs to know and always tries to
second guess what will happen in the future and is always
thinking, processing, planning and worrying, you may be
intensely frustrated and intensely crazed. Shut the mind off
and “put it all down”. The same goes with your attachments.
Don’t be disappointed when plans change or something does
not go as you thought it should. Be grateful ahead of time
for whatever opportunity this change has provided.

For some of you this month will be incredibly inspiring,
higher centered and feel like the big reward for all of your
hard work and discipline and practices. For others it may be
excruciatingly intense, overwhelming and difficult. If you
are feeling the negative aspects of this intensity, begin by
eliminating drama, energy leaks, mental judgments,
attachments, worries and fear. Stop complaining, take
responsibility, become neutral and practice gratitude.


There is lots of healing possible in all relationships. As
we are in a larger theme of healing the masculine and
feminine, whatever needs to be healed between these two
aspects will come up for you personally as well as globally.
This is a long-range issue and a theme we will be working
with for some time. However, due to the intensity of the
month and the support for bringing to the surface what needs
to be healed, be prepared for your own wounds to surface.
Beware of reacting in negative ways to any intensity in your
relationships. Emotions may be high and irrational, and
reactions dramatic. Remember to take responsibility for what
you may be feeling as it is your own issue. Stay away from
blame. Practice compassion for yourself and others and
always come from love. There is much healing that can happen
this month if you allow it. Don’t let stubbornness and a
need to be right get in the way. Get help if you need it.
On the other hand, this is a spectacular time to strengthen
and deepen real essence connections with others. Since
everything is enhanced through the higher centers you have
an opportunity to move into an experience of deeper
connectivity, recognize agreements and go straight to the
essence of a person, bypassing the shield of their
personality. You also have the opportunity to heighten your
telepathic communication with others and to perceive the
truth. The experience of oneness is what older souls crave
and it is certainly possible to experience this month.


The environment will continue to surprise us. Just when we
think we have a trend predicted, it will change. More and
more we are learning that it is our collective belief system
that influences what happens in the environment. If enough
people believe something strongly, it is likely to occur, as
we are a highly creative species. The best strategy is to
keep a “don’t know mind” and a great deal of neutrality
regarding weather patterns, earth phenomena, and the
environment in general. Focusing on the negative aspects of
who did what and when to damage the environment does not
help. What helps is feeding the environment with
appreciation through heightened sensitivity and gratitude
for the incredible planet we live in. And as usual we will
remind you to be flexible in your plans and neutrally
accepting of what comes. Disappointment only occurs when
there is expectation. So instead of expectation with some
attachment to the outcome, have a strong intention to have a
spectacular experience however the environment supports it.

Because of the high intensity of solar energy this month, we
could see some solar flare activity and some irregularity in
the tides. High solar energy needs to be balanced with water
so be around water this month if you can. If not, then work
with water as an element of the feminine and a support to
your emotions. Baths, hot springs, water features, ponds and
fountains are all alternatives to actually being in and
around larger bodies of water.


Kidneys and adrenals are stressed this month as well as the
liver and spleen, especially if you tend towards anxiety or
worry. Trying to hold on to your mental controls is hard on
the physical system. Think fluidity, neutrality and calm
acceptance. Find ways to practice relaxation in the midst of
turmoil and intensity. The physical body is going through
changes. As the vibration on the planet increases in
intensity, the body becomes more sensitive to its
surroundings but also more receptive to energies and
treatments that can put it back into balance. This is a good
time to redefine what healing means and to dispel the myths
about how long something takes. Part of the outdated belief
system and paradigm has us on a time schedule of
development, aging, healing and recovery.

As the body becomes more aligned with the higher centers,
its ability to function at a higher level of consciousness
will also increase. What we call miracles will become standard
procedure as we learn to work with the quantum field and to
navigate outside of the limitations of time and space.
Remember that it is what you believe to be true that
ultimately runs the show. So practice suspending some of
your judgments and reactions regarding the physical body.
Stop blaming it for not working and start appreciating it as
the servant it is to your essence. It is only being and
doing what you have required of it for your own karmic

To read about the influences this month on your finances,
relationships and global issues, click here to read the
full commentary.

Six Ways to Produce Youth Hormones and Reduce Stress

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Meditation and meditative-oriented practices are just one of many tools that you can use to deeply relax and develop your inner power.  The benefits to doing so are many including reducing stress and stress-like symptoms, such insomnia and body aches, as well as preventing pre-mature aging.

Just like a carpenter needs to have many tools in his tool box to get a job done, you’ll also want to have many tools in your tool box to achieve deep relaxation and empowerment—especially in times of stress.  A carpenter needs to have more than a hammer to build a house.  So too, you’ll need to have many tools at your disposal to build a foundation of calmness and balance.  The more tools you have at your disposal, the more empowered you’ll be and the more benefits you’ll reap.

Maintaining a sense of calm in everyday life is more difficult than it is to be in balance under conditions of maximum stress.

Being in balance in normal everyday circumstances is vital to preserving your energy, your personal power, as I’ve explained on www.UnlimitedInnerPower.com.

Below are six ways to experience the power of relaxation and the benefits of nurturing your mind, body and spirit.  And, you don’t have to spend a dime.


Here are easy and enjoyable ways to decrease stress and increase the production of youth hormones. You”ll soon be on your way to getting rid of “death” hormones such as cortisol.

1.  Practice meditative-type exercises.

2.  Get out in nature— A study in England found that after a walk in the country, 72% reported decreased levels of depression and said they felt less tense. And, 90% reported increased self-esteem.  A walk in the mall has no such effect.  When you connect with nature —the vitality of trees, plants, air and the sun, you access the power of creation and awesome energy.

3.  Exercise— It’s a proven way to decrease life-shortening and aging stress hormones. If you want to get even more out of exercise, do it in nature.  Walking uphill in nature is a fantastic way to strengthen your body, mind and spirit all at once. Walking in nature using peripheral vision for at least 30 minutes can create a state of alpha.

4.  Get a loving pet—The simple stroking of a loving pet has been proven to lower heart rate, decrease stress and anxiety while lowering blood pressure.  Even watching fish in an aquarium creates similar effects!

5.  Use your imagination—If you can’t get to nature or you don’t have a pet, enter a deep meditative state and imagine yourself being in nature, stroking a pet or whatever else soothes you.  Studies show that the mind and body can not tell the difference between imagination and “real” events on the physical plane! You can produce the same effects with your imagination that you can in real life!

6.  Be impeccable with your thoughts—Observe your thoughts and how you speak.  Become aware of how your thoughts make you feel. Thoughts produce feelings. Do your thoughts make you feel happy or down and anxious?  Continuous heavy emotions, such as fear and self-pity, create stress-related reactions in your body that trigger pre-mature aging and disease.

Did you know that when you are deeply relaxed and at ease, your body can not create dis-ease?  Disease is created when you are not at ease.  When you’re deeply relaxed and centered, your body can’t  produce stress-related chemicals that cause disease and pre-mature aging.

That’s right you can use meditation and other forms of deep relaxation—-that are free— to be younger, healthier and empowered.