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July 2011 Forecast–Personal Growth and Big Breakthroughs

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

The main theme for July is Birth.

It is OK to feel like a different person, to not know who you are, to sense that something has changed in a big way even though you can’t really say what it is, and to feel somewhat unsettled, ungrounded and anxious. It means you have found yourself in a new landscape and are uncertain as to how to navigate and move forward. Learn to let spirit guide you and give up trying to control everything. There is great opportunity this month for personal growth and truly stretching your container of what is possible. You can adopt a whole new belief system and expand your awareness to the degree you never thought possible.

The “birth” theme of the month can also be seen as a re-birth. Re-birth always follows the death of something. It is not too late to give up and let go of attachments that may have been holding you back. What in you still has to die for you to be able to have a re-birth into a new life?

We have been in labor and in the birth canal for a while now. Labor is uncomfortable and being in the birth canal is intense. We leave the safety of the known environment that has gotten too small for our growth. We are launched into a new world that we have no idea yet how to navigate. It is a scary place of stimulus, danger and our focus is instantly on the basic need for survival. We are vulnerable yet strong with a powerful intent to survive and live life. If you have ever watched newborn animals at this critical phase, their ability to propel themselves fully into life in order to survive is amazing.

At this juncture we have been launched into something new. We are all in some process of birth whether we like it or not. Some of us are still in labor as some labors are longer than others. The shorter labors provide more intensity and the longer labors provide for more preparation even though they may leave you somewhat weakened. Some of us are already in the birth canal with the realization that there is no going back. And some of us are actually crowning and ready to explode into a new life.

Just as it is important to have good physical caretakers that await you as you are born, and helpful teachers as you learn to navigate physical life, it is also important at this time to have strong guidance and support from your spiritual practice, your relationship to spirit and nature, your guides and allies, and those who can help you at this time. The support of community is also being called upon to provide a strong container for this new experience.

An infant at birth has no idea how their intentions and life goals will manifest as they mature. An infant at birth is pure potential landing in an environment of vast opportunity, pure innocence, and not yet imprinted with the limited belief systems of others. The imprinting and circumstances of a physical infants birth and first experience of life is usually dictated by karma, agreements and a chosen blueprint. Your birth now into something new carries a freedom with it of choice with regards to intention, imprinting and limitations. Use this time well and decide how you wish to live, how you intend to be supported and what you choose as your new imprinting. You can either limit yourself or go for an expanded sense of freedom and creativity.

An infant spends a great deal of time on the astral plane bringing across the information needed for developing the lifetime. You may find yourself drawn into dreamtime for short catnaps during the day. Do not resist this. It is important time on the astral plane. An infant is curious and trusting and has no way yet of defining the present based on past experiences. Practice living your life like an infant whenever possible. This will keep all your options open and allow you to truly see things in a new way.

We can’t stress enough how truly amazing this time is for breaking through into something new. See every challenge as an opportunity and trust in the big picture when events around you are being defined as negative, destructive or unnecessary. It is a raw and edgy time. Emotions will run high and aggression could be at its worst. Just as a woman in the process of giving birth is not always the nicest to be around, everyone going through their own process will have times of being cranky, overwhelmed, out of sorts, very uncomfortable, and even in major meltdown mode. Have compassion for yourself and for others around you. You have grown beyond the size of the old container and it is time to push through into a new landscape. It is scary leaving the known environment even though you are cramped and squeezed but there is no other option at this time. We are at the point of no return and there is no going back. An infant that refuses to come out of the womb when it is time will become toxic with its own waste. Do not let that happen to you. Let go, let go, let go. Your future security will depend on how well you navigate the birth canal, not whether or not you can hold on to any of your old structures.

An infant needs care. You need care. It is a time to put yourself and your needs first. We are not talking about high maintenance needs of the physical body personality here. We are addressing care in terms of health, spiritual life, time, rest, creativity, love, and allowing yourselves to do the things that you love to do and have wanted to do for a long time. Personal care is nurturing and protecting the new landscape, not taking things personally that others may project onto you, and making sure that you put yourself and your true desires of spirit first. It is a good time to revisit your definitions of responsibility and to differentiate between your true responsibilities and the dependent expectations of others. Being of service is not carrying another’s burden but rather showing them the way through your own example.

This month is crucial for taking some time for self and for setting good boundaries against energy leaks from others, bad habits or behaviors. It is an excellent time to be surrounded by nature whenever possible. Focus on the power of the sun as the representative of fire, one of the elements of the year and a masculine energy. Bless the service of this element and spirit in your life. Focus on the power of water and the other element of the year and a feminine energy. Bless the service of water, its life-giving as well as destructive force. Pay attention to your own water element in your body. Feed it with the spirit of water. Focus on the masculine sky realm as the patriarchal father archetype witnessing and supporting your birth, protecting the infant, imprinting it with the unconditional love of the generous and protective masculine.

Click here to access the full monthly commentary packed with tips to help you strengthen your relationships, health, finances and more.   Print out the full forecast and reference it throughout the month. (The above is an excerpt from the commentary).

The author of the monthly forecast, Lena Stevens, is an author and co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You and The Power Path: The Shaman’s Way To Success in Business and Life.

June 2011 Forecast–A Time To Do a Personal Realignment

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011
When a vehicle gets out of alignment it shakes and shimmies and wants to veer off the road. What causes it to get out of alignment is hitting bumps, potholes and other obstacles. If a vehicle is left in this condition for too long, the tires will wear out. A vehicle will not realign itself. You have to take it in for help.

Many of you have been hitting potholes, bumps and roadblocks in your life experiences, throwing you out of alignment with your expectations and what you perceive to be your physical environment. You feel off center, somewhat ungrounded and unfocused. With the aggression mode of the year this feeling may even be exaggerated. Many of you are still looking for support and wisdom in the wrong places, in an old model or outdated paradigm. You expect that if you do certain things or have certain thoughts or focus your energy in a specific way, you will achieve predictable results. The personality is confused by the potholes and roadblocks and doesn’t quite know what to do next.

This month provides the opportunity for realignment we have all been waiting for but you have to meet the challenge half way. If you do the work, you will be rewarded. If you expect to be handed realignment on a silver plate, you may be waiting a long time and wear your tires out in the process.

What does realignment mean?

Daily life consists primarily of a sequence of events and experiences that are guided and measured by points of reference. Your points of reference are made up of your external physical structures such as your home and everything in it, your physical tools for living, your physical accessories to your person, the greater physical environment such as roads and buildings in your community, and the physical placement of these physical points of reference. You also have points of reference such as time and schedules, your daily habits and rituals including meals, hygiene and practices; your belief systems, your own measures of accomplishment and success, and your own measures of satisfaction, love and acceptance based on the responses of others. This structure you have created for yourself allows you to function in this physical life.

What we have now is a condition of this structure being out of alignment with the higher vibration hitting the planet at this time. Since we all have an underlying desire for change and evolution, that desire supersedes the personality’s attachment to the current structure. Although this change towards a higher vibration has been a gradual process, there are markers along the way that remind us of what we need to do and that anchor the change that has already occurred. This time frame we are in now is one of those markers and provides and opportunity for necessary realignment.

One thing that a higher vibration allows for is a greater conscious access to the quantum field. There is a greater capacity for seeing exactly how your thought forms and your belief systems create your reality, and a greater capacity for opening your intuition and expanding your senses, allowing for a more multidimensional experience of life. This is truly an exciting time. However you must be willing to do the work and meet this challenge half way for there to be results.

If things are not working the way they used to or the way you want them to, there is a reason. If you feel you are coming up against a brick wall in your efforts, either your efforts are focused in the wrong direction or your motivation is out of alignment. What does it mean to do the work and to meet the challenge half way? It means giving up your old dreams. It means being willing to release and let go of anything you know in your heart does not serve you. This may include relationships, habits, inappropriate work, any activity run by the obstacles (stubbornness, impatience, martyrdom, self-deprecation, arrogance, greed, self-destruction), physical environment or location not serving you, and taking on responsibility or karma on that is not yours. It means being willing to trust your intuition and having the courage to act on it. It means paying attention to the points of reference you have and changing your relationship with them from one of dependency to one of cooperation and exchange. It means becoming so flexible that you don’t question when your physical environment changes in ways the mind cannot comprehend.

Contemplate what it would be like to walk out in the morning and find your car parked in an entirely different place than where you parked it the night before. Contemplate what it would feel like to have a part of your physical environment suddenly become foreign and unrecognizable to you. This has occurred on a smaller scale for some of you with keys and other small objects disappearing and appearing in a different location. You may have also come back from a long trip or time away from your known environment and felt like you did not recognize the streets that had been familiar to you in the past. These are all examples of the fluidity of the physical realm manifesting itself as you slide around between parallels. So part of the work is becoming more flexible and releasing your attachment to the placement that has become habitual for most of you. In fact you can help this part along by taking action and moving your physical environment around or even moving into a new physical environment.

Doing the work means changing your points of reference to reflect an inner anchor rather than an external one. Most of the points of reference are external. Visualize your life with you in the center as the hub of a three dimensional wheel and all your reference points revolving around you like the spokes of that wheel. The external crust these spokes have been plugged into has now disintegrated compromising the integrity of the whole structure. There is no longer any stability in the old form and you find yourself reaching for a connection that is no longer there. What is absolutely necessary at this time is to realign where you are connected and where you expect to be connected. Instead of your physical points of reference providing you with structure, there is now a need to align yourself with the non-physical points of reference. Visualize yourself still as the hub but now with a strong channel reaching up into the sky and aligning with the sky realm; the universal masculine and patriarchal energy; the sun, moon and stars, and all the inner wisdom and intuition and comes from that realm. Another strong channel reaches down and deep into the earth connecting and aligning you with the earth and the universal feminine and matriarchal energy, and all the wisdom and creativity embodied in you from that place. Use this new alignment as an axis, moving the power away from the external and into yourself and this new alignment. It is not that you need to eliminate your external points of reference. It is simply that you need to put them secondary so that you become aware of how they are governed by the unseen forces of the quantum field.

This realignment will affect many areas of your life, different for each one of you and too extensive to go into in this forecast. Just be aware of anything that is different and be aware of your attachment to current external physical points of reference. Work proactively with this realignment; ask for help and welcome change. Watch where you resist rather than accept. It is very simple. Resistance closes the energy, shuts the door to change and causes great mis-alignment. Acceptance opens the energy, creates possibilities and moves you towards alignment. Remember that the universe is naturally organized. And the natural order of things is to move towards order and alignment. You throw roadblocks in the way of your own ease when you resist. Any resistance, judgment, blame or denial will only cause you to suffer and feel victimized. Take advantage of this opportunity to move forward, realign with spirit and trust that your greater self knows what it is doing.

Click here to access the full monthly commentary packed with tips to help you strengthen your relationships, health, finances and more.   Print out the full forecast and reference it throughout the month. (The above is an excerpt from the commentary).

The author of the monthly forecast, Lena Stevens, is an author and co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You and The Power Path: The Shaman’s Way To Success in Business and Life.

The Shamanic Journey–Going Beyond Meditation

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Throughout history, shamans and other wise men and women of knowledge have possessed the power to journey deep within to tap the universal source of information and wisdom.

Shamans have always known that the answers we seek can be found within. Bypassing the stumbling blocks of the outer, material world, they perfected techniques of accessing higher mind levels to find answers, gain insights and achieve profound understandings.


The shamanic journey is a technique for accessing higher mind levels to get answers on questions that are important to you, to gain insights and achieve profound understandings. It is a great tool also to use for training the body and mind to enter deep states of total relaxation. At a minimum, you will learn how to release stress and to help heal your total being.


A shamanic journey enables you to enter a meditative type state, but it is not really “meditation” as meditation is understood and used today. Most meditations are limited or ineffective. Common meditation practices require the person to sit or lie still, and when deeper levels of meditation are reached, the person falls asleep or is nearly comatose. Also typical meditation practices can not be used in a dynamic, moving way.

A journey is not an end result, but a bridge to the higher self-–a force that is always there to guide us. The objective is to avoid getting stuck on the bridge, as is the case with common meditations. You want to cross this bridge between the sub-conscious mind and the higher mind. Once you do, you need to be active rather than passive. That is, you want to ask for guidance, answers and any help that you deeply desire in your life.


Before beginning a journey, you are advised to focus on a specific question or a subject that you need help with. Your questions can range from the sublime, such as asking what you can do to become enlightened, to the most practical, such as asking about a work related issue.

Have a purpose for your journey. Imagine that you are going to talk to a very old wise man or woman. You will want to be patient, respectful, calm and receptive to everything this wise being has to say.

You can pose your question in one of these ways:

• Will this job offer be a wise decision for me and my family?
• How will the problems in my relationship be resolved?
• How can I make money in an easier and stress-free way that brings me greater happiness?

How A Typical Journey Is Done

Here’s a brief description of how a typical shamanic journey is done: When you are first learning to journey, you sit down or preferably lie down in a relaxing space. In the beginning, it is best to close your eyes and have relaxing music in the background to help you focus. You are guided to follow a relaxation process that includes breathing exercises and releasing body tension. You then imagine a place in nature, such as a forest or desert, where you walk down a path until you reach an entrance, such as a cave opening or an arch that is part of the earth. Once you walk through the entrance, you are guided to use all your senses as you enter a deeply relaxed state. As you journey, you pose a question that is important to you. By accessing a higher mind state, you access messages, insights and guidance that you may not access during normal waking states.

It is advisable to follow a step-by-step guide when you are first learning to journey. Once you train your mind to do shamanic journeys, you can journey by yourself at any time and any place, even while you walk.

The shamanic journey is used for communicating with your higher self–with Spirit. It is practiced to retrieve information from the higher realms of the mind. From ancient times, shamans have used the process of journeying to travel within to access answers, insights, guidance and help from the spiritual realm.

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June 2010 Forecast

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Because the month of June is such a fertile time, any new
ideas or projects inspired by spirit will find a
supportive foundation from which to grow. You may find
yourself inspired and motivated to begin something new or to
nurture something already in process. The expansive nature
of the times will help to grow what you are conceiving
faster and bigger than you can imagine. This is why it is
very important that you keep your focus on what is useful
and productive and not get distracted by worry, negative
thoughts or trying to please someone else’s agenda.

This is a great month for asking and receiving so be careful
what you ask for consciously or unconsciously because you are
likely to receive it in a very expansive way. Pay attention
to what you are receiving and know you have asked for just
that. So if you don’t like what spirit is bringing you, you
will need to clarify your intentions and focus on what you
truly want.

Everything this month has the potential to grow and expand.
If you are constantly worried about money, that worry will
expand and you could create even less abundance; if you are
focused on being overweight, you may gain even more weight;
if you are focused on what you have lost, you may lose even
more; if you are focused on how wonderful your life is, your
life may become even more expansively wonderful; if you can
focus on how incredibly prosperous and abundant you are,
spirit will expand that abundance even more.

It is imperative to discipline the mind to dwell on only the
things that are useful and you wish expanded in your life.
This is a very tall order but with very great rewards. The
expansive energy in the universe is neutral and does not
care one way or another what it expands. It will go with
whatever instructions it gets from you.

In this month’s forecast, Lena and Jose Stevens,Ph.D,
founders of an international school and consulting firm
dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and
wisdom, reveal influences and opportunities to take
advantage of.

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December 2009 and What You Can Do To End the Year Strong

Friday, December 4th, 2009

The major themes and influences for this month of
December include activation, acceleration, change and

In this month’s forecast, Lena and Jose Stevens,Ph.D,
founders of an international school and consulting firm
dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and
wisdom, reveal influences and opportunities to take
advantage of.  Discover wisdom that can help you
tremendously in these changing times.

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The universe is moving forward on your intentions in a
very accelerated way this month so you better know exactly
what you want or you could get something that you don’t

It’s a good idea to revisit your goals this month as they
could easily become activated and move ahead in surprising

The challenges this month include feeling completely
overwhelmed with the fast level of movement that is being
activated.  You need to prioritize, but be aware that the
priorities may not always be what you think they should be.

You have the opportunity to realize the reality of many
ideas that have been stewing for a while and are ready to
burst into manifestation.  It’s a powerful time to release
old stuff that keeps you stuck.

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Affirmations–Four Ways to Empower Your Thoughts

Monday, September 7th, 2009

You’ve probably heard that saying affirmations over and
over again can change your life.

But do affirmations really work?

The answer is yes and no.

When created in a certain way and expressed with power, they can
make a difference—especially when applied with other empowering
techniques.  However, affirmations can be ineffective and even
destructive when you use them the wrong way.

How do you create and use powerful affirmations to get maximum

1.    Expand your awareness of affirmations.  They are your allies.
2.    Know how to create effective affirmations.
3.    Energize your affirmations.
4.    Use them for certain time periods and at powerful times.


Thoughts are your allies.  They provide instructions to your
subconscious mind, to your higher self. When repeated enough, they
will change your reality even if you start out by not believing in
what you repeat.  Over time, your continuous thoughts transform into
beliefs. Beliefs create reality.

Thoughts are forms of invisible energy. Everything on the physical
plane has a spiritual counterpart.

Visible forms of energy, such as money, your clothes, and the car
that you drive, once were invisible.  They were once thoughts that
coalesced into form and density until they materialized on this
physical plane.

Everything that exists on the material plane, once existed in the
world of thought, in a realm that is infinite and that is not bound
by time or space


Before thoughts can transform into visible forms of energy, they
need to be energized with certain words and feelings.

Below are examples of weak affirmations vs. powerful, energized
affirmations.  See the notes below to understand why each statement
is either lacking energy or powerful.

Weak Affirmations

A)  “I pray that I can get rid of my debt”
B)  “I will meet the love of my life one day soon”

Powerful Affirmations

C)  “I am thankful for creating (_____) right now because it
allows me to have freedom and peace of mind in my life.”

D)  “”I am now attracting all the resources I need and everyday
I have great ideas that help me easily achieve my business goal
with joy and wisdom.”

Affirmation A — is too vague and is likely to produce vague
results at best.  Even worse, this affirmation focuses on a negative
thing— “debt” and by focusing on debt, you’re likely to actually
create more debt in your life.  Train yourself to focus your
attention on what you want and to avoid thinking about what you
don’t want.  Put your energy into happy thoughts.

Affirmation B — focuses on the future.  With this
type of affirmation, you are likely to delay producing the
relationship you desire since you are essentially telling the
universe to give it to you in the future (“I will”) rather than now.
You could be waiting a long time.

Affirmation C and D — use the powerful “I am” decree and these
words put you in the present (“I am now”) rather than the past or
future.  When using “I am”, only use positive thoughts; negatives
are best placed in the past.  By speaking as if what you want has
already occurred, you give your affirmations power with feelings
of excitement, gratitude and happiness.


Focus on your affirmations throughout the day, especially when
you’re in a meditative-type state such as theta.
When your mind quiets down, you access deeper levels of
consciousness, and your thoughts become more energized and more
powerful.  When you’re in a deep state, such as theta, your
sub-conscious mind is more receptive to commands.

It’s especially important that you focus only on want you want and
avoid all thoughts about what you do not want.  Be keenly aware of
your thoughts and only hold those thoughts that you want to

Relax and trust that your goal is now in the process of being
materialized. Many people have difficulty with this part.  They keep
themselves from relaxing and trusting because they are filled with
doubts.  Be aware that by associating heavy emotions, such as
tension and worry, with your goals, you’re making it difficult to
materialize what you desire.

Achieve your goals faster than you thought possible when you
relax and energize your ideas during states of theta.
Relax and start commanding your sub-conscious mind.



Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged if nothing seems to happen
when you practice affirmations. Reserve judgment.  Keep at it.
It takes 21 days to break a habit.  It takes 40 days to make a new

From a shamanic perspective, sunrise and sunset are very powerful
times to focus on your goals and affirmations.

At dawn and dusk, our brain waves (rhythms) are closer to theta.
Theta is linked to the world of spirit. And, when we are closer
to spirit, we have a stronger effect on the material plane.

Thoughts are invisible forms of energy that live in the world of
spirit.  When they are energized enough, they materialize on the
physical plane.

That doesn’t mean that you only focus on your affirmations during
those two times of the day.  It means that you take advantage of
those times to give your affirmations extra energy or power.

You need to say and feel your affirmations regularly throughout
each day.

If you say an affirmation just once or twice a day but for the rest
of the day fill your mind with negative thoughts, you’ll eliminate
the power of your affirmations.

If you want to get a new job and you say a positive affirmation
about finding a new job, but then follow it up with a series of
negative thoughts such as “There are no good jobs.” or “Nobody’s
hiring during this bad economy…” That kind of attitude will lead
to negative results, like not finding a job or finding a job that
you don’t like.

You need to be continually aware of your thoughts.  Be impeccable

with your thoughts.

You have unlimited inner power.

Discover how to access the deeper levels of consciousness to
energize your affirmations.

This is your life.  Make the most of it.


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