Following Through on Your Breakthroughs–August 2013 Theme

This month FOCUS id needed to follow through on what you initiated and dreamed up during your time of breakthroughs and expansion.

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Why is depression growing?

1. Why is depression and failure on the rise despite so many new opportunities for people to succeed?

A wise shaman once said, “A man not living his vision is living death.” When we pursue goals that are not inspired by our inner vision, we can feel empty and disillusioned.

From a high vantage point, there are two types of goals:

1) Goals driven by the rational mind to appease the ego and 2) goals inspired by our inner vision or higher mind. Often, we pursue goals that seem alluring, and later we discover that they were not in our best interests because they only serve to appease the ego. Goals that are inner vision inspired help us to be fulfilled because we strengthen our connection with the force that guides us.

Inspired ideas help us avoid foolish decisions that can cost us our health, relationships, money and happiness. Why? When we connect with our inner vision, that inner voice within, we become whole as we integrate the spiritual and physical aspects of our being.

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Expansion, Magic and Discipline

This month we have a triad of expansion, magic and discipline —all working together to provide an incredible opportunity for accelerated growth, change and manifesting. The themes may seem paradoxical and even contrary to each other but their cooperative alignment will support creativity and manifestation in ways you could never have imagined. How to bring in magic?

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Heroes, fake hope and real hope in the Matrix

Many so-called spiritual teachers teach and even glorify the human need for passivity because they are blind about the matrix we live in. To be passive is dangerous because it’s disempowering. Personally, I believe Jesus, the greatest spiritual teacher we have had, was a warrior of the light and that he taught us to seek truth and fight for it. He did not teach us to be passive but to battle darkness to reach enlightenment—to leave the matrix.

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June 2013–Embracing Changes to Take Us To New Heights

Some of us may be dealing with some hard truths from last month around old beliefs, and some are in deep assimilation of choices and life changes. Most of us are reeling a bit from May’s many lessons around manifesting. We are either exhausted from dealing with huge amounts of energy, or feeling overwhelmed, confused…

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May 2013 A Time for Breakthroughs and Manifesting

The value of what you manifest is related to the value you have for yourself. There is an erroneous notion that manifesting requires something from the outside, some element outside of us that comes in and makes it happen. Although support is necessary, it is our own energy field that draws towards it the elements around our intentions and turns them into manifestations. Your intention and thoughts and beliefs are the ones that attract the material that creates your life. So it is important that you examine your beliefs about what you think you need from somewhere else in order to manifest, and your expectations of that happening.

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Mind control, the shell game, stealth gods and the matrix

If you are curious about leaving the matrix, read on. The rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper. Those of you who have been subscribers for some time know that my passion is to empower you by providing resources to help you discover how to use the powers of your mind–the power of going within.  As…

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April 2013 Wisdom Tips for Relationships, Finance and Health

Wisdom tips and empowering advice for April 2013 have MOMENTUM as a central theme.

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March 2013 -Time To Clear Energy Leaks and Get Prepared!

In this monthly forecast, you’ll find tips to boost your personal growth and tips to get the most out of this month! The primary theme for March is MOVEMENT.  March is a split personality month, with the first couple of weeks giving us more of February’s watery course. During this time, watch for continued unexpected emotional…

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February 2013–A Time of Unpredictability

The theme for February is UNPREDICTABLE, with tremendous opportunities for personal growth. You will need to be very very flexible and very present to navigate the energy this month, as it will have a tendency to be squirrelly, shifty and emotional, bringing unexpected experiences, reactions, changes and opportunities. You will need to let go of…

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