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Awareness Is Your Greatest Weapon During These Times

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

This post will probably not be popular, but it is my most important post to date.  I am not going to write about the magic of life or about love but about the dark side.   I have to share with you what my inner vision has guided me to do.

Over the last few weeks, we have all been hearing about the most heinous crimes, such as the report about the man in Florida who turned into a cannibal.  The growing horrendous news reports about what people are doing to each other has been incredible, truly hard to believe.  You don’t need for me to tell you about the increase in inhumane crimes.  You can listen to the news yourself.  But I do want to bring your attention to the fact that these dark acts are starting to occur with greater frequency and affect us all.

I suggest that you pay attention to the news just enough to be aware of what is going on in the world but without becoming obsessed with the news.  Think hard about you learn.  Reflect on the news using your rational mind.  But you also need to go deeper than just reading the news—you need to go within for insights and intuitive sensing.   Together, your rational mind and intuitive mind will help you.

The most important spiritual practice you can do at this time is to develop your intuitive powers.

It is crucial to learn how to develop your sensing abilities.  Pay more attention to your gut feelings, to that sense of knowingness and images that may come to you.  For example, if you have a sense that you should not get on a train, then don’t do it.  If you get even a little glimmer of danger, pay attention and act on what you sense.  Don’t leave anything to chance.

The communication from your inner voice can be so subtle that you might ignore a feeling that you get or an image that you see in your mind.  It’s important that you fine tune your sensitivity to what does not feel right to you.  Your sensing abilities serve as early warning signs.

As you practice your intuitive abilities—your powers of awareness, you will get better at sensing with greater accuracy.  Awareness is your only weapon on a deep spiritual level.   It is a gift from Spirit.  Use it.  To quote Tom Brown Jr. “Awareness is the most important physical and spiritual skill we have. “

We need to be aware of both–the light and darkness.  Many on the spiritual path focus only on the light and miss the big picture. It’s not very popular to write about darkness, but the dark side can be our teacher as it serves to wake us up and can be the catalyst for personal and collective transformation.  We need to be aware of both–the light and darkness.  Many on the spiritual path focus only on the light and miss the big picture. It’s not very popular to write about darkness, but the dark side can be our teacher as it serves to wake us up and can be the catalyst for personal and collective transformation.
During these times, you will need to prepare yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually for increased chaos.  When you empower yourself, you can better help others as well.  For those of you who have been part of Unlimited Inner Power for some time, you know that I’ve recommended programs to help you develop your inner powers.

Yes, your inner power will help you achieve personal goals and experience personal breakthroughs, and it can do far more than that.  It can save your life.  If you prefer to use other programs that you learn about from other resources, please do so.  The important point is to take action and develop your sensing abilities now more than ever.

In the Products tab of my website, I list a few products, such as The Journey and the remote sensing audioprogram, that will help you develop your intuitive sensing abilities.  I encourage you to enroll in advanced awareness training if you can do so at this time.  I recommend classes taught by Tom Brown Jr at http://trackerschool.com

The Probable Future –Live Stream by World Tracker

Friday, July 9th, 2010

The upcoming live stream will continue the popular audio
series, Decoding Grandfathers Prophecies. This stream will
focus on the probable future of our planet and society and
what we should expect if we continue on the same path. If
you have not listened to the audio series, this expansion on
Grandfathers prophecies is profound and will give you
insights on what to expect in your future.


Tom is America’s most renowned tracker and wilderness
survival expert.  When Tom was only seven, Stalking Wolf
(aka “Grandfather”), an Apache elder, shaman and scout, began
teaching Tom the skills of tracking, wilderness survival,
and awareness. Today, Tom shares his wisdom and knowledge to
those who want to learn these sacred, almost lost, teachings
that Grandfather passed on to him.

The teachings of Grandfather are beyond anything you can
imagine.  Most spiritual teachers, in my opinion, do not
come close to teaching the purity, simplicity and completeness
of the world of Spirit as Grandfather did.

By the time he was 20, he was called “Grandfather” by all
the elders in his tribe, a sign of great respect for his
spiritual and earthly wisdom.  By way of several vision
quests, he discovered that his path would be to leave his
tribe for 60 years, traveling up and down the Americas
searching out spiritual truths.  At the age of 23, he left
his tribe and became a wanderer on a life-long spiritual quest.
* * *

Tom is the author of over a dozen books such as:

* Awakening Spirits (this book provides the foundation for helping
people understand the powers of the mind and the path of the shaman)
* Way of the Scout (this book teaches the long lost Apache
scout skills)
* The Quest and The Journey (these books contain Grandfather’s
“prophecies” and will help you better understand Tom’s class)

His books can be purchased via Tom’s website
www.trackerschool.com; some of his books are available on


We suggest reading The Quest and/or The Journey.   
These books will give you background about the prophecies.


July 18, 2010 through July 18, 2010

Your Computer

The live stream will be available at $20 and the on demand
cast will be available several weeks after the live stream
at $25

To purchase the audio recording, click on this link below

Remember to invest in yourself regularly—we are
approaching unprecedented times and you need to prepare with

To awareness,

* * *
P.S.  I do not get paid to share this info.  I am sharing
resources that I know will absolutely expand your awareness
and help prepare you for the probable future…
Grandfather’s teachings on awareness are epic and beyond
what most people would ever believe is possible.  Just
beware that Tom is not your typical spiritual teacher!