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Using the Energy of Intensity In April 2014 To Overcome Fears and More

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Overcome fearsThis is an amazing month with incredible power available to overcome fears and much more!

It is intense and robust both in its lessons and challenges, and in its tremendous opportunity for growth, expansion and empowerment.

As always, where you end up will be entirely up to you.

There will be battles this month, the battle between your essence and your personality, and the battle between your attachment to your suffering and your desire and intention to move beyond the petty drama in your life. What will win is dependent on which voice you are listening to and where you are putting your energy.

This is a great month to revisit your energy leaks, overcome fears, and step into more personal power than you have ever experienced before.

The INTENSITY of the times is like turning the dimmer switch up from 100 watts to 1000 watts of light. It is being able to absorb more sunlight and a higher frequency of energy than before. This intensity can be exhilarating and incredibly inspiring, or it can crash down on top of you like a brick wall, burying you in your own denial, fear and resistance.

Most of you know exactly what you need to do and what you need to change. You just have not taken the time to DO IT. Whatever situation you are in will be intensified this month. The positive aspect of this is that it will force you to take action where you need to because there will be no alternative. On the other hand if you have been doing your work, things could be intensely good and you may find incredible opportunities opening up for you at every turn. Trust them and go for it.

This is a pressurized time. The pressure from within is to finally deal with your fears and with your negativity, resistance, and addiction to suffering. This time is calling us to step up to the plate and really put into action everything we have studied, downloaded and learned in the past few years. If not now, when?

Your essence is pressuring you from the inside to move beyond your petty personality, to overcome fears that weaken you and to become the powerful being that you are.

Then there is pressure from the outside, in the form of situations and circumstances that you create in order to accomplish this task of allowing your essence to lead. The outside pressure may look negative, not fair, unreasonable and beyond your ability. However it is all part of the grand plan you have for yourself and your own growth and evolution. The task this month is to come to equilibrium of outside and inside pressure and to come to terms with what is being asked of you by spirit and what you are asking of yourself. The equilibrium is achieved by recognizing that what is being asked of you is somehow related to an original intention of yours. When you ask for something, be careful as you now have the full ear of spirit and spirit will deliver. So watch what you are asking for and make sure it is what you want.

Here is a story to illustrate:

A client was shocked and went into martyrdom around a financial matter where they were turned down (due to a comedy of errors) for an extension on a loan. This put them in a situation where they had to pay off a rather large loan and did not know how they were going to have the means to do it.  That was definitely pressure from the outside causing intense stress. After looking deeper into the situation, it became clear to them that there was an original strong intention to work on getting themselves out of debt. This intention was showing up as a pressure from the inside and creating the opportunity as a pressure from the outside to pay off the debt. With an acknowledgement of the process and a deep trust in spirit that this was the right thing at the right time, magically the funds and support appeared enabling them to pay off the loan. It was the process of surrender, neutrality and understanding that created the equilibrium they needed. Needless to say, even though it was difficult to clear the debt and overcome fears, the freedom experienced was very powerful.

This is a story that illustrates the need at this time for a committed trust in spirit and a committed trust that whatever is showing up is the right thing because somewhere along the way, you created it from an intention and something that you asked for. The focus and intention should be channeled in the direction of intense success, magic and positive alignment rather than a fear of failure. There is an opportunity this month to confront your deepest fears and to see every challenge as an opportunity to receive exactly what you asked for. In this way you step into more power and a greater alignment with your true essence goals.

Intensity can be positively supportive and magical, or it can be challenging, confrontational and negatively aggressive. We will see both expressions this month. Look for world events that will harness the intensity for activities that are out of the collective sense of integrity. And look for real miracles to happen as others put forth a real commitment towards change and positive evolution.  Your intentions have incredible power to help you overcome fears.

This is a huge opportunity for a bid for power. Everyone has something that they feel is unattainable. Something they have worked towards for a long time. For some it is about relationship, for some about health, for some about work or finances, for some about personal well-being. Whatever your dream is, this is the month to put it forth and take advantage of the intensity and high voltage and use them as a fuel to empower these intentions.  Make a committment to overcome your fears once and for all and be free of them.

We have 2 eclipses this month (on the full and new moons), that bookend and pressurize an astrological time frame that is highly significant for our times. This is it everyone. The time we have been anticipating, waiting for, bracing against, worried about and trying to second-guess what it will bring. This is the time when we all get to walk our talk and show the universe what we are made of, what we believe and what we stand for. We created this time and this opportunity. Now we have to take advantage of it. We have to face it and not hide with our heads in the sand.  This is your opportunity to overcome fears and build your inner strength.  We must become more powerful in our own lives and embrace the intensity as power and as the energy that will move us forward into a new paradigm, a new frequency and a new set of beliefs and patterns.

Yes we are going into unknown territory for our ego personalities. And yes, we will have to give up our addiction to drama, suffering, and the “poor me” and “ain’t it hard” mentality. The rewards are incredible. We have no idea.

How the month shows up


The best advice is to take responsibility for anything and everything that is showing up and to practice becoming neutral as you navigate intense experiences that may feel unpleasant. You can turn anything around if you surrender it to spirit and empower it from within and from your heart. It is such an important time to not take things personally as others may behave badly in their projections and fear reactions. Practice compassion but stay aligned to your own truth.

This is a great month for personal growth and the expansion of your intuition and ability to perceive as well as increasing your sensitivity to the spirit world and your guides and allies. Remember you will get help to overcome fears when you connect with your essence.  The veil between the astral plane and the physical plane thins out this month providing an opportunity to discover on a deeper level how you are being supported by spirit.

Personal growth may be intense this month and lessons may be full of stress and tension.  Connecting with your essence will help you overcome fears.  Balance, grounding and alignment is crucial for moving yourself steadily along the path. (This month’s support Mp3 is helpful)


Relationships will be more intense this month with the possibility of going into conflict and trying to work out differences through power struggles and drama. On the other hand there will also be an opportunity to bring more inspiration and a higher centered alignment into relationships allowing for more essence contact and more heart connection than ever before. Which way they go will be determined by the nature of the relationship. It will be easier to let go of the ones that don’t work, as it will be blatantly obvious what needs to happen.

It is a good time frame this month to complete Karmas in a forgiving and neutral way and to tie up any loose ends in relationships that feel incomplete. The worst thing you can do this month in terms of managing relationships is to be in denial about something that needs to change. So be courageous and be in your truth. Intensity can be very positive or it can cause a lot of negative drama. You choose.


Intense weather will mirror what is happening on the inside and on the outside. The weather will be unpredictable as well and can change overnight. Instead of resisting, be delighted. Practice receiving great amounts of chi from the weather.

Your personal environment will need some cleaning up. Whether it is your home or your work, something will need to be infused with a bit more inspiration. Look around at what you no longer see because it has become habitual. “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone”…pay attention to the details of your environment. Re-own the things that matter to you and get rid of the ones that don’t. Lighten your load. It will free you.

If you have things that happen that are intense or cause an intense situation, see if you can turn it around to be empowering, inspiring and totally awesome.


This can be a hard month for the physical body. Remember that everything is intensified and magnified. Discipline yourself to spend more time intensifying the health and well being of your body than the lack of energy and anything that is wrong or negative. The body needs to catch up to what is happening on an energetic level and is having a hard time. It can go into resistance when it is not honored and taken care of.

Be patient with the body, give it what it needs but at the same time inspire it to use the new energies and frequencies that are available.

The body is designed to move. Many cultures have become way too sedentary and that does not serve the body. The body wants to move. It is your vehicle, the only one you have. Talk to it this month, especially when times are intense. Take it for a walk, a run, a dance, a bike ride. Feed it good food and give it some love.  As you overcome fears, your body will benefit too.


A good time for expansion, trying something new, thinking outside the box, being creative, innovative, and not afraid of change. When one thing dissolves it leaves a door open for something new. There will be radical choices and decisions made this month in business and economy, some of it global with far reaching effects. This is a month for a bit of risk taking and bids for power. This is a month to revisit the dreams of your heart and ask yourself “why not?” It is a time to break away and follow your heart even though all rationality points to it being a bad idea or impractical. It is the time to be intense and to be radical and work with the energy to make big changes where they are needed.

We may be surprised both by unexpected cooperation as well as unnecessary conflict and crisis. Look to your own life and do what you know you need to do. Integrity and personal truth will become important factors in realigning onto the right path as you overcome fears and grow your inner wisdom.

* * * *

The author of this commentary, Lena Stevens, is the co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You. Their website is http://www.thepowerpath.com

Click here to read her FULL commentary for Febuary 2014 + learn more about power days of the month and tips to overcome fears and grow your inner power.

February 2013–A Time of Unpredictability

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

personal growth monthly tipsThe theme for February is UNPREDICTABLE, with tremendous opportunities for personal growth.

You will need to be very very flexible and very present to navigate the energy this month, as it will have a tendency to be squirrelly, shifty and emotional, bringing unexpected experiences, reactions, changes and opportunities.

You will need to let go of your need to know, your need for control, your need to be right, your need to hold on to the past, any old dreams you had for the future, all of your disappointments, grudges and limited small thinking.

You will need to hand it all over to spirit because you will not be able to “think it through”. Forgiveness and letting go of expectations and being very present with what is showing up in your life are crucial practices this month and will help you navigate through the minefield of the unpredictable and unexpected.

You will need to have compassion for yourself and others especially when the unexpected happens and either you or someone you know is thrown into crisis.

Just when you think you have it figured out, something will happen that will turn your plans around. Remember this month to remind yourself that when one door closes another will open. This month requires a great deal of trust in a larger picture and order especially when life looks chaotic beyond understanding. Expect the unexpected and don’t try and predict anything. This will help you tremendously on your personal growth path.

The image is that of walking on shaky ground that is not only saturated by water but also going through a series of mini earthquakes. If you don’t wish to be swallowed up in the quicksand of shifting mud, you will need to be light on your feet, to keep things moving, and be totally present so you can read the signs and step accordingly. No time to think, just feel and move.

The emotional center kicks in later this month making things interesting as some of what is unpredicted and unexpected will be fueled by the emotional center and there may be emotional reactions and actions that will surprise everyone. We are still clearing emotional residue and just about anything can set off an emotional reaction especially one that is unpredictable. Beware of your expectations of others and be willing to be very flexible around promises, commitments and changes in plans. The best strategy is to simply allow the emotional fluidity to be present (you don’t really have a choice) and to refrain from trying to dissect it intellectually to figure out what it all means. Let the emotional energy take you to a higher center where the understanding comes from a different place.

Everyone is navigating new territory and no one should be predicting their own actions or reactions. Especially towards the middle of the month you will be challenged with new emotional territory that is actually designed to move you into the higher emotional center and an experience of something different than what you have been used to.

The opportunity you have this month is to experience a complete shift in your limited belief system about what is possible, from how you create your reality to how much abundance or love or health you can have for yourself. This year’s role of the king teaches you about mastery and taking charge of your life in ways you never could have imagined before. We almost need an upside down time or complete unpredictability to trick the mind into letting go of the old patterns and structures that have run the show for so long.

The gift of this time now is a re-imprinting of what is considered “normal” and a slow retraining of the subconscious to trust more in the spontaneity of spirit. The goal is to become comfortable with the unexpected and to stretch a little into new territory.  Breaking through self-imposed boundaries will supercharge your personal growth.

The best way to work with the theme of Unpredictability is to always leave some room for change and spontaneity, to eliminate certain expectations and to be trusting and flexible. It truly can be a wonderful time if you just give into it. No need to be right, to be in control, or to be disappointed when things don’t work out the way you thought they should or would.

This month has been well set up coming off the transition theme of January. Look at where you have ended up right now. This is exactly where you need to be so don’t resist. Pay attention to what is showing up for you and use that as the guidance for where your next step lies. If it does not feel good and expansive, you have work to do. It’s not about them and what they decide or do. It is about you and your process so take responsibility for that. This is a tough month for those who are stubborn or tend to feel victimized. Be flexible and don’t blame.

Opportunities for personal growth:

Fantastic breakthroughs in how you experience reality

Deep and deeper clearing of old beliefs and emotional patterns

More trust bringing freedom from the need to control

Expansion of creativity

Wonderful surprises that take you into new and delightful directions

The experience of miracles and magic


The quicksand of Stubbornness and Martyrdom and Self Deprecation

Shaky mental health due to not managing Unpredictability and the unexpected well

Inflexibility causing breakage where bending and flexibility was a better choice

How the month shows up:


This is a fantastic month to work on your prosperity and abundance and to erase your limiting beliefs about how things will always be based on how they have always been in the past. It is not so much forcing the old beliefs out as it is opening yourself up to new possibilities that you could never predict. We are trained to be goal oriented and focused. But if you have a concrete goal, it is always based on old information.

So leave room for something new and unexpected and wonderful to come in to your business life. Accept a new position or a project you never thought you could do and see what happens. Use the lubricating aspect of the emotional energy later in the month to move out the old limiting beliefs of what you thought possible and to move in a new frequency of abundance you never thought possible.

The above is an excerpt from Lena’s monthly forecast.

The author of this commentary, Lena Stevens, is the co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You.

Click here to access the FULL February 2013 forecast and to read about relationships, more tips to empower your personal growth.

New Audio Helps You Relieve Stress and Achieve Goals Faster

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Los Angeles, CA – October 18, 2011 – WarriorSpiritAudio.com (“WSA”) has released a self help audio that does far more than help people relieve stress and achieve deeply desired goals.  Its ultimate purpose is to help people connect with their inner power and strengthen the faith in the power of themselves.  Entitled ‘The Warrior Spirit—How To Use Hidden Mind Powers and Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and More’ it helps people feel more optimistic and relaxed.

The Warrior Spirit audio gives step-by-step help to achieve personal goals with greater ease using higher mind states and shamanic wisdom.  If the mind is filled to capacity with non-stop mind chatter, you make it difficult to create the results you want in your life.  Stress prevents you from having insights, creative ideas and confidence that can help you achieve your goals; it weakens your ability to solve issues that trigger anxiety and stress,” says Mary Rivas, founder of WSA.

The audio and companion e-book are ideal for today’s environment where people experience a lot of anxiety over stressful events such as losing their jobs and homes.  Latest statistics indicate that 75% of people experience stress regularly; more than half say they find stress debilitating and want to relieve stress.  Stress is a key contributor to high blood pressure and heart disease.

The Warrior Spirit is different from common self-help books; it empowers people at a deeper level.  It teaches people how to connect with a higher force and increase their personal power to relieve stress and overcome challenges in daily life.

Visit http://warriorspiritaudio.com to watch a video that shares wisdom and reveals how people can tap into their mind powers to relieve stress as well as change their lives for the better.  Also, visitors can download a sample chapter of the audiobook and companion e-book.

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About Warrior Spirit Audio

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Alchemy and Personal Transformation—Coming Up Sept 16-18th

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

If you want to learn about alchemy and personal
transformation, there is a unique event coming up next month
that could be what you’ve been looking for.

The Alchemy Conference will take place on September 16-18th in
Long Beach, California.  It is both an outstanding forum to learn
about scientific findings and spiritual teachings from
world-renowned experts, as well as an opportunity to mingle
with like-minded seekers, receive insights, and gain a sense
of personal betterment.

What is alchemy?

The alchemists tried not only to change base metals into
gold but also rejuvenate their bodies, integrate their
personalities, and perfect the very essence of their souls.
Although they spoke of  furnaces, and chemicals,
they were really talking about synchronous transformation
taking place in their own bodies, minds, and souls.

Alchemy can be defined most simply as the “art of
transformation.” It is concerned with the underlying
principles of how things change and the basic process of
transforming one thing into another. The most popular reason
for studying alchemy today is to reconnect with the
fundamental spiritual realities in the universe.

In this approach to alchemy, the goal of the alchemist is not
the common gold but an inner spiritual gold, and the operations
of alchemy are performed in the inner laboratory of the
spirit and soul.

To learn more about this upcoming event and to reserve your
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In this amazing conference…East Meets West, Old Meets New,
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To your amazing journey,

Mary Rivas

August 2011–A Time To Do More Than You Think Is Possible

Monday, August 1st, 2011

The main theme for August is Wake Up and Pay Attention.

This does not mean becoming more hyper-vigilant or controlling but rather becoming more present and taking notice from a place of expanded awareness. Most of us have narrowed our experience of life and ability to respond down to a very narrow band, being asleep or unconscious about the greater part of it. If we didn’t, we would be overwhelmed at what we have put up with and continue putting up with.

In the development of the mind and the mental ability to problem solve, we have traded in the awareness of our instinctual and emotional responses for the illusion of security in trusting that the mind can solve everything. We are quickly seeing that in these accelerated times not only can the mind not keep up, but that it limits our ability to respond in other ways so crucial to our survival at this time. The mind is almost never present. It is almost always either in the past; reviewing, judging, trying to understand, categorizing, filing and organizing; or in the future; planning, worrying, tracking, organizing and trying to get a handle on linear time. Notice that when you are doing a task that requires complete presence, the mind becomes quiet and inactive, taking a back seat.

Animals in the wild and other aspects of nature react to their environment with efficiency in their knowing, timing and action. This does not come from a place of mental planning but rather from being aware and responding to the present circumstances. Nature is very flexible. Because of our attachments, expectations and constant mental micromanaging, we have lost both the ability to be flexible and the ability to be instantly responsive. We have diminished our experience of life, we have fallen asleep, and we forgotten how to trust and be present.

We are still in an emotionally centered year. The emotional center is there to teach us a different way of reacting. The emotional center is not about emoting or being emotional. It is about relying on a different level of intuition that takes in way more information than the intellectual realm of the mind can ever process. We need to remember how to use this center more effectively so that we can trust our non-mental process and begin to give it more credit. The mind is a very useful tool and it is important to use it to set intentions, goals and direction, but we cannot expect the mind to get us there. The mind on its own is not capable of driving enough energy to accomplish anything. It is too limited and yet we have given it this impossible task. No wonder we feel helpless, powerless, fatigued and confused.

It will take time to turn this pattern around and you can start by waking up your senses and paying attention to your surroundings by being more present and aware. If you spend a little bit of time every day in non-mental awareness practicing being present, you will exercise this part of yourself and eventually it will become automatic. This is what is required in order to move into a higher state of consciousness at this time. Anything you can do this month that raises your consciousness is an excellent use of the influences. Any practices that help connect you to spirit and get you out of your mind will also be very helpful.

There will be many lessons and opportunities to see just how effective you can be without your mind trying to control everything. The discipline will be to keep yourself present and out of the past and the future. This is the time to step up to the plate, show up fully and take responsibility for yourself, your actions and your truth. It is time to get out of denial, to open your eyes and all your senses, to truly look at what you have been putting up with and to do something about it. This requires courage and action and you may not always get positive responses from others, as misery loves company. When you decide to take the high road you may need to set some boundaries against certain energies that are no longer compatible. Remember that negative reactions from others are usually projections and it is important not to take things personally especially when you know you are on the right track.

By the same token, if you are having a strong negative reaction to someone or their actions, you may need to look at how you may be projecting on them or how their actions may have threatened your own complacency and denial. See each of them, as a teacher and a mirror, stay neutral, present and awake.

This is an incredibly accelerated time where incredible things are possible. You need to watch for the aggression mode of the year showing up in negative ways both in yourself and in others. Since the mind is being quickly surpassed by the speed of things these days, you also may experience anything from feeling like you are losing your mind, panic attacks, anxiety and amnesia. This is much about the dissolving of linear time and thus the tracking method of the mind. Watch also for bleed-through from the astral plane at inconvenient times, throwing you momentarily off the course of linear thought. You are being called upon to trust all the other senses, to trust your intuition and to learn to process information in a different way. The acceleration of the times makes it possible to accomplish way more than your mind would “think” possible. At the same time, if something is destructing, it will take much less time than “usual” for it to completely destruct. Any process is aggressively accelerated in these times so if something seems stagnant or not moving, all it needs is a spark of intention to set it on course.

Click here to access the full monthly commentary packed with tips to help you strengthen your relationships, health, finances and more.   Print out the full forecast and reference it throughout the month. (The above is an excerpt from the commentary).

The author of the monthly forecast, Lena Stevens, is an author and co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You and The Power Path: The Shaman’s Way To Success in Business and Life.

June 2011 Forecast–A Time To Do a Personal Realignment

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011
When a vehicle gets out of alignment it shakes and shimmies and wants to veer off the road. What causes it to get out of alignment is hitting bumps, potholes and other obstacles. If a vehicle is left in this condition for too long, the tires will wear out. A vehicle will not realign itself. You have to take it in for help.

Many of you have been hitting potholes, bumps and roadblocks in your life experiences, throwing you out of alignment with your expectations and what you perceive to be your physical environment. You feel off center, somewhat ungrounded and unfocused. With the aggression mode of the year this feeling may even be exaggerated. Many of you are still looking for support and wisdom in the wrong places, in an old model or outdated paradigm. You expect that if you do certain things or have certain thoughts or focus your energy in a specific way, you will achieve predictable results. The personality is confused by the potholes and roadblocks and doesn’t quite know what to do next.

This month provides the opportunity for realignment we have all been waiting for but you have to meet the challenge half way. If you do the work, you will be rewarded. If you expect to be handed realignment on a silver plate, you may be waiting a long time and wear your tires out in the process.

What does realignment mean?

Daily life consists primarily of a sequence of events and experiences that are guided and measured by points of reference. Your points of reference are made up of your external physical structures such as your home and everything in it, your physical tools for living, your physical accessories to your person, the greater physical environment such as roads and buildings in your community, and the physical placement of these physical points of reference. You also have points of reference such as time and schedules, your daily habits and rituals including meals, hygiene and practices; your belief systems, your own measures of accomplishment and success, and your own measures of satisfaction, love and acceptance based on the responses of others. This structure you have created for yourself allows you to function in this physical life.

What we have now is a condition of this structure being out of alignment with the higher vibration hitting the planet at this time. Since we all have an underlying desire for change and evolution, that desire supersedes the personality’s attachment to the current structure. Although this change towards a higher vibration has been a gradual process, there are markers along the way that remind us of what we need to do and that anchor the change that has already occurred. This time frame we are in now is one of those markers and provides and opportunity for necessary realignment.

One thing that a higher vibration allows for is a greater conscious access to the quantum field. There is a greater capacity for seeing exactly how your thought forms and your belief systems create your reality, and a greater capacity for opening your intuition and expanding your senses, allowing for a more multidimensional experience of life. This is truly an exciting time. However you must be willing to do the work and meet this challenge half way for there to be results.

If things are not working the way they used to or the way you want them to, there is a reason. If you feel you are coming up against a brick wall in your efforts, either your efforts are focused in the wrong direction or your motivation is out of alignment. What does it mean to do the work and to meet the challenge half way? It means giving up your old dreams. It means being willing to release and let go of anything you know in your heart does not serve you. This may include relationships, habits, inappropriate work, any activity run by the obstacles (stubbornness, impatience, martyrdom, self-deprecation, arrogance, greed, self-destruction), physical environment or location not serving you, and taking on responsibility or karma on that is not yours. It means being willing to trust your intuition and having the courage to act on it. It means paying attention to the points of reference you have and changing your relationship with them from one of dependency to one of cooperation and exchange. It means becoming so flexible that you don’t question when your physical environment changes in ways the mind cannot comprehend.

Contemplate what it would be like to walk out in the morning and find your car parked in an entirely different place than where you parked it the night before. Contemplate what it would feel like to have a part of your physical environment suddenly become foreign and unrecognizable to you. This has occurred on a smaller scale for some of you with keys and other small objects disappearing and appearing in a different location. You may have also come back from a long trip or time away from your known environment and felt like you did not recognize the streets that had been familiar to you in the past. These are all examples of the fluidity of the physical realm manifesting itself as you slide around between parallels. So part of the work is becoming more flexible and releasing your attachment to the placement that has become habitual for most of you. In fact you can help this part along by taking action and moving your physical environment around or even moving into a new physical environment.

Doing the work means changing your points of reference to reflect an inner anchor rather than an external one. Most of the points of reference are external. Visualize your life with you in the center as the hub of a three dimensional wheel and all your reference points revolving around you like the spokes of that wheel. The external crust these spokes have been plugged into has now disintegrated compromising the integrity of the whole structure. There is no longer any stability in the old form and you find yourself reaching for a connection that is no longer there. What is absolutely necessary at this time is to realign where you are connected and where you expect to be connected. Instead of your physical points of reference providing you with structure, there is now a need to align yourself with the non-physical points of reference. Visualize yourself still as the hub but now with a strong channel reaching up into the sky and aligning with the sky realm; the universal masculine and patriarchal energy; the sun, moon and stars, and all the inner wisdom and intuition and comes from that realm. Another strong channel reaches down and deep into the earth connecting and aligning you with the earth and the universal feminine and matriarchal energy, and all the wisdom and creativity embodied in you from that place. Use this new alignment as an axis, moving the power away from the external and into yourself and this new alignment. It is not that you need to eliminate your external points of reference. It is simply that you need to put them secondary so that you become aware of how they are governed by the unseen forces of the quantum field.

This realignment will affect many areas of your life, different for each one of you and too extensive to go into in this forecast. Just be aware of anything that is different and be aware of your attachment to current external physical points of reference. Work proactively with this realignment; ask for help and welcome change. Watch where you resist rather than accept. It is very simple. Resistance closes the energy, shuts the door to change and causes great mis-alignment. Acceptance opens the energy, creates possibilities and moves you towards alignment. Remember that the universe is naturally organized. And the natural order of things is to move towards order and alignment. You throw roadblocks in the way of your own ease when you resist. Any resistance, judgment, blame or denial will only cause you to suffer and feel victimized. Take advantage of this opportunity to move forward, realign with spirit and trust that your greater self knows what it is doing.

Click here to access the full monthly commentary packed with tips to help you strengthen your relationships, health, finances and more.   Print out the full forecast and reference it throughout the month. (The above is an excerpt from the commentary).

The author of the monthly forecast, Lena Stevens, is an author and co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You and The Power Path: The Shaman’s Way To Success in Business and Life.

May 2011–Influences To Take Advantage Of and To Beware Of

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

This month begins a much larger cycle of bringing all the disconnected parts back into communication with each other. In the name of individuality and based on the model of competition, the right hand has not known what the left hand is doing for a long, long time. The masculine has been disconnected from the feminine, our personalities have been disconnected from our essences, the mind has been disconnected from the heart, systems of the physical body have been disconnected from each other, and we have been living in an uncooperative, separate, lonely, dysfunctional world. There is no communication, everything is secret, and we guard our ideas, hearts, generosity, emotions and energy, measuring them out in small amounts and then only for the highest price. We are just as stingy with receiving as we are with giving, guarding ourselves against the danger of exploitation and the fear of annihilation. What a sorry state we have found ourselves to be in at this juncture of our evolution.

With all that said, we now have a great opportunity to change this pattern around from one of separation to one of cooperation and community. The theme of getting two sides of the same edge to communicate and work together is a huge one. This is just the beginning of a process that will probably take years but is necessary and inevitable as the next step in our evolution on the planet as a species. When was the last time your heart spoke to your little toe or your liver spoke to your pancreas? When was the last time you spoke to your food with gratitude for where it came from? When was the last time you asked for help?

We have been fed an illusion that power comes from being able to stand alone and to not rely on anything or anyone else. To some extent it is true that being self -sufficient is preferable to being overly needy, however this applies more to how you run your energy rather than to what you accomplish in the world. It is a known fact that when you have help and support you can accomplish a great deal more than if you don’t. What would it be like to have all your body parts cooperating with you in accomplishing a physically challenging endeavor? What would it be like to have help and support come easily, naturally and without conditions? And what would it be like to be confident that your intentions will always manifest because you trust 100% that it will be so? It is time to change our approach to life from one of effort and mistrust to one of believing in the cooperation of the universe.

There is a focused energy to the month that will work well with the aggression mode of the year when used in conjunction with your clear intentions. Intentions should be set very specifically and with plenty of flexibility for cooperation and support. Intentions should always be set around how you want to end up feeling and how satisfied you wish to be in your life. So when you are setting an intention for prosperity, instead of a dollar amount, set your goal to be what you intend to feel and what you imagine that amount will give you in terms of satisfaction. That way you give the universe more options for cooperating with you on manifesting your intention. Likewise if you are looking for a relationship, be specific on how you wish to feel in that relationship instead of what you think it ought to look like. The points of reference for the achievement of goals and manifesting are outdated and we are just now in the process of creating new ones. We have not yet experienced what it would be like to live life from a fully supportive and cooperative place where there was never any concern that an intention would not manifest. These are uncharted waters and a very exciting time on the planet where anything is possible provided we keep eliminating our attachment to old ways.

One of the aspects of this month is focus. Focus is important if you want to harness the engine that will drive your intention into being manifest. There can be no distractions and you have to be clear about what you intend. This is not a time to sit around and wait for something to happen. This is not a time to become frozen with fear like a deer in headlights. This is a time to move, to act, to intend, to ask, to pray, to get support and to be cooperative. Cooperation is a two way street. You must be cooperative yourself if you want to have cooperation. Part of this process is simply coming into an awareness of all things being connected. Set the intention to do your part and everything else will fall into place. Consider yourself and all that you have around you that supports you in life. Think of that support system as being a connected community of parts and pieces that need to work together to synthesize your life. From your car to your house to your clothes to your plumbing to the food you eat to your body functions to your friends, work, nature, time, your bank, grocery store etc.; they are all connected and form a cooperative community of sorts that supports your life.

Many of you have the illusion of being separate, alone, disconnected and unsupported and yet you are not. If you begin to focus on how everything is connected then you will begin to experience a greater sense of support, belonging and harmony. You will begin to streamline your intentions and trust the universe to deliver. Your life will become richer and you will feel more active and participatory rather than passive and victimized. So be aggressive about what you want but be a cooperative participant in the setting and manifesting of your intentions. One of the biggest lessons of these times is to learn to communicate and learn to trust. The fear of disillusionment and disappointment has kept most of us from communicating our deepest wishes. We don’t want to be seen as arrogant, foolish and unrealistic so we have kept ourselves small and secret. It is time for that practice to be done with and time to turn our sights towards a more intimate, trusting and cooperative pattern where so much more is possible. Instead of asking why, we should be asking why not.

Whenever you are working with a theme, the opposite of the theme shows up to illuminate the lessons. So in the case of cooperation what you may experience first is the uncooperative aspect of your life. You may be shown where you are disconnected and where there is effort. You may experience life as being very uncooperative. Should this happen, acknowledge the reminder and get to work changing your attitude. We have a tremendous opportunity right now to connect up the dots, to heal the rift between opposing forces and to get ourselves back on track. When you think of cooperation think of connecting right and left, behind and in front, up and down, inner and outer, the heart and the mind, masculine and feminine, giving and receiving, the body and spirit, all with the intention of getting them to communicate and cooperate.

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The author of the monthly forecast, Lena Stevens, is an author and co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You and The Power Path: The Shaman’s Way To Success in Business and Life.

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April 2011 Forecast and Trends

Friday, April 1st, 2011

The main theme for April is FERTILITY!

You could say that aspects of physical life on this planet have been in a winter cycle of hibernation. Certain attitudes and behaviors have been repeated and repeated with very little change towards a more evolved way of being. The planet, and therefore each one of us individually as well, is currently having its soil turned from a deeper place, uncovering an underside that has not been broken up or aerated for a very long time. It is disruptive and often fatal to whatever is left from the previous cycle when the tiller of change comes plowing through. Even some of the worms that are in service to keeping the soil from being completely calcified are sacrificed along the way. Roots of old harvests, dry stalks, rocks, clumps of clay, and relatively “dead” soil comes to the surface. What is exposed in the process is now to be seen, identified, broken up, sorted and cleaned up. This process can at times be violent and require force depending on the extent of the hardness or calcification needing upturning.

The underside with all of its stagnant and calcified dirt clods represents an old way of thinking, of being attached, of creating, of intending, of communicating, and of living. Nature is being extremely cooperative and helpful these days in turning its own soil. It is up to us to take the process from here and to do the sorting, the clearing of stones that represent the obstacles we put in our own way, and the breaking up of the hard calcified clods that represent the old calcified places in ourselves.

Many of you have already experienced the tiller of change that has disrupted the calm surface of stagnant soil. You are deep in the process of looking at what has been uncovered, appalled perhaps by the violent nature of the disruption, sorting through it, mourning the sacrifices, and feeling daunted by the task you see in front of you. When you look at soil that has been turned over and lies in clumps it is hard to imagine what a beautiful creative garden can grow out of it. Perseverance is required as you roll up your sleeves and get to work. Being neutral about what you see is imperative, so that regret, shame, guilt, anger, resentment or self-deprecation doesn’t waylay you. It is what it is. Remember that soil in any shape can be worked with to bring it to a fertile condition. So if you think you or your situation is beyond hope, think again. It is an insult to spirit and to nature not to give more credit to the larger picture of evolution and to see that all of this is just a part of the big plan.

Anything that can be interpreted as a disaster should be re-defined as an opportunity for fertility. Anything that seems like the end is only a threshold to a new beginning. Anything that seems old, dead and full of obstacles can be reworked into a fertile bed ready for something new. The key is your own willingness to remove the stones and to break up the clay that represents the attachments in your life. There is tremendous fear out there and you will be subject to its influence every day. Don’t buy into it as it blocks the creativity needed to work with the ground you are making fertile.

The process of aerating the soil represents aerating your own mind, ideas, habits and patterns. By moving things around and actively training your mind to release old ways of thinking, you are making room for new growth and new experiences. If something is too fixed and solid, it is no longer fertile. It is said that young minds are fertile and it is because they have not yet fixed on their version of reality. You must get yourself to that young-mind place if you wish to take advantage of this new age. Be willing to create the space in your perception that is needed to allow for experiences you cannot now conceive of. When you aerate soil, you bring in lighter material to increase good drainage. The lighter material required for good aeration is represented by a higher vibration of energy and the quantum field of possibilities that so often takes a back seat to the current drama unfolding in your life. The good drainage is your ability to eliminate what does not serve you quickly and efficiently without judgment, regret or anger.

Adding nutrients to recharge the soil is the next step. Your own personal compost made of old waste is the best compost. All of your experiences and all of your teachings, challenges, lessons, loves, learning, and whatever you have done or not done, felt or not felt, thought or not thought in your life becomes rich compost for future manifestations. In order for you to have access to this compost you must acknowledge its existence. Harvest all that you have processed, honor and acknowledge it.  When you save scraps of food to make compost for a garden you have to be actively engaged in the composting process. You could just as easily throw everything into the trash and have it taken away. Out of sight, out of mind. But then you don’t get your own compost. You can always use some one else’s, but personal compost is way better. In working your own experiences into the soil of your circumstances to make it fertile, you are also giving value to your life. You are acknowledging the tremendous value in everything you have done, thought, felt and experienced.

Because the garden is such a good analogy we invite you to make a chart or a list of these concepts and work with them daily, finding your personal representations of clay, rocks, aeration, drainage and compost.

Freedom is also a very important to acknowledge and work with during these times, understanding it for yourself and where it fits into the greater scheme of working with creating fertile ground especially around the concept of aeration and loosening up your attachment to the way things have always been. Jose has a wonderful and timely audio on the subject that will give you additional ways to take full advantage of the opportunities at this time. (Link to Freedom Through and From “Time” audio here)

Even through we think of Fertility as a feminine condition, in order for your seeds to actually grow in the fertile ground you have created you need the masculine spark. That masculine spark is represented by the fire element and your own spark of inspiration around what is possible when you get your hands into the soil. You cannot be afraid of getting dirty or working hard. Anyone who has had the vision of a garden and then has actually seeded, cared for, and then harvested one, can attest to the great feeling of reward at harvest time. So be inspired by your process and the tremendous opportunities available for seeding a new way of being, a new way of thinking, a new way of living, new projects, a new environment, new work, new relationships, new attitude, new ideas. This is a tremendously fertile time on the planet. Look at all the compost we have available to us. Look at all the turning of the soil and aeration taking place. We are truly ready to plant new seeds and to spark them to grow through our own inspiration about the future we are creating. We need to think positively about what we can plant and how fast it can grow. Remember that this is also an accelerated time where things can manifest very quickly.

A good garden is nurtured, watered, exposed to the right amount of sunlight, weeded and pruned when necessary, and protected from harm. If you are inspired to plant some seeds of creativity in your life, protect the seedlings from the judgments of others and any of your own negative thoughts and attitudes that can harm their growth. You are often your own worst enemy and need to be aware of the damage you do to your own creative process by not trusting in yourself or in spirit. Build a good fence around you garden that consists of practices that keep you on track. Make a habit of not believing everything your mind tells you and be persistent and persevering in weeding out the doubt, the fear and the negativity that threatens to choke the growth. A good set of practices will also act as nourishment. Feed yourself with beauty, love, inspiration and all the energy that nature provides. Look to the sun and look to spirit to guide the timing. The times are fertile and all you have to do is pay attention and stay positive.

Click here to access the full monthly commentary packed with tips to help you strengthen your relationships, health, finances and more.   Print out the full forecast and reference it throughout the month. (The above is an excerpt from the commentary).

The author of the monthly forecast, Lena Stevens, is an author and co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You and The Power Path: The Shaman’s Way To Success in Business and Life.

For a more complete discussion on the themes and influences for 2011 link here to order a download of TRENDS 2011 (link here).

The Japan Crisis and The Mayan Calendar

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

The dangers of Japan’s nuclear power plant meltdowns continue
to escalate, yet very few media sources can be relied upon for
truthful coverage.  One thing is clear—our brothers and sisters
in Japan need our prayers more than ever.

Ancient spiritual teachings have long warned of horrific
disasters that would affect the planet around this time.
These are highly energized times.  While the chaos around us
will accelerate going forward, these times also present
unprecedented opportunities for spiritual growth.  Each of
us will need to choose wisely.  Now more than ever, we will
need to be guided by our higher self, that inner voice that
speaks to us from within.

There is no time for fear or worry.  To indulge in heavy
emotions that rob our energy is not only wasteful but also
injurious to the spirit.  A warrior that drains himself of
energy cannot survive well.

All education for your spiritual and physical well-being
needs to be accelerated. Balance is key.  Invest time and
resources to strengthen your spiritual connection.  And,
invest time and resources to protect your physical body
on every level.  In future e-mails, I will introduce you
to resources as I am inspired to do.

In this e-mail, I wanted to tell you about a video that
provides extremely interesting ancient knowledge about the
current times.   The presenter provides jewels of wisdom in
his two videos called The Mayan Calendar Comes North.  He
addresses the importance of developing your intuition during
these times.  It is definitely worth watching.

Invite a friend to watch it with you and discuss it.  Just
keep in mind that it is a very rare being who can accurately
make predictions about dates.

1 of 2

2 of 2

To the warrior’s spirit,


How Being Single on Valentine’s Helped Me Achieve My Dreams

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Here’s a personal Valentine’s day story that I shared last year.  I am reposting it for this Valentine’s Day since so many enjoyed my story:

* * *

Valentine's dayWith Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I would share a
personal story about my life when I was single for a long
time. I remember that I even dreaded the arrival of
Valentine’s Day. Year after year, it was the same old story.
I would spend Valentine’s by myself, and would, more often
than not, indulge in sad feelings.

At that time, I had no idea how struggling with being single
would one day help me achieve my life’s dreams.

One day, I called a dear friend of mine, who is amazingly
wise, and confided to him that I was really tired of being
single.  The first thing he told me was to not waste time
and to start immediately to pursue my life’s purpose, and
the right man would surely come my way.  He went on to tell
me that once I did as he suggested, my life would positively
change for the better.  “Enjoy your single days joyfully now
while they last” he added.  He advised me to think of this
new approach to life as an “experiment.”

The moment he told me that, it really made an impression on
me. I am not sure why but deep down a little voice told me
that his words of wisdom were right on.  I made a decision
to seriously contemplate what my life’s mission was. And, I
committed to living every day with joy and gratitude for my

Joy Is An Ally That Will Help You Manifest What You Desire

Later I was to discover that joy is a powerful emotion.  It
has a high vibration and will help you manifest what you
deeply desire because its vibratory level is closest to the
level of creation.

I have to tell you that I even made a pact with Spirit,
Universal Intelligence.  I promised that I would deeply
enjoy being single and that when I did find my dream
partner, I would commit to always supporting him in every
way I could to help him live his life’s purpose.  I felt
really good about this “deal” that I made.

The “experiment” went very well.  Friends and family asked me if
something had changed in my life.  One friend even asked me
if I was in love.  My energy had positively increased, and I
did feel in love—in love with life that is.

During that time when I was single, I spent quiet time
focusing on my life’s purpose, on what I wanted to
accomplish before I left this mysterious world. Having time
to myself helped me to discover my new life’s work. I soon
realized that I wanted to stop working for companies, and
that I wanted to create my own business to help people
become successful using ancient wisdom.

My Single Days Were Over When I Increased My Energy &
Followed My Purpose

I became really excited about realizing my life’s purpose,
and I started to focus more and more on my future business.
Long story short, my business goal led me to attend an
Internet marketing conference.  It was there that I finally
met the love of my life that I had so longed for.  My wise
friend had been right.  I had found the right man once I
focused on following my life’s mission.

As I look back, it has become clear to me.  I found my
beloved partner when I was already happy with my life and
focused on achieving my life’s vision-my purpose.  I had
learned the “lessons” that I needed to learn.
Interestingly, my beloved also had made a decision to pursue
his purpose in life, and that is what led him to attend the
very same conference that I attended.

Ancient wisdom teaches that a man not living his vision is
living death. As we focus on a higher purpose, we become
whole and the universe will absolutely support our path
every step of the way. It is a universal law.  We become
empowered and can more easily release those heavy beliefs
that drain our energy. We acquire the power to live a
magical life.

Emotions, such as joy and gratitude, are powerful forces.
They will increase your energy and will help you manifest.
In contrast, heavy emotions, such as fear and worry, drain
personal energy and keep you stuck.  Have you ever
efficiently achieved a goal or solved any problem while
engulfed in emotional trauma?

Now I want to share tips for increasing your energy,
emotionally as well as physically. To create what you deeply
desire, such as finding the love of your life, requires
personal energy.  Change your energy, and change your life.

10 Empowerment Tips To Increase Your Energy and

Change Your Life

1.    Love yourself.  How you feel about yourself will
determine what you attract into your life. Forgive your self
now, accept your self, and become free to create your ideal
life.  If you haven’t attracted the beloved that you desire,
ask yourself if you truly love yourself. It will be
difficult to find the right partner to love you, if you can
not love yourself.

2.    Follow your purpose.  As an Apache shaman, once said “A
man not living his purpose is living death.”  As you follow
your life’s purpose, you become whole and are in an
advantageous position to achieve your personal goals. You
have access to a higher power that formerly was not within
your reach.

3.    When you find yourself feeling low, do empowering things
to increase your energy such as spending time alone in
nature.  Nature has a high vibration and is a powerful ally.

4.    When you find yourself feeling low, release what’s
holding you down.  Heavy emotions that drain your energy,
such as fear and worry, are likely to be the first culprits
you need to release.  To the extent that you are held down
by old beliefs, patterns and wounds, you are not free to let
go of the past and create your future.

5.    Make a full commitment to take action to get what you
want in your life. Do whatever it takes to keep your energy
up and be impeccable about your intent.  Read the February
t to learn more about the power of intent and
realizing your dreams.

6.    Write in a journal how you want your life to be like
today.  Be the script writer for the movie you want to
create. Empower your goals with envisioning and other
success techniques. Learn shamanic empowerment practices
that teach success tools together with wisdom.

7.    Do something for yourself that you’ve never done-
something that you would really enjoy.  When you break one
pattern or a routine, it can help you to dislodge other
patterns that keep you stuck in the past.

8.    Treat yourself to special chocolate with at least 80%
cocoa. Pure raw cocoa lifts the mood and increases energy
due to the abundant presence of phenylethylamine aka PEA
(known as the “love molecule”) and anandamide (called the
“bliss chemical”).

9.    Treat a friend and yourself to something really out of
the ordinary-an energy enhancing food that is “supercharged”
with PEA-the same compound found in chocolate that
stimulates pleasurable effects on mood.  E3Live BrainON
contains approximately 50 times more PEA than chocolate.

10.     Relax about your goal. Every morning give thanks.
Gratitude is a powerful ally in the universe. This force
will not only help you achieve your dreams, it will keep you
from falling into the dark realm of fear and unhappiness.
The moment you feel gratitude, you open your heart and are
on the track of power.

Happy Valentine’s Day!