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March 2014—A Time for Commitments, Not for “Wait and See”

Friday, February 28th, 2014

commitments and warrior waysThis is a month of putting yourself 100% behind your choices and commitments.

The author of this commentary, Lena Stevens, is the co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You. Visit their website to get the complete monthly forecast that includes power days of the month is http://www.thepowerpath.com

March 2014 is about setting new rules, weeding out what doesn’t work, being disciplined about what it takes to manifest your intentions, and doing your work.

It is about taking all of the grand dreams and goals and grounding them into a practical “to do” list that you follow even when you don’t feel like it.

This month you will see what you are made of and you will be inspired by your ability to persevere and take action. How you handle this month will set you up for managing any challenges that may come your way in the future. There will be opportunities to handle more power and to be resolved in your choices and commitments. It will be critical to anchor your commitments in your heart and to be clear from that perspective about what you are willing to get behind and what you are not willing to put any more energy into.

In the aftermath of the RELEASE theme of February, there is a lot of emotional, psychological and energetic debris floating around that has nowhere to go. All of this debris needs to either be cleaned up and disposed of, or integrated in a way that serves a new direction and new dreams. Practicality has its benefits this month as well as paying attention to the details and keeping track of your discipline.

(You can get help with this on our monthly support Mp3)

Take the grand vision and pull it back so you can see what you can fully commit to in the moment and make a practical action plan full of attainable baby steps:

If you want to lose weight, what can you commit to every day that is part of your discipline?

If you want to get into shape what are your daily commitments to help you in that goal?

If you want to succeed in a new business, what are the attainable steps you can commit to every day?

If you want a better living situation what can you do now every day to move towards manifesting that?

There is “waiting for and allowing right timing”, and then there is such a thing as showing the universe that you are ready for that right timing to show up. It is called commitment. When you have commitment, there is no back door, there is no turning back and there is no ambivalence or condition under which you will proceed or not proceed.  Until you are committed there is always a chance to change your mind.

Some of you are masters at keeping everything just in that place of “not quite there”. This is due to the fear of being trapped or the fear of failing once committed. What is actually true is that there is great freedom once you commit to something. Commitment allows you to release the ambivalence and resistance that takes so much emotional and psychological energy, and it gives the universe something to work with. Commitments are rewarded, ambivalence is not.

There is a part of commitment that supports the cycle of completion. Once you have released your energy behind something you have committed to, it is on a trajectory towards a goal. You need to give this energy a chance to land where it is destined. If you keep yanking it back, you will end up with many incomplete actions and lots of loose ends.

It will also be crucial to stay out of depression, lethargy and denial this month. This is a time for action, not for “wait and see”. We’ve been waiting long enough and now it is the time to commit to what you really want, from your heart, not your mind. So what are you waiting for? The mind is the trap that will try and sabotage your actions. Listen instead to what your heart says you should be committed to.

(You can get help with this on our monthly support Mp3)

How the month shows up


This month you will face your fears, face your resistance, face your procrastination and face your doubts. You will struggle and argue with your mind about why you can’t or shouldn’t. It is the mind that will try and drive you into despair while the heart cheers you on. There is great personal growth and evolution possible this month as you get to know yourself even better.

It will require guts and trust for some of your commitments but you will never know how the universe will support them unless you go for it, make your committed choices and close all the back doors. This month is perfect for really doing what you said you wanted to do. Make an action plan for your commitments and be disciplined about it. This is the month to show up and to do your work even when you don’t feel like it. If you do, you will be rewarded.


This is a big area. What relationships are you committed to keeping and nurturing and what relationships are you not interested in putting any more energy into? One commitment that would benefit all is the commitment to improve your relationship with yourself and to be committed to improving the relationships you are already committed to. If these relationships need more time, commit more time. If they need more support, commit more support. If you commit, you give them what they need. This of course includes the relationship with yourself.

This month we may see some relationships being dissolved because the commitment is not there and some relationships coming up for review. This is also a good month to revisit working with energy leaks especially with regards to relationships. When you commit to something, you should expect to get out what you put in. It should end up being satisfying and fulfilling in some way.


Commitment here is with regards to your personal environment and especially for those dreams of living somewhere else or changing the work or home environment for something better and more suitable. The back door here is always, “ I will change when… or if…..” .

When you have words like “when, if, and some day”, they do not communicate a true commitment. If you are truly committed to changing your environment, there is always an action plan that can be put into place that will ground your dream and give you a daily discipline to work from. Remember that a million baby steps will take you up the mountain to the top.

The greater environment can also teach us a great deal about commitment. All you have to do is observe any natural phenomena to see that an act of nature is 100% committed. When a raindrop is released from the cloud, it does not change its mind midstream and go back. We should all learn from nature in this way.


The body is still reeling from the releases of February and some of you are working through really old and deep patterns. It always takes the body some time to catch up to energetic shifts and changes.  If you are one of these people, honor the process and commit to doing whatever it takes to support the change that your body has made a sacrifice for.

This month is supported by the masculine; the third chakra, and lessons around your will, stamina and resolve. Challenges around digestion, the adrenals, the diaphragm and the lymph may be up. Increase your circulation through getting enough exercise. If you feel sluggish both physically and energetically, take action, any action, through movement and it will help.


This is a powerful month for projects and any business endeavor that requires a commitment. It has been a tricky time for investments and to figure out what project is worth committing to and what project is not. Partnerships have also come with their challenges as people are changing and growing and evolving sometimes beyond what they originally committed to.

It’s OK to change your mind and to dissolve a partnership or bail on a project as long as the end is honored and the commitment to dissolve it is final. What that means is taking care of any feelings of regret, failure, disappointment and anything else that may keep the energy hooked. It is important to commit to being irrevocable in the dissolving as well as to neutralize any lingering attitudes that are negative or feel unresolved.

Even if you start something new with the same partners, it is important to completely end what was before.

Committing fully to a project or any endeavor is where you will really see results this month.

The universe will certainly reward you by delivering something tangible your way that will acknowledge your commitments.

The Power of Forgiveness To Boost Your Happiness and Energy Quickly

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

forgiveness of self and othersThe act of forgiveness is a strategy to become neutral, to reset the game, to start fresh.

Forgiveness is a decision, an intention to get out of guilt, to clear all the debt and baggage that keeps us stuck in self-destructive patterns.

Forgiveness does not mean that you condone the bad behavior nor does it mean that you accept that the insult be repeated. Forgiveness merely takes the charge off and neutralizes it so it does not drain your energy anymore.  (Click on link at the end of this post for a free online course on forgiveness).

From a shamanic perspective, forgiveness is a frequency, not the emotion that accompanies the act of forgiveness.  When we forgive, we can feel an incredibly sense of relief or cry tears of happiness, but the emotion is not the forgiveness. Forgiveness is a choice we make.

The act of forgiveness raises our frequency, our energy. It’s one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal!

Take a moment to recall an experience where someone insulted you.  Chances are that whenever you think of that situation you feel bad.  This is what shamans refer to as an “energy leak” because disturbing emotions drain our energy.  If our energy leaks continue, we only harm ourselves.  We need sufficient energy in order to be healthy, happy and to manifest!

When you recall such an experience that makes you feel bad, ask yourself, “Do I want to continue to give that person the power to control me and deplete my energy?”  At any moment, you can choose to forgive and free yourself of burdens that rob you of happiness and freedom!

Imagine how you will feel when you no longer allow that person to drain your energy.   Think of the relief you will experience when you finally experience forgiveness.  You eliminate a huge energy leak that keeps you stuck.

The purpose of life is to gain experiences, make choices, learn from choices and acquire wisdom and understanding. Forgiveness is a self empowering technique—a healing process that enables us to repair damage to our energy bodies. This includes the damage and energy drain that comes from mental complexes, heavy emotions and attachments.

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools we have to raise our frequency and spiritually evolve.

I invite you to watch a free 4 part video series on forgiveness.  You’ll hear amazing forgiveness stories that will positively lift your heart!

January 2014 Wisdom + Empowerment Tips–Get Ready! Get Set!

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

The theme for January 2014 is GET READY, GET SET….

This month starts out with a rare New Moon on January 1, the first of two new moons this month. January 2014 is a month of getting all your ducks in a row in preparation for the times to come. It is a good beginning to the year of the Warrior (see trends 2014 for more info/ link here). The Warrior energy bursts forth as a desire for organization, “to do” lists, and focus. There is great satisfaction in clearing, cleaning, setting new intentions and getting things back on track.

The visual is that of a track star at the start line getting ready for the race. The athlete is mentally prepared, physically prepared and hopefully emotionally prepared as well. They are as ready as they can be after training and preparing for months, which may have included losing weight, revising their diet, and making their physical preparation a priority in their lives. They would have been incredibly disciplined about focusing on their goals. And now they are just waiting for the gun to go off giving them a signal to go and give it their full throttle.

The waiting and anticipation at the start when you are totally ready can be challenge. It is a pregnant moment that is waiting for action. This is what we may experience this month and patience will be required in those pregnant moments when everything seems set up and ready to go and still there is a delay or a hesitation before the energy is released.

The tension created by the hesitation can cause irritation and impatience and even doubt as you may question the validity or the rightness of what you are doing or intending to do. Be patient and keep clearing and organizing the mundane aspects of your life. This is a month where focusing on your foundation is essential. Look at what you may be procrastinating and get caught up.

The inspiration of what could be is pulling our focus forward, but the tasks that have been piling up are holding us back. Do not resist, just get organized and get to work. It is a great month for “to do lists” that can be rewritten daily as tasks are crossed off.

Are you prepared? Are you ready? If you were to leave this planet today, are all your affairs in order?

The opportunity this month is to get things done and to become more organized than you have ever been.

There is also a great opportunity to finally eliminate old projects, clutter and energy that have weighed you down. You have a chance to establish a new set of priorities and rules and intentions for yourself as well as to create some new healthy habits that should include raising the quality of your life.

Your daily question to yourself should be, “Am I ready for anything?”
Your daily mantra, “I am ready for anything!”

The challenge this month is in not allowing impatience, despair, judgment, irritation, grumpiness and overwhelm get to you. If you feel overwhelmed, take baby steps. If you feel despairing, focus on prayer, beauty and gratitude. If you feel irritated and impatient, remind yourself to be patient and to trust the timing of the universe, as it is usually perfect. Be accepting rather than judgmental, and focus on the mundane tasks. Eliminate energy leaks and choose to be around a higher frequency of energy and inspiration.

How the month shows up:


This month you may face the challenge of personal disappointments, or you may be inspired by your accomplishments and how much you manage to get done. Disappointment comes when there is attachment to how and when things manifest. Take some time at the beginning of the month to reevaluate your priorities and eliminate anything that does not help you be as prepared for anything as you could be.

The question is, “What are you preparing for?” This is an unknown as to how the future will manifest, but the preparation is always for something new and better to come into our lives, a new paradigm, a new perception, a new frequency. We do not yet know how it will manifest, but if we are encumbered by all of our excess baggage (physical, emotional and psychological) we will certainly not be able to take advantage of it.

The main thing this month is not to get discouraged by the enormity and the complexity of what no longer serves us. Just begin to focus on eliminating slowly and getting ready in baby steps, putting one foot in front of the other and never losing sight of your goals.


This is a great month to gather your support, your true support. If a relationship does not support you in some way, you may need to reevaluate it. There is also an opportunity to work on allowing yourself to receive more support through relationships than you have ever allowed yourself to do in the past.

In this warrior year, certain aspects of relationships will be important: loyalty, teamwork, cooperation, and satisfaction in accomplishing tasks and completing projects collectively. This month also requires you taking some personal time, giving you the freedom to focus on your tasks in your own time. It is important also to feel that you have the freedom to make your own choices about what works for you and what does not. This could affect some of your relationships especially partnerships where goals may be slightly different. Be flexible and accepting and give others the freedom to express what they need to without taking anything personally.


You can get your own environment ready for anything by upgrading where you can and making the necessary changes. Some upgrades may be small and insignificant and some may be large and based on big decisions. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.  Eliminate clutter as much as possible.

In terms of the greater environment and what is not in your immediate control, be ready and prepared for anything to occur. This has been a theme for some time now. Being flexible and unattached to plans and goals, as affected by the environment, is critical to being ready for anything.

If the outside temperature should suddenly be extreme either high or low, are you prepared?

If a natural phenomenon should occur making travel impossible or cutting off all communication, are you prepared?

This is not just physical preparation but mental, emotional and psychological as well. Examine your belief systems and your comfort level around change. Contemplate what you take for granted and ponder how it may be if it were radically different. Even just imagining a very different experience can prepare you somewhat should there ever be a dramatic change affecting your whole life.


For most of us, this is definitely an area that can use some better preparation, focus and discipline. You have a great opportunity for shifting your beliefs and anchoring some new intentions about how you want to feel in terms of your physical well-being. The intention has to come first (see the monthly support Mp3/link here) followed by your goals and disciplined resolutions. Your well-being is as much about your attitude around what is possible as it is about your actions.

Take advantage of the New Year with its new energy and be inspired about changing how you perceive what is possible. Do not listen to the little voice that says you can’t. Allow the voice that says, “Yes, you can” to be heard above all others.

Physical challenges this month could be around stiff joints, digestion and energy levels.

Some days you may be rearing to go and other days you may feel like staying in bed. With less energy, go slower; with more, take on a bigger task. Be patient, be disciplined, and be focused. Don’t set goals you cannot achieve. Be grateful for what you do have and for how your body supports you.


This is a month to refine and rework current projects and to shuffle or restructure partnerships and other aspects of your business. This is not necessarily the greatest month for any expansion or the launching of a large new project. However this is a perfect time for anything that needs completion or clean up. Tie up any loose ends whether around communication, finances, or decisions that have to be made.
This is a good time for any business to set goals for the next year. Last years accomplishments should be honored and any new goals should consider what should not be carried over that no longer serves. The question should be asked, “Is this business ready for anything? Are we flexible? What are we attached to? What are our greater intentions and goals?”

* * * *

The author of this commentary, Lena Stevens, is the co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You. Their website is http://www.thepowerpath.com

Click here to read her FULL commentary for January 2014 + learn more about the power days of the month to help you make the most of the month!

Why Its Powerful To Celebrate Goals You Achieved & Those You Did Not!

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

As the year comes  to a close, many of us take time to reflect back on the year… on the goals and dreams we set for ourselves.

This time of reflection can feel good and…. for some, it can also feel not so good …as in ”I should have accomplished more”  or… “Where did the year go (sigh)?”

As we reflect on the year, it’s easy to focus on goals that we did not achieve rather than those we did achieve.  That’s because the mind tends to process much more readily what did not work out rather than process what manifested.

Way too often, we miss seeing the bigger picture, with all its magnificence, when we just focus on the goal itself.

The bigger picture reveals itself when we take time to reflect on the personal lessons we learned as we moved towards a goal. It’s not only about achieving heart-felt goals but also experiencing personal growth along the way.

Why Its Powerful To Celebrate Goals You Achieved & Those You Did Not!

By celebrating and honoring goals you achieved & those you did not achieve, you empower yourself. “One goalregardless if you achieved it or not …can yield many hidden treasures.”– @shamanic wisdom

Review the year with gratitude, compassion, self-love and a desire to learn your deepest, personal lessons.  This will help you discover those hidden gifts.

Let’s say you had a specific goal to be in a serious relationship, but it hasn’t yet happened.  It’s still important to celebrate the accomplishments you did have around that goal. Did you learn to love yourself more?  To have more compassion? To be a better listener?  The personal growth you achieved as a result of setting that goal will help prepare you for realizing your dream–in this example a happy, intimate relationship.

Without a doubt, our triumphs and perceived failures ALL help us grow personally, professionally and spiritually.

Each life lesson that we grasp and appreciate benefits all facets of our lives—our emotional well being, health, relationships …and spirituality.

Here are 2 steps you can take to find hidden treasures as you review the year.

  1. Ask powerful questions.
  2. Journal about the insights you get from asking power questions.

If you don’t journal, I highly recommend you start journaling in the new year.

Journaling is a powerful method of getting to know yourself at a deeper level.

A few power questions you can ask yourself:

“What things happened in my life this year that left a mark—that had a significant impact on my life?”

“What did that event_____ teach me?”  “How did I grow emotionally, spiritually, intellectually because of it?”  ”What successes did I have surrounding my goal?”

“How did that event affect my relationships, my finances, my health and overall well being?”


“What am I most thankful for in my relationships, finances, health…?”

It’s helpful to break down the questions into specific areas of your life because it helps trigger memories and insights.

When you take time to go within and ask powerful questions, you get the lessons you need to learn.

Personally, I like to also dedicate a few pages at the front of my journal to summarize important things that happened each month. I write about important insights I had, important people I met, and breakthroughs I had in various areas of my life.  Sometimes I have just a handful of bullet points for a month, and other times I can fill up a page with bullet points.

I like to do monthly summaries because I get to step back and see the whole year at a glance. It helps to remind me of important things that happened for me in the year.  Each month, for me, has a theme.

So as the year comes to a close, take time to honor yourself and your personal achievements on all levels!  This will help you start the year out strong—with a Warrior’s Spirit!

A Few Insights to Share About 2014!

And now I want to share a few quotes from Lena Stevens, who many of you know because of the monthly commentaries that I post on my blog.

“The New Moon is Wednesday, January 1, 2014 at 4:14 Mountain Standard Time.

We start 2014 off with a powerful New Moon that is perfect for anchoring your intentions and setting goals for the next year. This is a super moon that harnesses the Warrior year with a good blast of focus and the inspiration to make a healthy “to do” list.

We recommend setting some boundaries around with whom and where you spend your time during this New Year and New Moon time. Don’t waste it on trying to please others or getting embroiled in something that does not serve you. Instead use this opportunity to launch your year in the best way possible. January is about getting all your ducks in a row and being in readiness for whatever is coming down the pike.

If you feel scattered and chaotic and don’t really know what to do with yourself, clean something out like your refrigerator or your closet or some preciously neglected part of your home or office space.

The end of one year and the beginning of another is always a good time to clear and make space for something new. Be inspired by all the possibilities this year will bring! Inspire yourself with beauty and find joy in the simple things that you love and enjoy! Be in gratitude!…”

I wish you deep happiness, wisdom, prosperity and inner peace in the new year!


P.S.  Be sure to watch out for the upcoming January commentary that I’ll be posting on the blog.  You’ll find some excellent help on the mp3 audios that Lena offers for just a few dollars!

December 2013–A Time For Adjusting and Creating Optimism for New Year

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

creating optimismThe theme for December 2013 is Adjustment and Realigning your life in a way that works better for you—a powerful time to make changes and build optimism for the new year.

It is about modifying, correcting, removing, adding, clarifying, accommodating, altering, revising and rectifying anything that needs adjustment based on YOUR TRUTH. It is about making small alterations and fine-tuning your intentions and action plans and paying attention to what is working and what is not. It is about moving everything into a better fit.

Truth is a key word and one that will be following us into the New Year. It is not so much the intellectual calculation of the mind as it is the intuitive truth of the heart. There is nothing like a bit of mental chaos and confusion (also an aspect of this month) to refocus us on our hearts and find the real truth of what needs fine tuning and adjusting at this time.

For some of you it will be in the area of where you spend your time, with whom, and on what. For others it will be focused more on the internal process of defining who you are and who you are not. There will be many opportunities to make little choices, some of them spontaneous decisions in the moment that end up revising your plans. There is also the opportunity to redefine and adjust longer-range intentions and dreams based on what you have digested from recent events and choices you have made. Some of you are still reeling from the re-sets going back a couple of months. It is important to allow for a time of real assimilation and integration especially of major changes. The adjustment and revision focus this month can serve to support this process.

So what may need ADJUSTMENT?

  • What you believe you can have
  • What you believe you are worth
  • What you believe about others, what supports you, the world as a positive or negative place
  • Your attitudes of skepticism, judgment, negativity, cynicism
  • Fears, security and trust issues
  • Bids for power, are they too small and limited, or too big and unattainable?
  • How you show up in your relationships
  • How good (or not) you feel about yourself
  • Your disciplines around practices, health and well-being
  • Your attachments to the way things ought to be and how people ought to behave
  • Your attachments to old dreams
  • Your attachments to new dreams
  • Your attachments to stuff that really needs to go

The main thing to embrace about working with the energy of December is that it is OK and even necessary to revise, adjust and modify anything that does not feel right or that has been decided upon for the wrong reasons. This is your chance to access your truth and to have the courage to correct, alter and put things right.  In the end, your inner work will help you have more optimism for the new year.

December is always a bit of a transition month. New influences coming for 2014 are now sliding in over the existing ones we have been working with and learning from this year. The winter solstice is a powerful time to regroup and shift from the past to the future, embracing the change that the natural cycle of the seasons so well supports.

One of the main adjustments to be made as we navigate into 2014 is towards more positivity and optimism for the future. This will become increasingly important in holding the container for influences and events of the coming year in a way that can be the most supportive. So now is a good time to start this process.


  • To discover the real truth where needed and make adjustments based on that truth
  • To connect more deeply with your intuition that will be guiding the discovery of that truth
  • To assimilate, integrate and digest the wisdom, choices, changes and upgrades of the past few months.
  • To continue healing your past through embracing and accepting and adjusting your life according to your emotional truth.
  • To realign yourself with spirit and set yourself on the right track moving forward


Note: to get help with the challenges, we recommend our monthly support Mp3 (link here) (One of the rewards of inner work  is to create more optimism for the future).

  • Self-Deprecation and Martyrdom
  • Attachments to obsessions, worries, the past, your suffering, drama, and the fixing or what you cannot fix
  • Getting lost in the chaos and confusion of your mind clouding the truth of your heart
  • Procrastination of what you know you need to do
  • Irritability towards yourself and others when things are NOT in alignment
  • Distractions that keep you from your healthy practices
  • Feeling unsupported and overwhelmed by the enormity of the task
  • How the month shows up:


This is a great month to put you first. There is liberation in giving yourself permission to be at the head of the line but there may also be challenges and discomfort in facing some of the truths that come up. Deep healing of old emotional issues and elimination of negative imprinting is also on the to do list this month giving you an opportunity for accelerated personal growth.

The best advice is to pay attention, put one foot in front of the other and just notice with neutrality what spirit is showing you and how you are creating the lessons that you need. If you are paying attention, what needs adjusting will become obvious. However, if you are allowing yourself to be greatly distracted by drama and the machinations of the false personality (the “challenges” list) you may be derailed by chaos and confusion and spend most of your time irritable and depressed. It’s up to YOU..

So keep your eye on your goal of inner truth and ask spirit to guide you when you need it. (this MP3 can help you build optimism for the new year (link here)


It is truth time in relationships. The adjustments based on deeper truth will be in the areas of time, commitment, compatibility, giving and receiving, eliminating or adding, altering the nature of, cutting off or bringing closer.

The main relationship to focus on this month is your relationship with yourself. Bringing your relationship with self into better alignment with spirit and allowing for adjustments in what you say yes or no to will set you up well for this next year where we will have a focus on relationships.

You always need to begin with relationship with self. This includes giving your self more time with the things and people and experiences that you hold as a priority. This is a good month to reevaluate some of those priorities and remedy anything that is out of the order that you want.


This month we focus on the personal environment and what you need to do if anything about making adjustments. What is important to you? What do you not have enough of? Beauty? Healthy support? Companionship? Community? Is there too much chaos? Too much stuff?

How good are you at adjustment and attachment when the greater environment, as in climate, weather and energies beyond your control, appears uncooperative or challenging forcing you to make changes in your plans?

How can you adjust your environment to be a better fit with your essence self and to support you in your truth? Maybe you need better boundaries, maybe more space, maybe privacy, and maybe partnership. It will be different for everyone. But if you can work on adjusting your personal environment and your relationship with the greater environment you will come into more harmony and balance.


Focus on telling the truth about your relationship with your body, your health and your well-being. Forgive yourself and become neutral about any issues that still hold a charge. Make adjustments to your routines and how you support your body and your health.

Watch for flu, colds, congestion, fatigue, digestive problems and aches in the joints. Most of this will be due to the process of assimilation and the integration of lessons as well as the elimination of old emotional baggage. Remember that the body has to process in its own way what you are revising and modifying in your life. So pay attention to the body and its needs and try to support it through its points of challenge this month. (Remember your body needs to be strong and energized to help you maintain optimism for the new year. )


Beware of letting chaos and confusion take over. In a project, when there is no clarity and you feel on the brink of spiraling down into negative thoughts and behaviors, step back and take a break. Reset yourself using on of your many tools and practices. And then re enter the scene.

This is not a good month to force anything that is not flowing easily but it is a good month to make adjustments that very clearly need to be made. Be practical about your finances but at the same time take a risk into an expansion if your inner truth gives you a green light. Miracles can happen in the abundance arena as long as everything else in your life is in balance and alignment with spirit.

In preparation for 2014 become aware of the truth of what you need to eliminate as a poverty consciousness and an old program of limitation and small thinking. There is no need to leap into anything that will trigger your security needs and bring into fear of survival. But there is a need to adjust the way you perceive what is possible.  (Expanding your perception is key to creating optimism for the new year).

In forging new partnerships or bringing anyone into a container for project or business make sure they are on the same page. Otherwise you may be held back.

May this month bring you many gifts to lift your spirit and much optimism for the new year!

NOTE:  The Monthly support Mp3 this month can be listened to more than once and even once a day if desired. It has several very useful processes to help you stay on track and make the most of what is available this month. December’s Mp3 will include working with ways you can get to the truth of something confusing as well as helping you in your fine-tuning process. (link here)

* * * *

The author of this commentary, Lena Stevens, is the co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You. Their website ishttp://www.thepowerpath.com

Click here to read her FULL commentary & learn more about the power days of the month to help you make the most of the month and build optimism for new year!

October 2013–Time To Dissolve Old Patterns

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

The theme for October is RESET, which involves letting go of old patterns to attract the new and better.

There are two faces to this month’s theme. The first one is the deconstruction, dissolving, taking offline, shutting down, turning off, letting go of old patterns, letting down, and allowing things to fall apart.

The second is the re-booting, turning on, flipping the switch, restarting, reconstructing, solidifying, bringing online, resetting and refocus.

When the Internet goes down you often have to turn everything off, wait a bit and then turn it back on and reset. The same is true for a computer. When it does not function properly, it helps to quit out of the open programs and then shut it down and restart.

Individually and collectively we are carrying enormous energetic clutter and our psyches are attempting to manage and keep track of all the patterns and paradigms of our lives. We are energetically exhausted by the task. This month there is an opportunity to shut down and reboot the system, clearing out the old files and resetting the energy field in a new way and into a new paradigm.

How do you know it is time to take yourself offline and reset?

You may feel overwhelmed and scattered and have difficulty keeping track of things. You may find yourself in a dreamy unfocused state or tending towards a sense of depression and lethargy. You may find it is difficult to get enthusiastic or excited over anything. You could be disorganized and feel you have way too much on your plate, and you probably do. And you will most likely feel deeply fatigued in a way that just a good night of sleep will not quickly fix.

How do you take yourself offline?

Stop what you are doing and give yourself a break. Surrender to the void where nothing is happening. Let go of all hyper-vigilant tendencies. Put it all down. All of this takes trust that the greater container of your world will not fall apart if you give yourself a break. What will happen is that old patterns and habits will have a chance to dissolve and then be able to reset and reboot in a new way and a new configuration. (Helpful support on the Mp3)

For the mind this can be an uncomfortable state, the state of not knowing and the state of not being able to track and focus as it is used to doing. You may find yourself feeling the chaos of the void rather than the peace that “nothing happening” can bring. For some of you it will be important to engage the moving center and take a walk, do some yoga or move the body in some way. Some will truly have to stop and just sit and look out the window with a quiet mind and do nothing. For others it will be occupying the mind with a movie or a good book.

It is important that you allow and support necessary change. There is a death/rebirth quality to the month that demands a deeper commitment to change and resetting the patterns in your life. If you brush this one off, spirit will do it for you. Illness, accident or incapacitation of some kind could find its way into your life forcing you to stop doing business as usual. So get with the program in a proactive way so you can manage your own offline time. Take inventory and observe what is not working anymore so you can decide what needs to dissolve and change in your life. Then allow spirit to be in control of your life so you can reset yourself in greater harmony and balance.

The opportunity this month is to truly reset your life into a higher energetic frequency that will end up giving you much more of the experience you crave. But first you must take yourself offline and shut the computer down so you can clean out all the old files and upgrade the system.

What does the RESET look like?

It will be something new and different in your life. It could make itself obvious in your physical world or it may simply be a huge attitude adjustment where you see the world very differently and that in itself changes everything for you.

You can help this process along by choosing and honoring anything new in your life and by not judging how it may be showing up.
The challenge you face is your own fear and resistance to letting go, letting down, surrender and release. The void can be a scary place that feels like giving up. Remind yourself often that the void is actually the place from which all creativity and possibilities come.

How the month shows up:


It’s a great month for personal growth and letting go of old patterns for”coming into your own”. Sometimes it is necessary to take a break from yourself in order to reset into a different experience of who you are. An important focus this month will be to take an inventory of all the beliefs and attitudes you have about yourself; what you are capable of, what talents you have, where you are convinced you are flawed, how you think others view or judge you, your limitations, your self-deceptions and anything else that makes up who you are and how you project yourself in the world.

You may be uncomfortable at times but it is important that you give yourself the space to be offline and unavailable for “business as usual”. You need to allow change to happen on a deeply foundational level and trusting the process, which may feel like losing control or falling apart. Seek containers that will support you in an energetic way, as much of what is occurring this month is an energetic change.


Some of the deep change and reset this month will be around how you relate to everything in your life. There is an opportunity to experience a profound difference in your relationships not only to others, but also to yourself and all the physical extensions that you use in your daily environment. If you take advantage of this shift in frequency, it will allow you to relate to everything you are connected with in a much more conscious way. The end result will be that you will be in a better position to see spirit more easily in everyone and everything. This will make life much richer in all of your experiences.


Energy levels, the adrenals and the nervous system are all impacted by the theme this month. To every physical aspect there is an energetic counterpart and there has never been a better time than now to work on the energetic part, as it will end up influencing and changing the physical. Watch for fluctuating energy levels and sleep patterns. Be sensitive to your own signals for needing a break and going offline.

This is an excellent month to dissolve your old patterns by making changes that affect your physical body.  Change your diet, go on a fast, adopt a new exercise routine, clean out your closet and get some new clothes or anything else that promotes a reset and a change.  It is also a great time to change the way you do things on the outside to reflect a change in your attitudes and beliefs on the inside!

* * * *

The author of this commentary, Lena Stevens, is the co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You.  Their website is http://www.thepowerpath.com

Click here to read her full commentary + learn more about power days of the month and letting go of old patterns that keep you stuck.

September-Tips to Improve Your Life by Taking More Responsibility

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

This month for September 2013 is all about the study of responsibility and how by taking responsibility you can experience greater happiness and inner peace.

It is time to truly embrace what is your own responsibility.  It is time to be a grown up and to take full responsibility for your own life and the world you live in. It is also time to disconnect from the burdens that are not yours to carry. This month you will be able to examine this area and to make some powerful decisions about what is or is not your responsibility.

Many of us have imprinting that relates to our self worth and how it is connected to how we serve others by taking on their burdens. Imagine the freedom you will feel when you let those burdens go back to their rightful owners. This does not mean becoming cold and hard and uncaring. It simply means disconnecting from what you cannot accomplish anyway and sealing up the energy leak of feeling responsible for the burdens of others. (there is help with this on the monthly support MP3 link here)

This is probably the most difficult area of clarity and confusion because of certain karmic agreements and choices that manifest as commitments. For example when you choose to bring a child into the world, it comes with a certain responsibility to provide a container for that child to mature into adulthood to the best of your ability. After that, it is important to relinquish the responsibility over to the adult child to make their own choices in life and deal with their own consequences and karma and relationships and actions. Trying to protect others from themselves interferes with their growth process and only prolongs the inevitable.

Caring for another human being such as an aging parent or a child or a disabled person is a certain choice sometimes decided upon prior to the lifetime. But the responsibility is usually limited to that of providing physical support and not of carrying the burden of their karma on your back. There is an energetic difference.

Neutrality around other peoples’ issues that are not your responsibility but that you happen to be around, is extremely important. You can provide a supportive container but you cannot dictate the outcome of their process. By the same token, your process is your responsibility and no one else can do your growth or your process for you. The issue then of responsibility is a 2 way street of allowing others to take responsibility for their lives and you take responsibility for yours.

This month you will need to be aware of Martyrdom and Impatience as well as Self Deprecation as obstacles that surface when ego attachments are threatened. Keep reminding yourself that you created everything in your life and it is your responsibility to accept it or to change it. This does not mean you can’t ask for help. Just don’t blame anyone else for your predicament and don’t expect anyone else to make it better.

Here are a few guidelines that will help you in examining this huge area of taking responsibuility for your life.  We suggest you examine each one and see where you are with your responsibilities both necessary and unnecessary.

What you ARE responsible for:

Your own health and healing.
No one can heal you but they can help you heal. And your health is your responsibility. You always have the power to choose whom you listen to and how you support your health. This month you may be tested in this area and get some lessons around being responsible for your own health.

Your choices and decisions.
No one can make or force you to choose or decide something you don’t want to. If you feel pressured by another person’s agenda to make a certain choice, examine their motivation and then make your own choice which may or may not be the same one.

Your agreements or commitments to do something.
You are responsible for following through with what you agreed to do. If you can’t, then take responsibility for delegating  appropriately. This is especially true in projects and partnerships.

Your relationships.
Whatever you get yourself into is yours to deal with, to nurture, to experience, to complete, and to initiate. This month relationships will be tested as many relationships suffer from projections and expectations about providing something that should be the responsibility of each individual.

Your personal environment.
Beauty, clutter, orderliness, ambience, etc. is all your responsibility. Ask for and get help if you need to. What happens in the greater environment is also your responsibility in the collective sense. Just an awareness of this is an important step in taking responsibility for the planet and it evolution.

Your karma.
No one else will do it for you. This is a good month to examine your personal karma and where your responsibility begins and ends. Sometimes it is difficult to know when karma is complete and when a burden can be released. The key is neutrality. When you can become neutral, you can release it.

Your body.
This is an area where people give their power away. You have the final say and the choices are yours of how you want to take responsibility for your body. You can get help and guidance but in the end it is your body and no one else’s. Be responsible

Your ego.
This is a good one. No counselor or psychologist will fix you. They will only offer guidance of how you can work more positively with your ego. There is a lot of personal growth possible this month in the area of responsibility. Denial about addictions and ego driven behaviors may finally be acknowledged in the act of taking responsibility. The task is yours alone.

Your experiences.
Your experiences are yours. No one else will ever experience the world as you do. Honor and appreciate that about yourself and take responsibility for how you experience life. If you experience it through suffering or hardship, you may want to take responsibility for changing that experience to one of joy and satisfaction.

Your happiness.
Your happiness is not dependent on how others love or treat you. It is your responsibility to be happy from within. Don’t expect your partner, your children, your boss, your family, your community or anyone else to make you happy. Only you can make you happy. Find a way to really embody this responsibility to yourself.

Your projects.
You can collaborate and get support, but if it is your project, you are responsible for the people you bring in, holding the vision and the details, and delegating tasks appropriately when needed.

Cleaning up your own messes.
If you messed up, clean it up without judgment. Forgive, apologize and move on. Don’t hold on to blame, guilt or shame. They are energy leaks.

Correcting your mistakes.
Take responsibility. Repair when you can, learn from what did not work, and move on.

Personal endings and completions.
When you know something is finished, don’t wait for someone else to point it out. Take responsibility and empower your completion by ending it well.

Personal beginnings.
Don’t just end up in a situation by default. Take responsibility and really choose the beginning of something like a project, a job, a place to live, a relationship, or a process. This is a good month to begin new things. It is also a good month to end old things. Sometimes you need to end something before you start something new.

Personal growth and change.
If you know something needs to change, don’t wait for change to come to you. Take responsibility and take action and be proactive with your change. This is especially true for those of you in job or relationship situations where you are afraid to make the change you know is necessary. Don’t be afraid to be the first one to take the action you both know is inevitable. It will only empower you in the end and is the responsible thing to do.

Your Intentions and dreams.
These should be yours and not someone else’s. Take responsibility for dreaming your own dreams and setting your own intentions for you and not for someone else.

Your prosperity and abundance.
This is a potential area of lots of blame and martyrdom which disempowers you. Your abundance is up to you. Your prosperity will follow. Take responsibility.

Your own behavior and reactions
If something is up, it is yours to deal with. Watch projections and accept the responsibility that your reactions are not based on someone else’s actions but on something within you that needs attention.

What you are NOT Responsible for:

Another’s healing and health.
You can only hold the container and provide the tools.

Another person’s choices or decisions.
These include family members and your children when they become adults. Refrain from needing to be right and trying to protect another from choices you would not make for yourself. Don’t give advice unless you are asked.

Another’s happiness or fulfillment in life.
This is especially true in relationships. Your partner’s happiness is NOT your responsibility.

Other peoples’ karma.
If you take responsibility for this you will be excessively burdened. Let people handle their own karma and don’t interfere. It is not responsible.

Fixing another’s mistakes, messes or ego driven actions.
This is a form of enabling and does not give the other person any power to learn from their actions and to be responsible for the consequences.

Another’s experience as being positive or negative.
Everyone experiences life differently. You cannot dictate or be responsible for how someone chooses to hold their experience. Even if you do not understand it, don’t argue with it. It is not your responsibility.

The outcome of another’s process, growth or change.
You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink (the saying goes). What others do with the tools you offer, the advice you give (when asked of course) and the help available is their responsibility. Don’t be disappointed at the outcome or it becomes an energy leak.

Other peoples’ relationships.
What they choose to get into or out of is their responsibility. If they ask your advice you can give it, but don’t interfere with the outcome of their decisions.

What another does with useful information and advice.
Don’t get attached or disappointed or self important or judgmental. Be neutral.

Another’s prosperity and abundance.
This can be a messy one if you see yourself as responsible. Be wary of taking any action in this area out of guilt, and make sure to examine your motivations and conditions.

Other people’s agreements and commitments.
Let them be fully responsible.

Another’s experience of love, being loved or not being loved.
You can’t fix this one. It is not your responsibility.

* * * *

The author of this commentary, Lena Stevens, is the co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You.  Lena and Jose’s website is http://www.thepowerpath.com

Click here to read her full commentary and to learn more about the benefits of taking responsibiity!

Nature Retreat–Rainforest of Panama!

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

nature retreat in Panama rainforestI am thrilled to have the opportunity to invite you to a nature retreat intensive in a nurturing and breathtaking tropical setting that I will be offering together with my partner, Shane Sullivan.

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This will be a nature spiritual retreat to empower yourself, connect with your sacred self and gain personal freedom to live with greater inner peace and happiness. It offers you a blessed break from your everyday reality and will help you feel reinvigorated to create the life you want.  Click here to learn more.

This retreat intensive is an inner pilgrimage for illumination as well as a time to recharge by the rainforests of Panama.

This nature retreat will be held in El Valle De Anton, a charming town high in the mountains of Panama, on the floor of the largest inhabited volcano crater in the world.  spiritual retreat

Once a crater lake, this quiet village became home to Indians from the surrounding mountains who have been here for thousands of years.  Some of the richest volcanic soil in the world remains on the valley floor. El Valle’s cool 2,000 foot elevation makes it a coveted retreat in Panama.  Natural attractions near El Valle include waterfalls, exotic plant and animal life, beautiful hiking trails and a group of small thermal pools of mineralized water.

We will limit enrollment to a small group.

If you’d like to attend this nature spiritual retreat, I suggest you reserve your place soon.

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To the adventures of life!

Mary Rivas

Author, The Warrior Spirit -How To Use Hidden Mind Powers
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Creator of The Journey

Freedom as a symbol and freedom as a reality

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

If Jon’s article below provokes questions for you, it has served its purpose.  By continually asking questions to ourselves, we expand our awareness and grow.  I want to add to Jon’s question:  What is freedom for? It highest purpose, I believe, is to enable us to connect with the Creator…Great Spirit…with our Higher Mind.  It spurs us to be whole, to live our lives guided by the sacred voice that comes from the depths of our being.  This sacred voice guides us to live a life beyond the self, to help others without interfering with anyone’s freedom.

And, .one of the most powerful ways to experience freedom is to immerse ourselves in the wilderness of nature.


By Jon Rappoport


Either you think—or else others have to think for you and take power from you, pervert and discipline your natural tastes, civilize and sterilize you.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is the Night (1934)

Remember the old saying, the map is not the territory? The map is especially not the territory when its directions and locations are symbols that refer to false paths.

In that case, using the map takes you to the wrong place. It keeps you moving toward an imitation of the destination. And when you arrive, you may think you’ve found the treasure, but you’ve actually discovered a trap.

And you’re in it. You can believe, even while in the trap, that you’ve found the gold. Because you did the right thing. You followed the symbols. You agreed to their meanings. But you ended up with an illusion of wealth.

Worse, you buy the illusion and now believe that what you originally sought was just a fantasy.

In this democracy, freedom is a symbol that refers to a specific set of permissions the government grants to individuals.

And even then, the actual list of permissions is shrinking—which means the government is arbitrarily redefining what was originally granted.

Freedom is situated in the hands of those who rule.

Arguing about how much freedom the government should allow is like arguing about the degree to which you are a property owned by government. 43%? 78%?

It’s also like calling you a time-share. Should government decide it can spend two weeks a year in your mind and body? A month? Eleven months?

The symbol of freedom, for those who love big government, is malleable, depending on the latest official (vague) description of “greatest good for the greatest number,” which automatically trumps all individual rights.

“Hi. I’m a time-share named Joe. Today, I found out that the federal government can move in to my body & mind 24 days a month. That’s a new decision. I fully support it, because government is calculating greatest good for the greatest number.”

Accepting the symbol of freedom is tantamount to excluding all other formulations of freedom. That’s how a symbol co-opted by psyop agents works. It supplants older definitions. It replaces reality.

What is the reality? Freedom is a natural state of being. Every individual has it. Governments and pacts and laws don’t alter that one iota.

And when we look at it in this way, without blinders, several questions arise.

The major question is: what is freedom for?

Is it just a vine we watch wither away and dry up and blow into dust?

Is it only and forever something we fight to preserve?

Is that the full and complete story?

What do we DO with freedom when we HAVE it?

In any civilization, freedom has to be a platform, from which a certain number of individuals imagine and create at the height of their power.

Without interfering with anyone’s freedom.

They imagine and create new realities that never existed before.

They are the ones who unlock the gates to an open future.

The actual content of their creations is never known before it appears. They don’t repeat what’s already been done. They embark on new roads. They never give up. They never fold. They never stop.

They don’t settle for half. They don’t reduce their dreams and visions to fit the group. They don’t try to blend in. They don’t care about their critics. They invent new worlds that supersede this one.

They breathe freedom and taste it and do something with it. They make freedom into a prelude for action, for creation on the largest possible canvas.

Normal and Average and Fitting In and Compromise and Collective are words for decay and death.

We are in unusual times, because every word and phrase that suggest greater creative power have been twisted and co-opted by marketers, PR men, advertisers, educators, media anchors, psychologists, propagandists, psyops specialists, and political leaders. This is, of course, no accident.

It’s a sustained program for reducing meaning to pedestrian terms, for reducing culture to cartoon caricatures.

This is what mass mind control is all about.

But the free, independent, and creative individual doesn’t submit to that programming.

Archetypes of heroes, artists, and true revolutionaries are still alive in consciousness. They are touchstones, not for mimicry, but as reminders of achievements that are possible.

These archetypes survive the death of cultures and nations. They endure.

The open sky of possibility is born out of consciousness and reflects back to it.

We fight to gain freedom, to preserve it, and to ascend from it.

The spirit of our government has become a foul, stench-ridden mass of corruption, even as it cynically promotes ideals of freedom, for a little more leverage. Fools believe in it.

The government is now in the business of making robots and androids. That is its mission. That is democracy.

Those who compromise and give in every day of their lives seek cover and protection in The Group. They think hiding is their best option.

But dreams appear. Dreams that momentarily take slaves out of their chains.

These are the real nightmares for those who, at every level, seek to maintain their passive acceptance of What Is.

There are two basic worlds: what already exists; and possibility.

The second world is infinite.

The over-trained mind believes possibility is just another system.

But imagination, when unleashed, has no boundaries.

Trying to understand imagination by referring to society is futile. There is nothing in how society is managed that clarifies imagination or explains it.

Our current society is a living example of what happens when individual imagination is downplayed.

Modern society, intentionally and falsely, portrays the free and independent individual as a moral criminal.

So here we are. Freedom exists in a pure state. It’s real. It’s a choice that exists inside every person. Whether or not the State grants it has nothing to do with that fact. Freedom Is. Knowing that, the slate is clean. We can choose. We can start a new life at the drop of a hat.

The more we see of freedom, the bigger the space of it, the more likely it is that we’ll choose to create rather than fit in. The more we see the space of freedom as possibility without limit, the more likely we’ll dig deeper for inner resources—as fuel for our fire.

Some take that road. Most do not.

Most are content to accept the shadow symbol of freedom as the real thing, even when they know it isn’t.


Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com

Following Through on Your Breakthroughs–August 2013 Theme

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

The theme for August is “Following Through”—on what you want to create in your life and fully experiencing breakthroughs.

This month you take the expansion and magic of July and anchor it into what you want and what you have committed to. Now the work begins, the real discipline, the paying attention to the details, finishing what you start, sorting through and fine-tuning. It is not glamorous or higher centered as much as it is rewarding to see the fruits of your perseverance and commitment as you keep yourselves from getting distracted. And it can and will be fun if you are following through on something that greatly inspired you to begin with.

There is FOCUS needed to follow through on what you initiated and dreamed up during your time of breakthroughs and expansion. Even if you can’t quite determine what happened for you in July, everyone was affected by an expansive energy and it just may take time for the understanding to settle in. But that is what August is all about. The support for Following Through gives you an opportunity to participate in what is unfolding in your life and to actually enjoy the more organized and solidly grounded energy.

The discipline theme carries over from July and you will get to observe any tendencies towards procrastination and to see where your fears are regarding following through with what you started and committed to. Those of you who have issues around commitment or sticking with something until it’s done may be challenged this month. Its OK to enlist some help especially around tasks that someone else can do. However, this is also an opportunity to be more involved in your life in a way that you may have avoided previously. Following through with something requires taking responsibility for it and seeing it through to the end, whatever that end may be.

There may be lessons around patience, lessons around trust, lessons around acceptance and lessons around how best to manage your energy. There is good and grounded work focus available to be harnessed but if it is not used properly, this energy can turn into conflict, distress, irritation and explosive anger. You may even experience a surge of energy in your body that feels irritated and overactive. Instead of blowing up at someone, harness it for right action and follow-through. (More help with this on the Mp3)

Remember to not take things personally as you will most likely witness a few meltdowns out there in the world. Stay out of conflict and argumentative situations whenever possible, and try not to react negatively to irritations. We are still somewhat under the influence of an expansive time so you want to be sure to focus expansion in positive places in your life. Especially refrain from getting irritated with yourself.

Another important aspect of this month is to allow spirit some room to provide support for your follow through.

Your mind does not know everything and especially what may be the best course of action. This is a fine dance between the receptive allowing, and the more active guiding. It is the dance between the more feminine receptive and the action oriented and organized masculine. Be aware of this dance and allow them to work together instead of in opposition. Don’t resist the discipline and focus of the masculine and don’t resist the supportive, creative and somewhat chaotic feminine. Both are essential for balance. Look for synchronicity to know you are on the right track and accept what spirit puts in front of you.

This is also a time of adjustment and fine-tuning. As you follow through on choices and decisions from last month you may find yourself making adjustments where needed. Don’t be afraid of changing and adjusting things as needed as long as you are still moving the process along towards the finish line.

One of the other challenges you may have is having too much on your plate and feeling scattered and out of control and unable to really focus on anything. Again there is a fine line between allowing the guidance of spirit and not micromanaging, and using your own discipline and action plan to stay grounded and focused. If you have too much on your plate, put some things that are not priorities aside for now and focus only on the most important ones. What is important to you? Not to someone else but to you?

Lastly here we would advise giving spirit some room to support you in ways that you could not have imagined.

Still under the influence of an expansive and magical time, don’t get too attached to how things ought to manifest but allow them to weave and flow in ways and in timing that is not managed by the agenda of your mind. You may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome of your strong intentions for following through while giving spirit some wiggle room to support you in the best way possible.


To actually see the manifestation of something that started out just as a dream.
To be nourished and greatly satisfied by your own discipline and focus.
To end up with really great habits around being organized and committed.
To feel really good about what you can accomplish when you put your mind, body and heart into something.
To feel fully supported in ways you have not felt before.


Fears of failing or not being good enough.
Irritation and conflict.
Poor energy management.
Being spaced out scattered and ungrounded.
Being swayed by others intentions for you.
Being in resistance.

Click below to learn more.

* * * *

The author of this commentary, Lena Stevens, is the co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You.  Lena and Jose’s website ishttp://www.thepowerpath.com

Click here to read her full commentary on power days of the month, health and more about breakthroughs.