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The 3 Step Ultimate Guide to Resolutions & Goal Setting

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Happy new year to you and your loved ones and happy goal setting!

I want to tell you about an audio that I feel can really serve you.  It’s about going beyond the usual goal setting and resolutions exercises.  It will help you get to the core—the essence of your life dreams.

It was created by authors Lena and Jose Stevens, Ph.D and is called ” Effective Intentions, Goals & Resolutions.”   You can get the MP3 for only $3.99.  Click here to download the goal setting audio.

This audio guides you through a 3 step process for goal setting:

Step 1 is to clear yourself of past goals that you did not achieve.

If you feel shame or any disappointment about a past goal, that can create mixed messages and will cloud your goal setting.  In the audio, you’ll learn an ancient spiritual practice for clearing the past and gaining peace of mind.  This step will help you have clear goals that are necessary for manifesting.

Make peace with your past so you can be free to pursue and achieve your new and refined goals with renewed energy!

Step 2 is to imagine what you want when you are in a relaxed and preferably happy state.  In the audio, you will be guided to answer an important question that will help you define your goal with more clarity.  You’ll empower your goals when you connect with the essence of your goals.

It’s really important to feel good about whatever goal you set.  Uplifting emotions and relaxed feelings will absolutely help you manifest your goals.

If you want help in learning how to deeply relax your body and mind, click here to learn about The Journeya step-by-step guided audio.

Step 3 is a process that helps you determine what precise steps you can take in order to achieve your goals.

You’ll learn also about creating a “Wish List”—which you can layer on top of your goals.

Once you set your intentions, goals and resolutions—however you decide to do them—put your list in a place where you can frequently see it.  You’ll want to focus on each goal every day for at least 30 seconds in the beginning.  Then, increase the amount of time you focus on them.  Do this for at least 30 consecutive days.  Repetition is key.

Have fun and enjoy your goal setting for 2014!

New Audio Helps You Relieve Stress and Achieve Goals Faster

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Los Angeles, CA – October 18, 2011 – WarriorSpiritAudio.com (“WSA”) has released a self help audio that does far more than help people relieve stress and achieve deeply desired goals.  Its ultimate purpose is to help people connect with their inner power and strengthen the faith in the power of themselves.  Entitled ‘The Warrior Spirit—How To Use Hidden Mind Powers and Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and More’ it helps people feel more optimistic and relaxed.

The Warrior Spirit audio gives step-by-step help to achieve personal goals with greater ease using higher mind states and shamanic wisdom.  If the mind is filled to capacity with non-stop mind chatter, you make it difficult to create the results you want in your life.  Stress prevents you from having insights, creative ideas and confidence that can help you achieve your goals; it weakens your ability to solve issues that trigger anxiety and stress,” says Mary Rivas, founder of WSA.

The audio and companion e-book are ideal for today’s environment where people experience a lot of anxiety over stressful events such as losing their jobs and homes.  Latest statistics indicate that 75% of people experience stress regularly; more than half say they find stress debilitating and want to relieve stress.  Stress is a key contributor to high blood pressure and heart disease.

The Warrior Spirit is different from common self-help books; it empowers people at a deeper level.  It teaches people how to connect with a higher force and increase their personal power to relieve stress and overcome challenges in daily life.

Visit http://warriorspiritaudio.com to watch a video that shares wisdom and reveals how people can tap into their mind powers to relieve stress as well as change their lives for the better.  Also, visitors can download a sample chapter of the audiobook and companion e-book.

# # #

About Warrior Spirit Audio

WarriorSpiritAudio was formed by Mary Rivas to help people use hidden mind powers and ancient wisdom to make life transforming changes.  It offers resources to enable people to achieve inspired goals with greater ease.  Visit www.warriorspiritaudio.com and sign up to receive stress management techniques, tips and more.  Mary is an author and consultant.  She has a psychology degree and has learned from shamans for over ten years.

Contact Mary at services@unlimitedinnerpower.com for additional press information or at (310) 598-7966.

April 2011 Forecast and Trends

Friday, April 1st, 2011

The main theme for April is FERTILITY!

You could say that aspects of physical life on this planet have been in a winter cycle of hibernation. Certain attitudes and behaviors have been repeated and repeated with very little change towards a more evolved way of being. The planet, and therefore each one of us individually as well, is currently having its soil turned from a deeper place, uncovering an underside that has not been broken up or aerated for a very long time. It is disruptive and often fatal to whatever is left from the previous cycle when the tiller of change comes plowing through. Even some of the worms that are in service to keeping the soil from being completely calcified are sacrificed along the way. Roots of old harvests, dry stalks, rocks, clumps of clay, and relatively “dead” soil comes to the surface. What is exposed in the process is now to be seen, identified, broken up, sorted and cleaned up. This process can at times be violent and require force depending on the extent of the hardness or calcification needing upturning.

The underside with all of its stagnant and calcified dirt clods represents an old way of thinking, of being attached, of creating, of intending, of communicating, and of living. Nature is being extremely cooperative and helpful these days in turning its own soil. It is up to us to take the process from here and to do the sorting, the clearing of stones that represent the obstacles we put in our own way, and the breaking up of the hard calcified clods that represent the old calcified places in ourselves.

Many of you have already experienced the tiller of change that has disrupted the calm surface of stagnant soil. You are deep in the process of looking at what has been uncovered, appalled perhaps by the violent nature of the disruption, sorting through it, mourning the sacrifices, and feeling daunted by the task you see in front of you. When you look at soil that has been turned over and lies in clumps it is hard to imagine what a beautiful creative garden can grow out of it. Perseverance is required as you roll up your sleeves and get to work. Being neutral about what you see is imperative, so that regret, shame, guilt, anger, resentment or self-deprecation doesn’t waylay you. It is what it is. Remember that soil in any shape can be worked with to bring it to a fertile condition. So if you think you or your situation is beyond hope, think again. It is an insult to spirit and to nature not to give more credit to the larger picture of evolution and to see that all of this is just a part of the big plan.

Anything that can be interpreted as a disaster should be re-defined as an opportunity for fertility. Anything that seems like the end is only a threshold to a new beginning. Anything that seems old, dead and full of obstacles can be reworked into a fertile bed ready for something new. The key is your own willingness to remove the stones and to break up the clay that represents the attachments in your life. There is tremendous fear out there and you will be subject to its influence every day. Don’t buy into it as it blocks the creativity needed to work with the ground you are making fertile.

The process of aerating the soil represents aerating your own mind, ideas, habits and patterns. By moving things around and actively training your mind to release old ways of thinking, you are making room for new growth and new experiences. If something is too fixed and solid, it is no longer fertile. It is said that young minds are fertile and it is because they have not yet fixed on their version of reality. You must get yourself to that young-mind place if you wish to take advantage of this new age. Be willing to create the space in your perception that is needed to allow for experiences you cannot now conceive of. When you aerate soil, you bring in lighter material to increase good drainage. The lighter material required for good aeration is represented by a higher vibration of energy and the quantum field of possibilities that so often takes a back seat to the current drama unfolding in your life. The good drainage is your ability to eliminate what does not serve you quickly and efficiently without judgment, regret or anger.

Adding nutrients to recharge the soil is the next step. Your own personal compost made of old waste is the best compost. All of your experiences and all of your teachings, challenges, lessons, loves, learning, and whatever you have done or not done, felt or not felt, thought or not thought in your life becomes rich compost for future manifestations. In order for you to have access to this compost you must acknowledge its existence. Harvest all that you have processed, honor and acknowledge it.  When you save scraps of food to make compost for a garden you have to be actively engaged in the composting process. You could just as easily throw everything into the trash and have it taken away. Out of sight, out of mind. But then you don’t get your own compost. You can always use some one else’s, but personal compost is way better. In working your own experiences into the soil of your circumstances to make it fertile, you are also giving value to your life. You are acknowledging the tremendous value in everything you have done, thought, felt and experienced.

Because the garden is such a good analogy we invite you to make a chart or a list of these concepts and work with them daily, finding your personal representations of clay, rocks, aeration, drainage and compost.

Freedom is also a very important to acknowledge and work with during these times, understanding it for yourself and where it fits into the greater scheme of working with creating fertile ground especially around the concept of aeration and loosening up your attachment to the way things have always been. Jose has a wonderful and timely audio on the subject that will give you additional ways to take full advantage of the opportunities at this time. (Link to Freedom Through and From “Time” audio here)

Even through we think of Fertility as a feminine condition, in order for your seeds to actually grow in the fertile ground you have created you need the masculine spark. That masculine spark is represented by the fire element and your own spark of inspiration around what is possible when you get your hands into the soil. You cannot be afraid of getting dirty or working hard. Anyone who has had the vision of a garden and then has actually seeded, cared for, and then harvested one, can attest to the great feeling of reward at harvest time. So be inspired by your process and the tremendous opportunities available for seeding a new way of being, a new way of thinking, a new way of living, new projects, a new environment, new work, new relationships, new attitude, new ideas. This is a tremendously fertile time on the planet. Look at all the compost we have available to us. Look at all the turning of the soil and aeration taking place. We are truly ready to plant new seeds and to spark them to grow through our own inspiration about the future we are creating. We need to think positively about what we can plant and how fast it can grow. Remember that this is also an accelerated time where things can manifest very quickly.

A good garden is nurtured, watered, exposed to the right amount of sunlight, weeded and pruned when necessary, and protected from harm. If you are inspired to plant some seeds of creativity in your life, protect the seedlings from the judgments of others and any of your own negative thoughts and attitudes that can harm their growth. You are often your own worst enemy and need to be aware of the damage you do to your own creative process by not trusting in yourself or in spirit. Build a good fence around you garden that consists of practices that keep you on track. Make a habit of not believing everything your mind tells you and be persistent and persevering in weeding out the doubt, the fear and the negativity that threatens to choke the growth. A good set of practices will also act as nourishment. Feed yourself with beauty, love, inspiration and all the energy that nature provides. Look to the sun and look to spirit to guide the timing. The times are fertile and all you have to do is pay attention and stay positive.

Click here to access the full monthly commentary packed with tips to help you strengthen your relationships, health, finances and more.   Print out the full forecast and reference it throughout the month. (The above is an excerpt from the commentary).

The author of the monthly forecast, Lena Stevens, is an author and co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You and The Power Path: The Shaman’s Way To Success in Business and Life.

For a more complete discussion on the themes and influences for 2011 link here to order a download of TRENDS 2011 (link here).

How Being Single on Valentine’s Helped Me Achieve My Dreams

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Here’s a personal Valentine’s day story that I shared last year.  I am reposting it for this Valentine’s Day since so many enjoyed my story:

* * *

Valentine's dayWith Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I would share a
personal story about my life when I was single for a long
time. I remember that I even dreaded the arrival of
Valentine’s Day. Year after year, it was the same old story.
I would spend Valentine’s by myself, and would, more often
than not, indulge in sad feelings.

At that time, I had no idea how struggling with being single
would one day help me achieve my life’s dreams.

One day, I called a dear friend of mine, who is amazingly
wise, and confided to him that I was really tired of being
single.  The first thing he told me was to not waste time
and to start immediately to pursue my life’s purpose, and
the right man would surely come my way.  He went on to tell
me that once I did as he suggested, my life would positively
change for the better.  “Enjoy your single days joyfully now
while they last” he added.  He advised me to think of this
new approach to life as an “experiment.”

The moment he told me that, it really made an impression on
me. I am not sure why but deep down a little voice told me
that his words of wisdom were right on.  I made a decision
to seriously contemplate what my life’s mission was. And, I
committed to living every day with joy and gratitude for my

Joy Is An Ally That Will Help You Manifest What You Desire

Later I was to discover that joy is a powerful emotion.  It
has a high vibration and will help you manifest what you
deeply desire because its vibratory level is closest to the
level of creation.

I have to tell you that I even made a pact with Spirit,
Universal Intelligence.  I promised that I would deeply
enjoy being single and that when I did find my dream
partner, I would commit to always supporting him in every
way I could to help him live his life’s purpose.  I felt
really good about this “deal” that I made.

The “experiment” went very well.  Friends and family asked me if
something had changed in my life.  One friend even asked me
if I was in love.  My energy had positively increased, and I
did feel in love—in love with life that is.

During that time when I was single, I spent quiet time
focusing on my life’s purpose, on what I wanted to
accomplish before I left this mysterious world. Having time
to myself helped me to discover my new life’s work. I soon
realized that I wanted to stop working for companies, and
that I wanted to create my own business to help people
become successful using ancient wisdom.

My Single Days Were Over When I Increased My Energy &
Followed My Purpose

I became really excited about realizing my life’s purpose,
and I started to focus more and more on my future business.
Long story short, my business goal led me to attend an
Internet marketing conference.  It was there that I finally
met the love of my life that I had so longed for.  My wise
friend had been right.  I had found the right man once I
focused on following my life’s mission.

As I look back, it has become clear to me.  I found my
beloved partner when I was already happy with my life and
focused on achieving my life’s vision-my purpose.  I had
learned the “lessons” that I needed to learn.
Interestingly, my beloved also had made a decision to pursue
his purpose in life, and that is what led him to attend the
very same conference that I attended.

Ancient wisdom teaches that a man not living his vision is
living death. As we focus on a higher purpose, we become
whole and the universe will absolutely support our path
every step of the way. It is a universal law.  We become
empowered and can more easily release those heavy beliefs
that drain our energy. We acquire the power to live a
magical life.

Emotions, such as joy and gratitude, are powerful forces.
They will increase your energy and will help you manifest.
In contrast, heavy emotions, such as fear and worry, drain
personal energy and keep you stuck.  Have you ever
efficiently achieved a goal or solved any problem while
engulfed in emotional trauma?

Now I want to share tips for increasing your energy,
emotionally as well as physically. To create what you deeply
desire, such as finding the love of your life, requires
personal energy.  Change your energy, and change your life.

10 Empowerment Tips To Increase Your Energy and

Change Your Life

1.    Love yourself.  How you feel about yourself will
determine what you attract into your life. Forgive your self
now, accept your self, and become free to create your ideal
life.  If you haven’t attracted the beloved that you desire,
ask yourself if you truly love yourself. It will be
difficult to find the right partner to love you, if you can
not love yourself.

2.    Follow your purpose.  As an Apache shaman, once said “A
man not living his purpose is living death.”  As you follow
your life’s purpose, you become whole and are in an
advantageous position to achieve your personal goals. You
have access to a higher power that formerly was not within
your reach.

3.    When you find yourself feeling low, do empowering things
to increase your energy such as spending time alone in
nature.  Nature has a high vibration and is a powerful ally.

4.    When you find yourself feeling low, release what’s
holding you down.  Heavy emotions that drain your energy,
such as fear and worry, are likely to be the first culprits
you need to release.  To the extent that you are held down
by old beliefs, patterns and wounds, you are not free to let
go of the past and create your future.

5.    Make a full commitment to take action to get what you
want in your life. Do whatever it takes to keep your energy
up and be impeccable about your intent.  Read the February
t to learn more about the power of intent and
realizing your dreams.

6.    Write in a journal how you want your life to be like
today.  Be the script writer for the movie you want to
create. Empower your goals with envisioning and other
success techniques. Learn shamanic empowerment practices
that teach success tools together with wisdom.

7.    Do something for yourself that you’ve never done-
something that you would really enjoy.  When you break one
pattern or a routine, it can help you to dislodge other
patterns that keep you stuck in the past.

8.    Treat yourself to special chocolate with at least 80%
cocoa. Pure raw cocoa lifts the mood and increases energy
due to the abundant presence of phenylethylamine aka PEA
(known as the “love molecule”) and anandamide (called the
“bliss chemical”).

9.    Treat a friend and yourself to something really out of
the ordinary-an energy enhancing food that is “supercharged”
with PEA-the same compound found in chocolate that
stimulates pleasurable effects on mood.  E3Live BrainON
contains approximately 50 times more PEA than chocolate.

10.     Relax about your goal. Every morning give thanks.
Gratitude is a powerful ally in the universe. This force
will not only help you achieve your dreams, it will keep you
from falling into the dark realm of fear and unhappiness.
The moment you feel gratitude, you open your heart and are
on the track of power.

Happy Valentine’s Day!