Alternative Finance

Cryptocurrencies and Ethereum blockchain financial apps are transforming finance.  The new financial system offers amazing alternatives to traditional banks & brokerage accounts. We all can now access investing opportunities that were never available to us before. 

This page gives an overview on how to get started.  Not only can we invest in crypto, such as Bitcoin (symbol BTC), to help grow our savings, we can also earn great interest rates on our crypto.  And, we can take loans using our crypto as collateral. *

Here's one of my most popular blog posts: Bitcoin 101 – How To Get Started.

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If you're getting started with crypto, Coinbase is the easiest crypto exchange to start buying cryptocurrency.  Use my link here + get $10 free Bitcoin.   When you use my link, that helps this website too.   You can buy crypto via your bank with an ACH transfer or with a debit card.

Once you purchase your crypto, you can transfer your crypto from an exchange to your hard wallet and/or to an app. If you want to earn interest or take a loan on your crypto, check out the Celsius app featured below.

Celsius Network

With the Celsius app, you can buy crypto + earn the best interest on your crypto + get a loan using your crypto as collateral.  It's the most secure app I know of.  Click here to download the app + get started.  When you use my referral link, you can get $30 free Bitcoin --while the promo code lasts--and you help this website.

You can transfer your crypto from an exchange, like Coinbase, to Celsius to earn interest rates that are FAR above what crypto exchanges offer. Click here to download the app + see how much you can earn. Find out how money grows with compounding high interest rates.    Plus, you can get a loan using your crypto.  Why sell your crypto if you need cash?  NO fees!

Hard Wallets To Store Your Crypto

After you buy cryptocurrency, it's a good idea to transfer a good portion of your crypto to a hard wallet such as Ledger or Trezor With hard wallets, you have direct control of your crypto. But beware, if you lose your private key, you lose access to your crypto.

Hard wallets  allow you to eliminate an intermediary such as an exchange that acts as a custodian for your assets.  Click the link to buy a Ledger hard wallet.  (Tip: YouTube videos can help explain how to use the device).

If you choose to not use a hard wallet, you can store your crypto on an exchange or on a secure app such as Celsius Network.

How To Buy Silver, Gold & Other Precious Metals

Unlike traditional coin dealers, Miles Franklin is both a full service company & a low overhead discount broker. You don't need to create an account online. Use this link to contact them and they will call you.  When you use this link, you help my friend Jean Claude at Beyond Mystic.  Or you can call them at 800 822 8080 and place your order.  You can have your precious metals delivered to your home or store them offshore.

How To Buy Gold & Silver

BullionVault is the world's largest online investment gold service.  Bars are stored in professional-market vaults in Zurich, London, Toronto, Singapore or New York. You choose where.  This company is for large purchases.  Click here to get started or learn more.  


  • The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous is a fascinating book on the  history of money and economics.  You’ll discover why past societies that used a gold based monetary system prospered and why our current economic model prevents prosperity.  It will be a classic in this space that everyone should read to more deeply understand the potential role of Bitcoin in our future.

  • Do you, or someone you know, want a career in blockchain?  Or do you want to start a business in blockchain?  Or maybe you just want to learn step-by-step about crypto?  If you answered yes to any, click on link below. I highly recommend Ivan on Tech’s Academy.  His talent for teaching is unmatched.  Plus, his enthusiasm & depth of understanding will stir you up!  Choose from lots of courses on crypto, blockchain & DeFi (decentralized finance). Here’s an introductory video.

*Disclaimer: The information presented is for educational purposes only and is not financial advise.  Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this website is solely the opinions of the writer who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Purchasing cryptocurrencies or other investments, such as precious metals, poses considerable risk of loss. The writer does not guarantee any particular outcome. Past performance does not indicate future results.

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